Compatibility between Sagittarius and Leo


Little Bit About Sagittarius and Leo


The affair of a Leo lady and a Sagittarius man has a quick and passionate start. Both share an amazing time when both get connected. They keep enhancing each other’s confidence and scale new heights of love. A Leo lady remains fully loyal, but a Sagittarius man remains busy in his work, making the lady feel suspicious. She has an elegant grace and lots of solace. She is a born leader who plays such games that she knows that she will win. She can go to any length to get what she desires, but basically she is a sensitive lady and an arrogant girl who is proud of her qualities. She can’t be dominated and always keeps her lover on keens.


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A Sagittarius man is restless and full of adventure, but he is straight forward and honest man who knows his goals and has the plans to reach there. He is an intelligent person, who always looks cheerful as he has a always smiling face. His innocent qualities make everybody love him. He can get angry instantly, but his anger is easy to handle, if he is pushed in the right direction. He proves to be a best friend of the lady he actually loves and he admires her from the depth of his heart. A Sagittarius man is crazy about a Leo lady’s persona. Both create a colorful picture that is full of nothing but love. They have big dreams and both remain united to achieve their dreams.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Sagittarius and Leo

Love Compatibility:


Both are few flirts as she also desires the attention of others, but she is fully loyal with her Sagittarius lover who has female admirers. Even he also remains loyal to his lady love as he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. Both carry positive thoughts with them, making their alliance stronger. He is quite funny and mysterious, a complete entertainer that a Leo lady falls for.


Both create an amazing alliance and have fun. He is her protector and both have an easy going life when they are together. He has a complete trust in her and she adores him for that because he also remains loyal. The only one bad thing is he doesn’t appreciate his lady love words or actions. But she misses him when he is not around and can become cold and furious.

Love Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Leo

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Sexual Compatibility


Both have a great relationship where sex is concerned. They have all the freedom to enjoy this physical action and both reach the level of ecstasy. Both show their love for each other that keeps them rocking. They can indulge in sexual activity where ever they are. Both don’t care about the place, time and weather.
It is very rare that one of them is feeling low; both have an urge to get intimate, especially during their younger days. A Sagittarius man gets franker and sometimes might hurt her feelings. She can turn cold and angry and move away as she feels that he has wounded her emotionally and physically. But in reality, it happens in the very rare. Both satisfy each other completely, physically and mentally.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Leo

Family Compatibility


Both create a fantastic bonding that is almost impossible to break by an outsider. Both are blessed by their own qualities that the other partner is proud to have with them. Their stunning presence for each other is revealed when both drift apart, maybe for a few hours or days, both crave for each other’s company. Together they know that they can create magic and love’s sweet fragrance spreads in their whole place.
Their hearts start beating faster when these two are close to each other. She holds his heart with a cute little smile and her gestures are also quite seductive and he captures her heart with his intelligence and his applause for her. Whatever may be happening in the world, both pay attention to each other only and feel safe & square in each other’s arms. Both are ready to make a happy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Leo

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Physical Compatibility


A Leo lady is absolutely beautiful lady full of energy by her physical stature. Her face displays a blushing feature, a wide fore-head. She has big, soft and dark brown colored eyes that can become harsh & red the moment her mood changes. The color of her hair is dark brown with a reddish tinge. Her skin color is florid or a little reddish.
She has wide shoulders with muscular body. She walks with full confidence, giving more strength to her persona. A Sagittarius man has a long height that ranges from average to taller and he looks a strong man. He displays a smile that keeps hanging on his face making him look cheerful. He has thick hair and lovely eyes. He might gain weight during his middle age.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Leo

Professional Compatibility


A Leo lady has everything going good as far as her fortunes are concerned. She spends her money very carefully; her bank balance might get thinner during the old age. Considering her good luck she might opt to gamble, but most of them avoid it. She is fully devoted to the opposite sex i.e. males.
A Sagittarius man is happy with his own freedom. He loves communicating with many people in an honest manner. He keeps encouraging them to become work harder in whatever they are doing. He impresses his crowd with his perfect hard work. He can’t be pinned down. He never breaks a rule but loves taking risks.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Leo

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Final Outcome


– Love finds a wonderful companion when both these sign form an alliance and share lots of good things together.


– Both have big dreams and destinations, but when both remain united they can chase their dreams and reach their destinations.


– No outsider comes in between them and part them, both are clingy and remain this way most of the time.


– Their relationship is hard as diamond, soft as cotton, smooth as silk and hot as a burning coal.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Leo

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