Compatibility between Sagittarius and Capricorn


Little Bit About Sagittarius and Capricorn


A Sagittarius man has different tastes than a Capricorn lady, making their love affair both rocky and also growing nicely. Both have a different approach to love and fulfilling their desires. He just jumps into the alliance at the spur of the moment without worrying about their future together. She might feel reluctant initially, but has an affair with a serious mood and forms an alliance a little cautiously. Once she gets committed she wants this affair to last as much longer it can, may be a life time. She is more of a practical lady who knows how to attain her dreams. She has an earthy connection and never loses her mind on these matters.


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A Sagittarius man is totally authentic and honest, but his flirtiest attitude doesn’t allow emotions to come between them. He might be a flirt who loves female attention, but is totally honest with his lady love. He is adventurous by nature and loves staying outdoors or on a adventure trip, where he interacts with so many people. He is curious to know their secrets in various different fields. Mostly he is surrounded by his female admirers and he loves conversing with them, raising suspicion in his Capricorn lady’s mind.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Sagittarius and Capricorn

Love Compatibility:


A Sagittarius man is impressed with a Capricorn lady’s stable self belief and has a crush on her on the first date itself. He goes for her practical and sensible approach to various things. Slowly, but steadily both realize each other’s qualities and it proves to be a boon for them. He loves the way she steadily achieves her dreams in a tidy and practical manner.


She also feels impressed by his honesty. Both reach and achieve their respective goals in a completely different manner. She might make a mistake now and then, but he ignores it due to her manners and loyalty. He is a great match for her, as his ideals pull her towards him and she can fulfill her certain desires she thought never existed. He shows him the true picture of this world the way he makes her feel the ecstasy.

Love Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Capricorn

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Sexual Compatibility


There is something wrong about their forming an alliance as after some initial passion wears out both have a gut feeling that they shouldn’t live in an alliance. This thing doesn’t have a logical answer, but still, a Sagittarius man takes all things casually and she thinks that he is too immature in handling a variety of things. A Capricorn lady tries to find a meaning in their sexual encounters that are happening between them.
Initially, nobody among them pays any heed to their compatibility in sexual sessions, when they realize, all fade away among them. If they show their desires initially, then their alliance doesn’t break. But as the time goes on both of them start showing their original characters’ and their sex life takes a beating. Both should share some emotions in the beginning and both will enjoy this smooth ride.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Capricorn

Family Compatibility


A Sagittarius man falls for her sexy body to enjoy the physical pleasures and not sharing the emotions, whereas she has a meaning, a serious one for that first encounter. She loves his practical side and not goes for adventurous one. Once her mind takes a decision, no one can dare challenge her as she is solid as a diamond.
He is not serious about anything, he wanders aimlessly, stopping here and there and starts thinking that has he made the right choice or there is someone better mate than his lady love. She should be wise enough to wait patiently and she is sure to win back her man. His nature might be flirtier, but he remains totally loyal to her. She should love and admire her man the way he loved her in the beginning. Then this alliance is going to last long and both can share a family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Capricorn

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Physical Compatibility


A Capricorn lady has important features like a thick neck, long nose, dark or black hair. Her height stays short, but after 16 years it grows up all of a sudden and she becomes a tall lady. Her body is stout and muscular. She can either be thin & wiry or soft & plump. She has a dark lengthy hair, dark or blue eyes with a tanned skin. She has fine hands and feet covered with fine shoes. An aura of seriousness floats along with her persona.
A Sagittarius man has a strong built like a soldier and his height is above the average height. He displays to be a cheerful person as a smile always persists on his face, making him look optimistic. His eyes express happiness and are sparkling. He is a large boned fellow who has a muscular body.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Capricorn

Professional Compatibility


A Capricorn lady wants to be elite and famous. With hard work, she gains the money steadily. No matter how many hiccups do occur, but she is adamant and keeps working hard until she attains her goal. She never misses an opportunity go out of her hands and keeps investing in a very careful manner. She is sure to never strike a fortune but keeps getting steadily. She can be trusted as she is always alert.
A Sagittarius man is an honest soul who is found in a crowd, almost always. He is curious to know the other people’s well being as he himself is a hard worker. This is the reason why a Capricorn lady falls for him. He knows his own boundaries and when he is appreciated for his conclusion, he feels happy. He can never be restricted from whatever he is doing; he gets irritated if someone tries. He doesn’t break the rules but loves taking risks occasionally.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Capricorn

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Final Outcome


– Both are totally different in their attitudes, but work honestly to reach their respective goals.


– They are consistent hard workers who remain on the ground earning money steadily and never expect a wind fall.


– Initially a Sagittarius man is not serious with her, but she approaches him a little reluctantly.


– Their alliance can both be rocky or slowly keeps growing into a beautiful picture.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Capricorn

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