Compatibility between Sagittarius and Cancer


Little Bit About Sagittarius and Cancer


A Cancer lady and a Sagittarius man have a confusing network together. It has the grace to survive if both are willing to be flexible and adjust accordingly. Both have lots of talents that they can teach one another. A Cancer lady has an image of a perfect girlfriend that every one desires to have. She has a take care kind of nature and anyone can trust her blindly if she is in love. She actually is money minded lady, but her family holds the top most place in her eyes. She is great in office and cooks some delicious diets when at home. She loves her Sagittarius man and respects him, but sometimes she gets so possessive, which suffocates him.


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A Sagittarius man always gathers a crowd due to his sheer hard work done perfectly, majority of the crowd consists females. His energy and curiosity is deadly, while his bubbly nature id hard to tackle. He trusts every one of them, when he is deceived by any, he feels let down. If a Cancer lady has a crush on him and wants to form an alliance, she has to be cautious about his frank nature and true talk that sometimes will hurt her feelings. She should not become over possessive and start dominating him. She has to find a middle path to enjoy a life full of passion. Overall he makes her life full of fun and adventure.

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Love Compatibility:


A Cancer lady enjoys her roller coaster rides with a Sagittarius man with full energy and enthusiasm. She respects his family very much and he feels proud to have her in his life. She keeps giving him cool ideas on how to climb the ladder of success. He feels enhancement in his confidence and sometimes he goes a little overboard and say something that increases her suspicion. She trusts his true nature but suspects his female admirers making her insecure.


He sees her as a mystery lady who needs to be explored. She herself has many secrets of the past within her and he is curious to know. But he makes her life enjoyable with his bubbly nature and she feels like flying along with the clouds. She knows all his secrets and his curiosity keeps this alliance full of excitement, they both enjoy.

Love Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Cancer

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Sexual Compatibility


As both have water and fire signs with them, both a Cancer lady and a Sagittarius man respectively don’t let the warmth in them die down. He makes her feel like a queen when the two are lying on the bed. He can have a ball if he acts according to her changing moods. He loves conversing, but while in a sexual session he must focus on his actions and not the lip service alone.
She feels that feelings have more power than words. She might surrender to his demand if done softly, gently or even poetically, and not furiously. She doesn’t find a response if she is hurt by his various remarks and is deeply hurt. He needs to be an expert in uttering words, especially when he is a Cancer lady.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Cancer

Family Compatibility


A Cancer lady and a Sagittarius man make strange combinations, which is full of twists and turns throughout their life. She must know that he is a good at giving speeches in an honest manner, sometimes he keeps talking whether the crowd is listening or not, but she is an emotional human being and is totally sensitive to whatever he utters about her.
She wants to keep their love affair a secret as she doesn’t want any member of his family hurt as she gives top priority to the family, but he doesn’t care a damn. Family for him is just a slice of life, cutting a tie or two doesn’t affect him. To have a family between them makes her less demanding and franker and she requires a family when things are flowing smoothly between them.

Family Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Cancer

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Physical Compatibility


A Cancer lady has moon as its sign, her face is also like a full moon i.e. totally round. She has full cheeks and a short nose that is standing out at the tip. Her hands and feet are small and she has a pale skin. Her eyes are light blue or grey or even black in color. She has a huge pair of breasts. She looks beautiful and these features attract a Sagittarius man towards her.
A Sagittarius man has a tall height, and physically he looks as a strong man. His face displays a cheerful look as a smile is always there. He has a lovely pair of eyes and has well structured hair. He might become obese during the middle age. He is an accident prone man and has minor mishaps, but he comes out from them unscathed due to his sweet nature.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Cancer

Professional Compatibility


A Cancer lady is an honest lady in money matters. She can’t tolerate a corrupt person at her working place. She has luck running on her side in financial conditions. She does save money for her hard work as she doesn’t spend lavishly. She proves to be a loyal person when in love. She is extremely caring as a mother takes care of her kids. She is extremely sensitive too as she makes her nears and dears sad when she is in a sad mood.
A Sagittarius man loves his own freedom, he doesn’t have a sticky nature and so no one has to be furious with him. He has a hunger for love but will keep a distance initially. One has to agree with their conclusions after an argument if one has to make them come closer. He never appreciates, not even his soul mate, as he doesn’t understand her feelings at all.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Cancer

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Final Outcome


– Their alliance is a little confusing one, as both have to adjust their habits if both desire to make an alliance.


– She has some secrets hidden within her, which he is curious to know; this suspense remains and make an excitement filled union.


– Family for her means a lot for her, but he gives a damn to his family when he is enjoying his life.


– Their alliance is full of many twists and turns throughout their life.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Cancer

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