Compatibility between Sagittarius and Aries


Little Bit About Sagittarius and Aries


Both Aries lady and Sagittarius man belong to the fire sign, the hotness of fire gets them closer and both feel impulsive for each other. Both provoke each other abruptly and they start living together. Both appear as a cheerful and refreshing couple. An Aries lady is a bit target oriented with a direct approach. Emotionally she is weak, but displays a strong and self confident look. Mostly she is having fun, with her energy, except when she feels that she is being cheated. She is actually an introvert. When she comes in contact with a Sagittarius man she can make his life more enjoyable and boosts his energy.


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A Sagittarius man’s persona consists of lots of energy stored with a humble man. He never deceits anybody and does do his job with full honesty and sincerity. He has excess of self confidence and enjoys life taking multiple risks. He values his own freedom and seeks for mutual trust between the two people in love. He provides all the freedom to his Aries lady love and makes her life fully enjoyable, living each moment with laughing out loud. Sometimes he gets so much involved with his work that he starts ignoring his lady love too. She starts feeling deceived and gets depressed. But after some time she realizes her mistake and make up as she understands that he takes his job very seriously and everything is back to normal.

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Love Compatibility:


When in love, both enjoy life thoroughly due to her energy and his brave nature and their common factor, Fire. Their excitement keeps rejuvenating and their love never loses its shine and keeps glittering throughout their life. He knows that when he gets busy with his work, she starts feeling rejected and then he approaches her tenderly and she also mellows down and love wins the war.


Their alliance is truly magnificent. Due to these small mishaps, love between them is extremely fresh & full of excitement and pleasant surprises. Once they understand each other’s nature well often driving their mate to be very generous. Both live in total peace and adjust according to their mate’s needs singing in complete harmony. Their pair seems to be made in heaven.

Love Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Aries

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Sexual Compatibility


Their pair has a funny side when one talks about their sexual sessions. A Sagittarius man can find a joke in anything, and her seriousness while having sex makes him crack more jokes giving him more power to perform. Both are quite passionate but in a different manner. Aries lady is passionate about new ideas, their activities and of course two naked people having sex with a precise different position every time.
Sagittarius man is passionate about his sense of humor as he just cares about their new ideas and moral respect. Both can keep researching this project and seeing whether they are right or wrong. Both don’t like to be interrupted in between as it shatters their pleasure. She remains in bootless in their activities, but he is able to get united with a new vigor and happiness.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Aries

Family Compatibility


The lively nature of a Sagittarius man pulls an Aries lady towards him. He proves to be adorable and thrilling for her. Vey rarely does he forget something he had promised, making her furious, but with his bubbly nature, he is able to control her anger. He provides her with full freedom to enjoy life as she pleases, without being suspicious.
Her company is fully enjoyed by him and she brings in lots of new ideas on anything and boosts his image in public. His powerful imagination and her practical views allow them to be advisory to each other in various aspects of life. He falls in love easily but is not committed initially, but once trust is vested between these two, emotional harmony comes dancing with this duo.

Family Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Aries

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Physical Compatibility


An Aries girl has a short height, but an athletic body with a reddish skin. Her face carries a normal redness. She has a long face and neck, a wide head and a pointed chin. She has thick eye-brows with brown or grayish brown colored eyes. The color of her hair ranges from sandy to dark and have a wire like shape. She moves quickly, is ambitious and brave natured.
A Sagittarius man can be taller than the average tall and looks powerful. He has a charming and welcoming face that has a smile on it, always. He has a pair of lovely eyes with thick hair. He puts on the weight when he matures down in his middle age. He is prone to minor mishaps and bumps into something unnecessarily. He has a lovely grace that makes him stay out of many troubles.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Aries

Professional Compatibility


An Aries lady has a strong desire to collect money, but she doesn’t amass it. She takes decisions instantly and does some rash investments and she regrets later. Her budget is always tumbling due to this. She need not invest impulsively but needs to sit calmly and invest a little properly. She begins with a flash and ends in a crash.
So she should have patience regarding her financial decisions.He loves his freedom and remains busy with himself. He has a habit of conversing with lots of people and encourages them with whatever job they are doing. He is great at any sort of work and loves changes unless he is not ordered to do a particular work. He never breaks any rules but loves taking risks.

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Final Outcome


– Both have a sign that’s common between these two, Fire, and increases their warmth, when both fall in love with each other.


– Her energy and his brave nature get mixed and both enjoy the mixture called love.


– She loves to remain serious in an affair and he keeps cracking jokes out of anything as he has a excellent sense of humor.


– She sometimes does get angry, but with his jolly nature he is able to control her.

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