Compatibility between Sagittarius and Aquarius


Little Bit About Sagittarius and Aquarius


An Aquarius lady has a sweet love story with a Sagittarius man. Both pay respect to their growing up together and their own freedom. She is calmer in this love story as he can just jump in impulsively. She is a fragile creature, which is no hurry to reach her goals in life, but doesn’t mind ‘go with the flow.’ If any hindrance comes in between, she can display a furious looking lady, out to seek revenge. Sometimes she displays her rigid nature. She may appear a constant worker who takes everything lightly, and then gets confused where to go, what to do etc.


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A Sagittarius man has an honest and an optimistic soul, who can fill his audience with the warmth that oozes out from his enthusiastic body. He knows his goals precisely and then to take which direction to achieve it properly. He provides enough love to his lady love when she least expects it. He believes in ‘live and let live’ policy. He feels free and gets irritated when someone puts him in any sort of commitments. But he is a totally loyal and an authentic lover.

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Love Compatibility:


A Sagittarius man loves to be in a crowd that laughs along with him and an Aquarius lady gets impressed with it and forms an alliance with him, both keep enjoying this love affair in many ways. Sometimes with conversing with each other, sometimes in mutual adventurous trips both take. and blah…..blah….blah. She brings in a positive energy in her man and he feels he has to work harder to attain this love story.


Both pull each other magnetically as she likes to be creative and impressive new ideas comes to her mind instantly and he gets pleasantly surprised by her new ideas as he himself loves adventures. He also loves taking risks occasionally, when both succeed in an adventure, both are pleased and totally satisfied. This love story seems to not end their lifetime.

Love Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Aquarius

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Sexual Compatibility


When a Sagittarius man is standing confused at the crossroads, an Aquarius lady does come close then both get attracted mutually. Both dive into this alliance and have all the fun that is required to fill their hungry stomach. Both have many similar interests and their independence remains intact. Both love their conversation. so much that sometimes both keep talking for hours without even touching each other and feel satisfied.
Both do satisfy each other in different sexual sessions but don’t get emotionally involved. Both live day by day and get intimate whenever they are together. They remain full of enthusiasm and their love story never finds a weak spot. Both are curious to find out more about their mate. Both are filled with a burning passion that gets them to get intimate each night.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Aquarius

Family Compatibility


Both enjoy their own freedom with a great connection between them is formed by their enthusiasm, minor conflicts and exploring something new. Both do enjoy their respective freedom and both know that the company of their mate is not necessary and are free to go anywhere, but both do enhance the confidence of their respective mate on how to deal with various things in life.
She loves her own independence but misses his great sense of humor and he keeps making jokes out of anything and makes her laugh out loud. She might get a little jealous by his female admirers but knows at the back of her mind that her mate is totally loyal and trustworthy. She has many dreams to fulfill and she never will find a better guide than a Sagittarius man. Both can have a laughing family together.

Family Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Aquarius

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Physical Compatibility


An Aquarius lady has some prominent features that seem attractive to her appearance physically. She has fully grown body and is tall. She can get more muscles during her middle age. She has an oval shaped face and spot less pale skin. The color of her lengthy hair can be light brown or sandy, which are smooth as silk and her eyes are blue, grey or green, with a dreamy expression. She has a scar or mole on her calf muscles. She has nobility in her persona.
A Sagittarius man is taller than the normal men and has a strong and muscular build that makes him look like a warrior. He displays a cheerful face as a cute little smile keeps hanging on his face, making him a man with a positive energy. He has bright eyes that express happiness.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Aquarius

Professional Compatibility


A Sagittarius man is always curious to know the well being of his admirers. He loves the conversation as he needs to grow his knowledge that he gets from talking to different persons and feels happy when all the people standing around him applauds his conclusion. He knows his boundaries very well and doesn’t break any rules. He gets irritated if someone restricts his movement. But he loves taking risks, just occasionally.
An Aquarius lady considers money to fulfill her daily needs. She can be fortunate and unfortunate too in money matters. She works hard and never bothered to seek the results in a hurry. But she can spend if somebody challenges her prestige. When she gets married she doesn’t want to become a mother initially. But later on might become a mother if the marriage lasts longer.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Aquarius

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Final Outcome


– Both create a sweet love story when both get intimate, she goes with the flow and he works hard and remains focused on his goals.


– Both have similar interests and desires, and consciously provide freedom to their mate


– Both are curious to find more about their respective mate and excitement never dies in their love story.


– She carries along many unfulfilled dreams that only can be filled under the guidance of a Sagittarius man

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Aquarius

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