Compatibility between Pisces And Virgo


Little Bit About Pisces And Virgo


A Virgo lady has an affair with a Pisces man and differences keep cropping up between them. Their case is like ‘opposites attract’. Both get attracted for the number of reasons that they know better. Both approach each other differently; both have a common sensuality for each other. She is happy to show her signs, whereas he acts to be a mysterious man and feels some things don’t have any words. She earns her reputation for criticizing everyone around her but is very polite and bright. She works hard and needs to applaud from co-workers, but remains self-sufficient. She doesn’t copy anyone during dressing but wants to marry the same with whom she has an affair, produce kids and be his support where ever he needs.


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A Pisces man has his own ambitions that keep him busy. He avoids clashes and conflicts as he is a peace loving man. He has his own troubles, still than he is a cool dude who doesn’t have any judgment about them. He wins his lady’s heart with his art of flattery in which he is an expert. Beware of him, as he can seduce any lady and make her think that she is one in a billion.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Pisces and Virgo

Love Compatibility


A Pisces man starts the affair with a Virgo lady who is totally dedicated to him and believes whatever he says. She thinks it is her duty to make her mate happy. She is intelligent enough to know when to support him, when to stop him and when to advise him. He also proves to be her guardian angel but gets hurt when she continues criticizing him. Both need to calm down and worry about the words that both utter.


He flatters her and she starts feeling like a queen. She is pleasantly shocked when he speaks to her and he looks at her wide-eyed look. She is ready to share her own dreams with him, both have a different level of communication that keeps their affair stable. It is him who approaches this Virgo lady and discovers the meaning of true love.

Love Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Virgo

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Sexual Compatibility


Initially both give top priority to love making, if they are alone together. They have lots of arguments, but are totally at peace when making love. Both have opposite nature, giving strength to outdo each other. The Virgo lady might lie quietly, but her passion roars like a wild lioness, the queen of the jungle.
A Pisces man approaches her very delicately and his soft and gentle gestures make her erotic.She has never found a man who treats his lady the way he does. Both are giving love to each other, not taking it. He conceals his emotions and keeps them reserved until he finds a lady in whose company he feels drowsy and Virgo lady is the one. Sexual encounters prove to be a poetic expression of love for both of them.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Virgo

Family Compatibility


A Virgo lady has lots of flaws in her nature that sometimes hurt a delicate Pisces man who is full of emotions as she does with a constant habit of criticizing everybody around her. He is not there to provide love for her in the bedroom, but he is responsible for providing her money. He loves doing that, she stands to lose a lot is she utters those critical words from her mouth.
She needs to be careful, at least with him. She can make him come out from his deep fantasy world and face a practical one more bravely. Otherwise, their cherished dream world will crumble. Mostly they converse with each other and find solutions to their disagreements, by first analyzing them. Now they are ready to build a family that stays cheerful.

Family Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Virgo

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Physical Compatibility


A Virgo lady has tall and slim body. She has dark hair, tilted, but thick eye-brows; blue is the color of her eyes that express friendliness, a broad fore-head, straight and sensitive nose, ears and lips. She has a thin and shrilly voice. She does all her activities at a fast manner and will never get a fat belly. She is so smart that one can never judge her age, she appears younger than the actual age. She is bold and frank too.
A Pisces man’s physical appearance is like a mixture all zodiac signs, but has some important features. His cheeks have dimples on them. He has big blue eyes that express a hypnotic look. His hairs are quite nice. His is not tall but is medium height with a little fat body. He looks a positive person as a smile keeps hanging on his lips making him look young.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Virgo

Professional Compatibility


A Pisces man nature is to take care of his nears & dears. His natural behavior finds strength from his artistic and creative abilities. He has the talent to be a sharp businessman and also has the talent to be an artist or both, this is the reason why these abilities will make him rich and famous. He interacts with people and has the ability to judge their nature. In partnership with someone who takes risks and their business is going to blossom. He never goes for any business having negative vibes. He needs a boss who is supportive and not a critic, it kills his creative skills.
A Virgo lady has luck running on her side where fortunes matter. She has sufficient resources to extract money. She believes in the practical lane as she fully studies a business and then invests money. She is a perfectionist in all trades but is prone to judgments. No matter how hard the task is, one can rely on this lady to achieve results. Might take a long time, but results are sure to come.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Virgo

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Final Outcome


– As opposites attract, both these attract each other and an affair starts.


– She trust her man in whatever he says and he ia master in the art of flattery.


– Both keep disagreeing on almost all issues, but communicate well to find solutions.


– If both remain alert, both can learn lots of good things from each other.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Virgo

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