Compatibility between Pisces And Taurus


Little Bit About Pisces And Taurus


A Taurus lady’s affair with a Pisces man has strong bonding, as both are good communicators and are responsible for their activities with each other. He is a sensitive man, but she provides the best to him making him a complete man. No doubt initially he is busy in his own aspects, but when he meets a Taurus lady and she uplifts his negative mood and makes him sparkles again. Usually both can be predicted appreciably. She has a definite aura about her splendid persona. She is an easy going lady and doesn’t get jealous unless the reason is a solid one. She has patience to listens quietly to her husband and his friends and is advisable too. She doesn’t nag too much, might appear cold and uninterested at times, but it is her career and not any rude intentions.


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A Pisces man is tender soul, who behaves like a gentle fellow; he doesn’t know anything about his sharp mind. Although he avoids conflicts and scuffles, but they do find a scary way to enter his life. Generally he loves peace and has a true romantic poise to life. Basically he remains poetic and gentle in his activities. He might appear to be a weak soul, but never under estimate the power of an idealistic fellow. He takes good care of his near and dear ones, as no one dare challenge his libido.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Pisces and Taurus

Love Compatibility


Both are a little slow to get in touch with each other as a Taurus lady trusts her instincts and gets drawn towards a Pisces man. She finds him mysterious and doesn’t go by the physical persona. She treads carefully as she knows that she shouldn’t go too far in his pasture and even he is a little bit reluctant to come close.


When they come close, both slip into an everlasting love with romantic whispers and a slow laughter that can be heard in the heat of the night. She enjoys his soft and tender attitudes and she gets space to sit on cloud 9. She never tries to dominate her man, he feels proud to have her in his arms. Their love affair has earthy passion and unearthly ecstasy that makes their bond exclusive.

Love Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Taurus

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Sexual Compatibility


A Taurus lady and a Pisces man’s bond is most satisfactory. Both crave for loyalty, dedication and affection, both are ready to provide it to their sexual mate freely. Her needs are more of a physical type and he requires a psychic, both explore the unknown territories of their mate and their love making finds a fascinating climax. His romance’s style is a little unique and it takes time for her to get used to it.
She ignites his passion and he makes her feel to crave for more. Chemistry between them is quite interesting. Both learn about each other’s needs and desires, thus both take good care of each other and feel satisfied. His thoughts always keep flying in the clouds, but her feet always touch the ground firmly. Together both can go and achieve their targets.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Taurus

Family Compatibility


Their alliance takes some time to develop, but has a solid base as both take some time to get into the alliance. He might feel to be busy in his own thoughts, but deep inside even he desires a caretaker. Occasionally she gets angry due to his ambitions leading to a storm heated arguments between them, he has to control the situation by taking good care of his mate. She asks him to act more practically.
He takes her into emotional waters and surprises her as she never knew that she could get that emotional. She also supports him in chasing his dreams. Usually, both do appreciate each other’s efforts and keep their communication open. He knows that she will always be there when he is in a distress. Both are ready to form a family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Taurus

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Physical Compatibility


A Taurus lady’s height ranges from short to medium. She has a wide fore-head, thick muscular neck, dark hair. Her eyes are always shining brightly. Her overall body is of a voluptuous lady, fully developed. She also has a spotless skin. Socially she is affectionate, but when angry nobody can predict what she will do.
A Pisces man’s physical appearance looks like a mixture all zodiac signs, but has some important features. He has large blue eyes that display a hypnotic look. He has dimples on his cheeks. His hairs are quite fine. He has a medium height with a little obese body. Usually a smile keeps hanging on your lips making him look a cheerful person.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Taurus

Professional Compatibility


A Pisces man has a nature that helps, and cares his loved ones. This nature strengthens his artistic and creative abilities. He is talented to be a clever businessman and have the talent to be an artist or both, which will make him rich and famous. He has the ability to judge the people he interacts with. He can be a partner of someone who is not afraid of taking risks and their business is going to grow. Any business having negative vibes is not his cup of tea. He never needs a boss who is not supportive, it kills his creative skills.
A Taurus lady does save money from her earnings but doesn’t amass it. She doesn’t spend it lavishly, as she has a materialistic mind. She will rise steadily, but is afraid of taking risks. She is too careful in money matters. She admires music, art, drama and movies.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Taurus

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Final Outcome


– When both attract each other by their virtues, both take time to get settled together.


– She treads slowly when attracted to a Pisces man and never over steps, even he is careful in selecting a lady, both are drawn towards each other.


– Both were craving for a nice care taker and a supporter, by finding each other both get intimate to an amazing result.


– Both get intimate taking some time, this makes their base a solid one, satisfying in the whole process.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Pisces and taurus

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