Compatibility between Pisces And Scorpio


Little Bit About Pisces And Scorpio


A Scorpio lady has lots in common with a Pisces man, so their affair is inevitable. He appreciates her intensity with deep feelings and she responds in the same manner by applauding his submissive way in handling love. Both form an amazing and intimate bond. She has glorious feminine qualities in her, a sweet nature, a cool attitude, but has a sharp mind. Lots of plans are brewing up in her mind. She can’t be understandable by all, as she herself understands the other’s emotions very well. She doesn’t reveal her emotions that easily, one has to be bright like a Pisces man to feel them and win her trust. She needs a strong fellow to control her head and heart at the same time.


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Pisces man is a master of flattery and with his noble gestures he is able to impress a Scorpio lady. He has a laid back attitude and is an easy going fellow. He lacks decision making aptly, has to depend on others to take them on his behalf. His soothing and lenient nature makes him a fellow who is not worried about anything. The best way to hook a Pisces man is to have complete trust on his honesty and that his presence is required and needed. Give him some space and he is all yours.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Scorpio

Love Compatibility


The alliance created by a Scorpio lady and a Pisces man has different level of ecstasy in it. It reminds one of excitement involved with it. Both know the meaning of authentic love when both start this affair. Both think that they are great in dreaming, but both do go through ups and downs of life, everybody does. He shows her a different side a little differently and she assumes that he is not chasing any big dreams and is self-sufficient.


But he has his own ways to chase his dreams and own plans on how to reach there with his lover in tow. Most of the time they are in love is spent together and they respect each other’s dreams and opinions regarding their accomplishments. She is quick to realize his feelings and gives full support to them.

Love Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Scorpio

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Sexual Compatibility


The sexual bond between a Libra lady and a Pisces man is not outspoken one. She knows how she can fulfill her mate’s desires to make him happy and satisfied. She comes to know everything about him when they get intimate. She knows her tact will never let her down in soothing him, whenever he is furious over something.
She is also good at pursuing him and he keeps thing that it is he who is pursuing her.Both are satisfied with the way they act. Both know their mates needs and desires without uttering a word, making their bond stronger. The intensity of their love making keeps growing with the passage of time and reaches at a level that both didn’t dream of. Sexual encounters take away much of their tensions.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Scorpio

Family Compatibility


Right from the beginning of their affair a Pisces man is ning to remain honest with his Scorpio lady love. If at any time she senses something wrong is going on, she gets frustrated, it is not a good thing in such a soothing affair. But his lenient attitude makes her learn that forgiving someone is a lot better than holding a grudge eternally.
Their bond seems untouchable by the outside world and both seem inseparable. Both go with the flow in a steady and smooth manner. She teaches him that honesty is the mother of all issues and can withstand in any weather. Their bond sparkles with honesty. Both form an alliance that is ready to make an honest family in a loving way.

Family Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Scorpio

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Physical Compatibility


A Scorpio lady has a good persona, a well proportional big body of average height, curly hair, long hands, a wide commanding face and a pair of finely crafted eye-brows. The color of her eyes can be black, brown, green or blue, but one look in her eyes and one feels a chill running down his spine. Her constant gaze shudders one as she has a piercing gaze.
A Pisces man’s physical appearance is a mixture all zodiac signs, that’s but has few important features. His has a medium height with a little fat body. His hairs are quite nice. He has large blue eyes that express a hypnotic look. His cheeks have dimples on them. His hairs are quite nice. He looks a cheerful guy as a smile keeps hanging on his lips making him look young.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Scorpio

Professional Compatibility


A Scorpio lady has lucky fortunes with her. Whether she stays home or in office, she has a good position at both places. She knows her own value and earns money handsomely, but are a little careless about the home budget, which is always facing the blues. She has a weakness for honor; she can spend lavishly if someone challenges your prestige.
A Pisces man nature is to take care of his loved ones. His artistic and creative abilities provide strength to his natural habits. He has the talent to be a clever businessman and also has the talent to be an artist or both; these abilities will make him rich and famous. He interacts with so many people and has the ability to judge their nature. He never goes for any business having negative vibes. He needs a boss who is supportive and not a critic; otherwise, it could kill his creative skills.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Scorpio

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Final Outcome


– Both have lots of common habits, so their affair is inevitable and both applaud each other’s actions.


– When both start getting intimate, both realize the meaning of true love as both realize the needs and desires of their respective mate.


– After spending some time together, both know the needs and desires of each other without uttering a word.


– When something is not right in their alliance, she senses it and gets furious, but he knows how to calm her.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Scorpio

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