Compatibility between Pisces And Leo


Little Bit About Pisces And Leo


A Leo lady’s alliance with a Pisces man can fascinate cum frustrate simultaneously. She is straightforward and frank whereas he chooses his lady love with care. She believes in personal instincts and he is skeptical about everything that comes his way. His nature is universal making her think about her security. She is cheery, bright and fun to have her in your company. She loves challenges and takes the bull by its horns. She has elegance and feels proud to have it, and can’t have any chance to feel a duffer. She has a warm heart and ready to forgive the people who sincerely feel sorry for her. If she is respected and adored by her Pisces man she is ready to forget all and stats trusting her poetic lover like no one else can.


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A Pisces man is a little disturbed man in choosing a direction where to go, occasionally. He is a cool dude, with a sharp mind, but lacks determination. When he finds he is getting his share of freedom, he is cheerful, but if restricted he feels rejected and doesn’t argue, but just slips and fades away. When cheerful he stays fully loyal to his lady love and wins her trust. She can make him more loyal by asking for his presence is needed and is appreciated. Leo lady wants to be the center of attraction whether she is with her lover or not. If he doesn’t play his role of loyalty perfectly, she changes her nature from a warm-hearted to an evil-hearted lady in a distinguished manner. Loyalty is something she treasures, no gifts, compliments can do any good.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Pisces and Leo

Love Compatibility


A Pisces man is a cool guy who listens to his lady love, a Leo lady, very keenly. He doesn’t mind her getting dominant in the house. He has a laid-back attitude and takes everything subtly. If she goes overboard and keeps nagging, he himself goes out of her life. But it happens very rarely, as she knows when and where to stop. Their oneness has a unique flavor.


Both pay respect to each other’s ideas and keep themselves busy with something new. She uplifts his confidence and asks him to face the world bravely. His quick wit changes everything and it touches her warm heart. Both make a perfect duo that is ready to provide all the comforts that they can afford to each other. Both enjoy this fairy tale love story.

Love Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Leo

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Sexual Compatibility


The sexual life of this duo blossoms like a fresh rose with his soft touches and gentle gestures he shows to his lady love. She adds spice with her warmth, passion and loyalty. Both consider their love story to have a fairy tale ending, with both of them fully content. He requires a complete emotional blend with his mystical appearance into his sexual activities and she needs satisfaction in passionate love encounters.
She also requires his verbal compliments with facial expressions before and after every sexual encounter. He has to be sexually stronger both physically and verbally, to satisfy her fully. He doesn’t feel the need to do so, as he feels it’s the union of their souls. Sometimes when he gets too spiritual, she gets more aggressive and starts dominating him. It is the more bitter experience for him.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Leo

Family Compatibility


A Pisces man doesn’t mind her dominance unless a Leo lady does it subtly. He knows how to control her, he keeps listening to her with keen interest. Her anger vanishes very soon if she continues nagging, he becomes disinterested and gives the lady a slip and leaves. She being an extrovert loves going out and socializing and he has a laid-back attitude and a mysterious nature remains withdrawn.
Her going out sometimes makes him feel jealous of her character. She ignites a fire in him to keep up the warmth between them alive, but sometimes it turns into a blaze, burning their alliance with it. Both have to adjust to each other’s nature in order to keep this affair more stable. Then they can think of raising a family that has trust as a bridge between them.

Family Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Leo

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Physical Compatibility


A Leo lady is an extrovert who gorgeously beautiful who is totally lethargic. She has a blush on her face and a cute little smile. She has a wide fore-head, dark brown and round eyes that appear soft, the moment she gets angry appear red and hard. She walks with a vibrating energy within her. She has dark hair with a reddish tinge. She has a thin waste and an excellent figure. She carries a knighthood along with her.
A Pisces man’s physical appearance is like a mixture all zodiac signs, but has certain important features. His height is medium with a little fat body. His hairs are quite nice. He has big blue eyes that show a hypnotic look. His cheeks have dimples on them. He looks a cheerful person as a smile keeps hanging on his lips making him young at the heart.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Leo

Professional Compatibility


A Leo lady is fortunate enough to have lots of resources to earn money. She does do her job well and earns enough money to enjoy the comforts of life. She knows the value of money in her young days. Her bank balance starts thinning during her old age. As she has luck on her side, she opts for gambling, but usually avoids it. She is bold and frank lover, but a loyal one for her mate.
A Pisces man has a nature that helps and cares his loved ones. His artistic and creative abilities strengthen his natural behavior. He is talented to be a sharp businessman and also has the talent to be an artist or both, these abilities will make him rich and famous. When he interacts with people and has the ability to judge their emotions. In partnership with someone who is not afraid of taking risks and their business is going to flourish. Any business having negative vibes is not his cup of tea. He never needs a boss who is not supportive, killing his creative skills.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Leo

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Final Outcome


– Both don’t have anything common, they have to adjust their nature to survive together.


– She is frank and bold and he has mysterious and laid back attitude./p>

– He is happy with his own self; she is there to dive into an alliance with him.


– He listens keenly to her nagging subtly, if she doesn’t stop, it’s the end of their affair.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Leo

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