Compatibility between Pisces And Capricorn


Little Bit About Pisces And Capricorn


A Capricorn lady has the element of Earth and Pisces man has Water, both are mutually supporting each other. Both applaud each other’s actions when in love. He knocks on her heart and brings out the warmth that is lying beneath her cold exterior. She is very decent, but a strong lady who avoids laziness and bad manners, especially if both are at a public place. She is a deity of the people who have big ambitions and is impressed by a Pisces man. She gives him full sport and also climbs the social ladder, to make herself an important figure. Her first preference is her family, she takes good care of all and protects them from the harsh world. When she falls in an alliance she takes great care of his family and wants her man to be a stable guy.


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A Pisces man is a delicate person who stays calm, cool and caring, especially his lady love. He often gets pulled in two different directions and remains skeptical, where to go. He wants to go where he should feel cozy and comfortable, but does has a weak determination. If he gets his freedom with no restrictions, he is a cheerful guy who remains totally devoted to his lady love. If restricted he feels suffocated, not getting angry, just slips and fade away. Just let him know his importance, and he is all yours with complete loyalty.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Pisces and Capricorn

Love Compatibility


A Pisces man and a Capricorn lady can handle any situation, which comes their way. She admires his flexible nature, but sometimes she herself becomes so rigid that she hurts the heart of a fragile person, creating minor scuffles between them. She needs to stay calm and humble if she doesn’t want to opt out of this alliance. He actually is a hospitable fellow, always listens to her ideas very keenly.


He is an easy going person who is able to adjust according to the situation, impressing her immensely. He is a lenient person providing all the freedom she requires, she is a disciplined lady with precise goals and needs the support of her mate to achieve them. Both need to change in their nature and help build a strong alliance.

Love Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Capricorn

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Sexual Compatibility


Both rely on their practical approach when getting intimate. Like when Water is poured on Earth, it makes it more fertile, the same manner applies in their relationship, making it look sweet and charming. Initially she is very shy and it may take time for him to coax her, to agree for the first sexual bout. When she feels safe and secure in his arms, she also begins approaching him in direct manner.
She becomes the most precious thing in his life and he takes good care for her. Both are filled with a balanced passion towards each other. Both discover a new world of enjoyment, because of their unison. She trembles and vibrates with pleasure when the climax comes. After every bout, even he feels great as he has never felt before.

Sexual tompatibility Score Between Pisces and Capricorn

Family Compatibility


When a Pisces man puts his hand in the hand of a Capricorn lady, both tread along forward, taking good care of each other, with hope in their eyes, no one looks beyond each other and stay aloof from the rest of the world. Both have to adjust in their nature, she sometimes starts acting bossy and is very rigid in her character.
It has to be avoided. None of them is in a hurry to achieve something; both know they will get them at the right time and right place. Both enjoy this togetherness and life for them becomes a smooth ride. Both separate themselves into their own dreamland and start thinking that this love story will have a fairytale ending. Their love plays a soothing effect on them and they start thinking of having a family of their own.

Family Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Capricorn

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Physical Compatibility


A Capricorn lady has some distinguished physical features, she has a small height unless she attains the age of 16, all of a sudden her height increases and she becomes tall. Her other features include a long nose, thick neck, a pointed chin, straight lank dark hair, dark steady eyes and olive colored skin. Mostly she has strong feet with good shoes. She also has a scar or a mole on her knee cap. Her persona is of a serious looking lady.
The physical appearance of a Pisces man’s is a mixture all zodiac signs, that’s but has some important features. He has big blue eyes that express a hypnotic look. His hairs are quite nice. His cheeks have dimples on them. His has a medium height with a little weighty body. He looks a cheerful guy as a smile keeps hanging on his lips making him look young.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Capricorn

Professional Compatibility


A Pisces man nature is to take good care of his loved ones. His abilities of artistic and creative skills get the strength from natural habits. He is talented to be a clever businessman and also has the talent enough to be an artist or both; these abilities will make him rich and well known. He interacts with hoards of people and has the ability to judge their nature. Any business having negative vibes is not his cup of tea. He doesn’t need a boss who is a critic, but a supporter; otherwise it could kill his creative skills.
A Capricorn lady is hungry for fame, name, and money. She is a hard worker and keeps earning handsomely. No matter how many hiccups come your way, once you have a job in hand, you will not stop unless you seek the results. She never misses an opportunity to increase her bank balance. She keeps saving in a steady way. She knows that she is not fortunate enough to find a treasure.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Capricorn

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Final Outcome


– When in love, both support each other’s actions and appreciate them.


– Both can take the bull by its horns, which ever situation comes challenging them.


– She is very shy in the beginning; he has to coax her a lot to turn her on.


– Both get lost in their own world without worrying what’s happening in the outside world.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Capricorn

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