Compatibility between Pisces And Cancer


Little Bit About Pisces And Cancer


A Cancer lady when forms an alliance with a Pisces man, it rewards her in plenty. With both gets attached to loyalty and their dreamy ambitions. Mutual respect strengthens their bond. Both are innocent looking people in love. Both fall for each other emotionally. She possesses emotions and intelligence at a far more level than the normal. She gives first preference to her family, than come monetary problems. She is generous enough to resolve other people issues. She has a gigantic attitude, but needs pampering when she faces the wall. She creates an alliance with Pisces man and pampers her mate well and supports his dreamy ambitions.


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Pisces man is a thorough gentleman who also is an emotional soul with a sharp mind. He holds dearly to his own ambitions, but remains alert while chasing them. He avoids scuffles and conflicts and is a peace loving man. He is sharp enough to study all the pros & cons of his dream project and only then proceeds. He is not strict with his lady love, but binds her with his good nature and a sensitive approach. These are some of his virtues that a Cancer lady falls for dear Pisces man. He loves solving all issues in an amicable style and takes good care of her needs and desires. She teaches him to be more firm in his decisions when doing a particular project. Both get benefits from their alliance.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Pisces and Cancer

Love Compatibility


A Cancer lady asks her Pisces man on how to smoothen life after supporting him in his dream projects. She provides all help in any way that is possible for her to him while he remains busy chasing his dream projects. Even he is proud to have a genuine supporter who he can lean on during any bad times. She helps and he adores her efforts and both have a secure financial future.


She also adores him from deep inside, and never get negative on anything, but keeps uplifting his spirits. His confidence increases immensely and he faces his challenges in a firm manner. She also is a keen listener cum a sound advisor. Sometimes her advice comes handier when he is chasing his goals, making him feel proud of her.

Love Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Cancer

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Sexual Compatibility


Both have the element of Water in their zodiac signs, both get involved with each other like the river water mixes with sea water. They get strength after the sexual bout that both enjoy coming closer than before. Neither of them gives anything away nor takes anything from anyone, but both enjoy the gift of total physical pleasure.
It quenches their thirst for which both were craving for such a long time. Both share this experience after the whole act is over that it wasn’t the physical pleasure that both have enjoyed, but their souls have awakened from a deep slumber and started dancing with joy. Lying in each other’s arms, this is the pair that cuddles up, and swears to remain close for as long as possible. Both touch each other gently and can become kids again.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Cancer

Family Compatibility


Both do have a big problem on their heads i.e. mood swings. He believes in meditation getting him solace, but she got furious at not letting her know everything. Both do keep some secrets within them, but her sense of humor and his lenient attitude covers it all. Both play diplomats and their love keep blossoming more every year.
Both remain together and their oneness has the flavor of love. They keep their conversation level quite high enhancing the beauty of their alliance. She stops nagging him as the years pass by and has full trust on her man and he also doesn’t need to escape when in difficult times. Both become gentle and soft in each other’s company and are ready to create a healthy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Cancer

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Physical Compatibility


A Cancer lady has a moveable sign whose lord is Moon. She also has a face like a full Moon, totally round with full cheeks, small nose, but hanging out at the tip. The color of her eyes is grey, sky blue or black. Her hand and feet are very tiny. She has a pale colored skin and has wide breasts.
Like a mixture all zodiac signs a Pisces man’s physical appearance is, but has certain important features. He has big blue eyes that show a hypnotic look. His cheeks have dimples on them. His hairs are quite nice. His height is medium with a little fat body. He looks a cheerful person as a smile keeps hanging on his lips making him young at the heart.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Cancer

Professional Compatibility


A Cancer lady is fortunate one, where finances are concerned. She works in an honest manner and can’t tolerate a corrupt person coming in her ways, maybe at home or at the office. She is very careful and alert lady in money matters. It becomes difficult for an ideal man to play with the heart of such an innocent girl and ditch her.
A Pisces man has a helping and caring nature towards his loved ones. This artistic and creative ability strengthens his natural behavior. He has the talent to be a shrewd businessman and have the talent to be an artist or both, these abilities will make him rich and famous. He interacts with people and has the ability to judge their feelings. In partnership with someone who takes risks and their business is going to grow. Any business having negative vibes is a no from his side. He doesn’t need a boss who is not supportive, killing his creative skills.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Cancer

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Final Outcome


– An alliance between these two brings rewards in plenty for both of them and both welcome these benefits.


– He has dreamy ambitions and can’t find the moral support, until she arrives, supporting him in any possible way that is possible for her.


– If they can control their mood swings a little firmly, no other zodiac sign has chemistry like these two.


– With years passing by, their love keeps flourishing like a fresh rose when it sprouts from the bud and keeps growing into a full flower oozing a sweet fragrance.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Pisces and Cancer

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