Compatibility between Libra and Taurus


Little Bit About Libra and Taurus


Earth of Taurus and Air of Libra have a natural inclination towards each other and it becomes inevitable for both to meet. Both are flexible and try adjusting with each other and find am alliance. Sometimes a Libra can get furious over the nature of Taurus as she gets too rigid in certain matters. Overall she is a warm and tender nature lady. She displays a self control and passion that makes her a deity among all the ladies of this world. She stays calm most of the time, but if someone pushes her to a limit she can bounce back like a tigress in a predator kind of method.


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Her loyalty with her lover is immense, but her lover doesn’t respond in the same manner.A Libra man knows his tricks on how to handle a particular situation. With a positive attitude and a lovely smile on his face, he impresses all, especially the ladies who want to know him better. He enjoys all the comforts that he can afford. He embraces his lady love and puts her in front. But in reality it doesn’t make him committed to an alliance.

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Love Compatibility:


A Taurus lady doesn’t fall in love with other signs in an easy manner, but if a Libra man proposes she is affected by his cute ways and doesn’t want to lose him. Both possess the same tastes. She takes care of his house like an interior designer, with gentle colors, lavish fabrics that are adored by him. He is aware of her rigid nature also, when she is furious on some issue, he gets home and with his alluring smile.


He makes a complete difference in the atmosphere of the house. The tension ceases, giving way to love’s presence. He respects his lady love and keeps pampering her by giving positive comments for her invaluable tastes. He brings in some gifts for her and her mood recedes. He doesn’t have an ego problem while dealing with issues related to her lady love.

Love Compatibility Score Between Libra and Taurus

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Sexual Compatibility


Both come under the planet Venus –a planet of sexual pleasures. Both do enjoy the sexual pleasures, but have a different approach. The main problem is caused due to the reason, Taurus magnifies the Moon and Saturn is glorified by Libra. Taurus lady cares for her emotions and Libra man cares for a great timing they have while having sex. Both remain unsatisfied and seek for something else that can ease the tension brewing up between these two.
But both come under the same planet, so attractiveness is there, both get intimate and after some time start understanding each other. Both need to get flexible and find a perfect harmony that can take them together and make love blossom. They should have patience and not be in a hurry to achieve the expected.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Libra and Taurus

Family Compatibility


A Taurus lady gets blended with his charm and feels most romantic. Their love bond gets a passionately soothing effect that everybody envies it. Their tastes match so much as they were made to live together for times eternal. Till a Libra man keeps appreciating her tastes in everything, she is able to give him her limitless love.
He is tactful enough to keep giving comments she likes and often he demonstrates his feeling by bring her flowers and also takes her out to have a candlelit dinner. These tactics enhance their love life and both start sailing the boat of love very smoothly. Both do love music and each other’s silky voice, so the tension between them ceases and both are ready for a happy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Libra and Taurus

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Physical Compatibility


The height of a Taurus lady ranges from short to middle. She has a massive fore-head, wide and stout neck, dark hair and very bright eyes. She has a flawless skin that appears very clean. Her body might appear to be plump, but she is a voluptuous human being. She is ambitious for power and is a slow, but steady worker. These qualities pull a Libra man towards her.
A Libra man has a oval shaped face that is always smiling, displaying a cheerful person. His height varies from medium to tall and his body has a fair built. While getting older he can put on weight and become fat. His other features like nose and lips are finely crafted. He has a dimple on one of his cheeks and he possesses a silky and melodramatic voice.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Libra and Taurus

Professional Compatibility


She earns handsomely as she knows her value and keeps saving the money for a bright future as she might need it in her old age. She is a materialistic kind of lady who doesn’t want to spend on buying things that can be avoided. She knows the value of money as she doesn’t know when these two might split and she needs time to heal.
A Libra man is diplomatic to the core. He knows how to handle different situations amicably. His charm solves most of his problems as he forms a great rapport with his colleagues and customers. His weakness shows that he is a little skeptical when framing a policy and many times he does do the whole job himself. He needs to put up an administrative policy that all his colleagues follow strictly if he is sure to bring in success.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Libra and Taurus

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Final Outcome


– Both Taurus and Libra come under the same planet, Venus so it is predictable that both have to crash with each other at some point in life.


– They might have the same tastes in the house, but their approach for love doesn’t match.


– A Taurus lady wants to share her emotions with someone who is in love with her and he skips these and focuses on their timings with one another.


– She can become rigid and furious when she doesn’t get the comments of any kind from her lover; he is a diplomatic nature and does know how to play his tactics to please his lady love.

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