Compatibility between Libra and Scorpio


Little Bit About Libra and Scorpio


Both have certain qualities, which get them to form a bond. The radiant energy of a Libra man and the vigor of a Scorpio lady might contradict each other, but as they say ‘opposites attract each other’, the same way their bond is superb. A Scorpio lady wants to get emotional love and a Libra man goes for physical reality and don’t want mind to control this bond. A Scorpio lady is independent; powerful and her beauty can be seen by her habits and the way she behaves. She likes to keep secrets behind a mask, generating curiosity among her near and dear ones.


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A Libra man is an emotional and a humble man who gets the results just by having a conversation with his lady love. He also hides his passion behind his superb smile and a melodious voice. He stays away and analyzes the people around him as he knows how to use them to his own advantage. He knows that he can get any lady fall for him with his natural and warm smile. When a lady comes and falls into his arms he proves to be a loyal lover for her.

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Love Compatibility:


A Libra man is born to attract ladies, especially a Scorpio lady is smitten by his charm. Initially she also watches his activities, is he serious or just toying with her. If she finds some seriousness, than she goes and gets into his arms within no time. She also creates curiosity for her Libra man as he gets attracted to her beauty. Moreover her deepness to love is fully trusted by a Libra man.


She has an aura that makes a Libra man to feel proud of. She also is madly in love with this man. She follows his orders in a patient manner, but knows she will take over very soon. She is an intelligent lady and she expects the same from her Libra man, if this thing doesn’t happen than she can be a vindictive and very deadly for a Libra man.

Love Compatibility Score Between Libra and Scorpio

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Sexual Compatibility


Here is a groovy couple that keeps provoking each other in every encounter they face during love making. Both get intimate because of their animal like behavior, full of lust. Libra is ruled by Venus and Scorpio by Mars, so both are in need of each other. Even if both don’t make each other happy in other fields of their alliance, a Libra man can take a back step form being an animal, it is here that the Scorpio lady takes it and become an animal herself.
Their alliance is strong and pulls both of them with immense force. He finds his libido matching hers. Both remain connected just for the physical pleasure they enjoy. Both have lots of physical fun that can turn emotional if they keep sticking together, ultimately resulting in madly in love with each other.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Libra and Scorpio

Family Compatibility


They might keep fighting, but he knows such love can’t be provided by any other man. He gives due credit to her habits and be indebted to her sensible mind. He provides total freedom to her and she feels like air flowing here and there with no fence to stop her. A Libra man is extremely optimistic person and a Scorpio lady finds a perfect alliance with her energy.
When both go along nicely for a long time, she takes rest and gives peace that he required instead of suspicion or jealousy. He is ready to accept her and bring in more color to this alliance, making it more exciting. Their true love glows even in a bad weather conditions and both move on to make a very happy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Libra and Scorpio

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Physical Compatibility


A Scorpion lady is also called ‘keta’, in Sanskrit it means a poisonous snake. She has a body that is average in height, massive face, short and curly hair with a muscular body. The color of her skin is dusky and her eye-brows have a distinctive style. The color of her eyes doesn’t matter, she has deeply penetrating eyes, which can make a man she is talking to, shudder. She has a hypnotic vigor in them.
A Libra man is the solution to all the problems this world faces. He has a normal body, with a height that ranges from medium to tall. He possess a dimple on his cheeks and his nose and lips are very fine. His voice is very smooth, silky and melodious, which when spoken in his style comes out like a poetry.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Libra and Scorpio

Professional Compatibility


A Scorpio lady is considered lucky, where financial matters are concerned. She has a great career either at home or at the office. She knows how to earn lots of money as she knows her value. Her home budget can be disturbing as she is ‘penny wise, pound foolish’. She can spend lavishly to gain honor and no one can disturb her prestige. She can choose a less earning hubby, but even he should not be the boss at home. She loves power and will do any sacrifice to attain it.
A Libra man has no qualms with working all alone or with a partner. But he hates minor scuffles that often break out between two partners. He is always ready to be a mediator of any kind between two rivals. But first he has to listen to both the parties and then form a conclusion. He has a natural talent to judge every body’s feelings when they speak. He uses this power to negotiate with many persons and it takes care of his financial needs.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Libra and Scorpio

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Final Outcome


– A Scorpion lady has the talent to arouse the curiosity of the opposite sex and get attracted to her.


– Both start an affair like animals and is satisfied it can lead to love and marriage.


– She has a laidback attitude when their affair starts; later on she takes all the reigns in her hand.


– She is fortunate in finances and he a perfect orator, benefiting both.

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