Compatibility between Libra and Sagittarius


Little Bit About Libra and Sagittarius


Both keep appreciating each other in such a well connected bond. With the combination of Air and Fire, both make it a warm place to linger on, which creates a positive energy. Sagittarius lady has airy views regarding her freedom to go out, making Libra man suspicious about her character and he pulls back. She is an independent, free spirit and vigorous soul who loves adventurous trips and is always searching for something new. She even risks going to those fields where entry is banned often land her in troubles. But she has the talent to find a solution very soon during those difficult times. She doesn’t understand human nature expertly.


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A Libra man is capable of fluttering the hearts of many with his warm smile and silky voice. He thinks that he has a talent to answer all the questions the world faces today. He is a diehard romantic and his habits and manners attract lots of ladies. When the affair starts, he doesn’t know what to do next. When both starts an affair both feel that their life has changed becoming more easy and comfortable. He enjoys her company as she has a clever mind and some fascinating thoughts. Her positive attitude and remarkable ways brings in a new approach to make his life more adventurous.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Libra and Sagittarius

Love Compatibility:


A Sagittarius lady has a restless heart, which when gets connected to a Libra man is tamed by his devotion and affection. Both start communicating easily about anything, their dreams, their desires and their needs. Both feel the globe revolving around them and he teaches her to remain calm in the time of distress and find a solution to the problem with a cool head. Libra man can make her feel flying in the skies with him in tow.


He is a little careful when he takes along his lady love in public, as a constant gaze of his female fans can cause jealousy in this Sagittarius lady, who starts feeling a little insecure. No one else is able to understand their feelings for each other, as much as they themselves can.

Love Compatibility Score Between Libra and Sagittarius

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Sexual Compatibility


Both prove to be a great match for each other, while having sex. Both know that each one is not under any pressure, have enough space to grow, flourish and create their own self-esteem and both feel safe and square in each other’s arms. Both crave for physical satisfaction and are completely trying to achieve it and they do succeed. Both try new ideas and positions and the result is always is a happy one.
They experiment a lot; always these experiments end with a smile on both faces. He brings in a steadiness to her life and makes her respect certain values. Some other zodiac signs might not find them sexy at all, but if they stick together for a lengthy time, their love affair has to begin. Once madly in love, it makes their sexual encounters more exciting.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Libra and Sagittarius

Family Compatibility


When both discover true love for each other that is flawless, both can feel the butterflies in their stomach. Both are totally comfortable with each other with no worries. Both get the knowledge of how fiery passion can be, taking their ecstasy to soaring heights where they see a romantic rainbow in the sky. Both become smitten by one another and don’t care a damn about the world outside.
They communicate very well and figure out each other’s desires and leave no stone unturned to fulfill them. Their gentle and rough touch makes their soul come alive and dance on cloud 9. Their love is so much that it starts spilling and it gives honor to the word of ‘love’. Love formed between them is not created but is natural and both begin thinking about sharing a family between them.

Family Compatibility Score Between Libra and Sagittarius

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Physical Compatibility


The Scorpio girl is a fiery sign of the zodiac, so she has a cute figure and nicely developed body. She will be tall, slim and with an oval shaped face. She has a broad fore-head, thick eye-brows, shining blue or hazel colored eyes that are quite expressive. She has a double chin and a face that is inviting people to come and have a friendship. She has a lock of hair that is bent onto the fore-head, hiding baldness. She has a flawless skin, a graceful look and a dashing figure.
A Libra man is not so tall, but his height ranges from medium to tall. He has a dimple on his cheeks and his nose and lips are very finely crafted. He has a fine and smooth as silk voice, which comes out from his mouth in a unique style of his own. These features attract a Scorpio lady towards him.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Libra and Sagittarius

Professional Compatibility


A Libra man prefers to do his own work, but he is ok with a partner too as long as scuffles don’t break out between them. If an argument breaks out between two rivals he knows, he is always ready to act as a mediator between them and find a solution. First, he listens to their problem, as he can read their inner feelings quite naturally, he is ready with the result. These things take care of his financial assets.
A Scorpio lady has the character of a person who thinks ‘gain without pain’. If Jupiter is not disturbed, she has a great & bright political career in front of her. She enjoys all comforts of life. She loves working outdoors and the job shouldn’t be repetitive. She makes friends very quickly with her cute smile and a sharp wit.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Libra and Sagittarius

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Final Outcome


– Their life was going normal until they have had an affair; life is more enjoyable after that.


– Both make each other happy tremendously and start going to cloud9 with butterflies flying in their stomachs.


– If satisfied both stay on stuck together and discover the meaning of true love.


– Both have sharp wits that take care of their financial needs and they have a sixth sense to know other people’s inner feelings that they use for their own benefits.

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