Compatibility between Libra and Leo


Little Bit About Libra and Leo


Both have a good start in their romance and share & enjoy each other’s company quite well. A Leo lady is thrilled, when she finds a accommodating Libra man. After spending years in his company, he starts getting possessive and seeks attention. If she does values his emotions then nobody can break this alliance. She is a lady who got beauty with brains. She also loves getting attention by the people surrounding her at a big or small gathering. She has to be the centre of attraction. She might feel jealous the moment her Libra man is in the company of other females.


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A Libra man can impress anyone with his sweet voice and the way he speaks. He also has a magic in his eyes that can mesmerize anybody. The social aspects are loved by him, increasing his persona. He has such a magic, which can fascinate anybody. Jealousy is not his cup of tea, he doesn’t go with arguments, but can share a peaceful dialogue. If a brawl takes place between them, he sorts it out with his pleasing words. He thinks that he has the talent to answer all the questions this world has.

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Love Compatibility:


For a Libra man it is love at first site, the moment he catches a glimpse of a Leo lady. He falls for her beauty and grace she carries, making his emotions stirred with force. He also impresses her with his charming persona and melodious voice. His gentle touch can make this Leo lady fall in his arms feeling safe & secure. He wants his Leo lady to shine brightly win his feelings for her and she also complies with it.


She demands a complete loyalty from him, feeling jealous when he has the company of other ladies. This is the only hiccup that occurs in their alliance, but he being an intelligent guy, rejuvenates his lady love and the passion of love flourishes more between them. He doesn’t feel jealous when he finds men around his lady love, whereas she wants him to feel a little bit jealous.

Love Compatibility Score Between Libra and Leo

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Sexual Compatibility


Both Leo lady and Libra man don’t waste much time in getting intimate. Both admire the other so much that their sexual desires keep burning, especially if both are all alone in the house. Both keep innovating new ideas and try them, the ones that give them more pleasure are tried again & again. A Leo lady doesn’t mind getting attention and a Libra man represents the public eye, but both behave nicely in public, making others envy.
The moment both become free, even for a minute, both starts having sex at any place and at any time. Libra man has the sign of Saturn and has a passion and thinks radically, but for a Leo lady, it is her aggressive nature, which breaks all barriers and has fun. Such chemistry is a rare thing to be seen.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Libra and Leo

Family Compatibility


Both make this alliance to reach the top by continuous complimenting each other. Their alliance appears amazing if viewed from any angle. She becomes more gentle and softer and he gains passion that is offered by a Leo lady. He makes her brave and an easy going person, and it makes their alliance to last the longer period of time. In each other’s company, both do fulfill all their needs and dreams they have cherished for a long time, making their home the best place to live.
A Leo lady starts feeling in high spirits when her Libra lover adores her in many ways. It makes her increase her devotion towards him. He is a diehard romantic who loves to unmask his lady love forever. Their soft love and fire in the fireplace keep their home a warm place, full of love. Now both start building a happy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Libra and Leo

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Physical Compatibility


A Leo lady has the grace of a queen, when she walks in her own style with a shivering intensity. She has a blushing face, a massive fore-head and a full size head. The color of her large eyes can be brown that appear to be soft & gentle, but if she gets furious can turn red and appear scary. Her eyes are a little bending at the corner. She has wide shoulders, big bones, a muscular body whose upper half is more developed than the lower one.
Her thin waist and round knees making her look sexier. She seems to be belonging to an elite class.
He has a smiling face with fine nose & lips. His height varies from medium to tall with a normal built body. He has a dimple on his cheeks. His soft & silky voice impresses his listeners, especially his female fans.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Libra and Leo

Professional Compatibility


A Leo lady is fortunate enough and can find various resources to earn handsomely. She spends money extremely carefully. She earns during her younger days and the bank balance starts getting thinner when she grows old. She trusts her fortunes and tries to gamble, but avoids it. It is here she needs a person like a Libra man to come in her life and advice her wisely.
A Libra man is a people’s person from inside and loves working all alone. He hates arguments and brawls and can become a great mediator, even in his office, outside or at home. He is a total diplomat who can handle any situation and solve all issues amicably. He understands the motive of the person he is dealing with, quite naturally. It helps in his career and he uses it to his own benefits.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Libra and Leo

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Final Outcome


– Both form a great alliance and if the lady remains a little careful, their alliance can last a life time.


– A Libra man’s emotions are stirred forcefully by a Leo lady at her 1st sight.


– Their intimate chemistry with each other is there to be seen, no one can break their alliance in reality.


– Both do find ways to earn money handsomely, she spends money carefully and he is diplomatic enough to invest in a safe place.

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