Compatibility between Libra and Gemini


Little Bit About Libra and Gemini


A thrilling alliance is created by a Libra man and Gemini lady, who communicate very well and enjoy the social and mental tendencies in a hectic manner. Both value their thoughts, but occasionally Libra feels his lover to be less romantic and Gemini feels her lover to be going beyond limits. She is like a butterfly that keeps roaming on various flowers and ultimately settles with a flower that smells the sweetest. She then plays the role of an ardent fan of her lover, but sometimes she can be so careless that she even forgets a promise. She requires a person who can be fun to be with her, who can keep her excited and someone who can arouse her emotions.


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A Libra man’s charm and the way he speaks impresses the Taurus lady immensely and she mellows down in front of him.Libra man loves going out, who makes friends out there. His passions are not easily revealed and keep hiding them behind his refined smile and smooth voice. One can’t calculate his behavior from the look on his face and stays away from the people he knows. First he has to do some analytical study about them, only than he befriends them. He does everything a little hypothetic way, but when he falls in love with a Gemini lady he can prove to her he is the word for romance.

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Love Compatibility:


A Stern and serious Libra man benefits a lot from a Gemini lady. No doubt her childish nature sometimes make him furious, but mostly he gets a tip or something positive from them. Both find harmony running between them is better that most of other couples, and this increases their love for each other. Both communicate well to solve various different issues that both are related to.


She sometimes shows him the way on how & what to do at a peculiar moment of distress. Even he admires her childish ways. Both know how to face a certain issue; if it is resolved that everything is fine, if not both know their buddy is there to sympathize with them. If a chance is given to them, both can keep on lingering at different places, but are sure to crash with each other, play sympathetic roles and linger on with each other for whole life.

Love Compatibility Score Between Libra and Gemini

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Sexual Compatibility


Both are guided by the element of Air, so the initial start is great, both mental and physical. A fragile ego of a Libra man is lifted by a Gemini lady only. While having sex both do communicate well to their desires and needs. They do not take seriously at first, but once they are intimate a Libra man shares his emotions through sex. Main aim of theirs is satisfy their respective buddy to the core.
Libra comes under Venus, seductive, sensual and sexual. Gemini comes under Mercury having no sexual quality. Libra man is quite curious to know how his lady feels during their love making. Libra still might be skeptical, but a Gemini lady is ready to offer new techniques, adventures to spice up their sexual encounters.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Libra and Gemini

Family Compatibility


Both have similar tastes and it makes them easier to gel with each other. But both are always ready to outsmart to one another. A Gemini lady keeps pushing a Libra man to the edge with her disorganized and wasting time styles. Just when he gets furious with all this mess, she starts behaving like a child and pleads guilty.
When she says she needs him, he mellows down and forgives her and stays. He only leaves when she does not mend her style. Both do communicate well and he teaches her what is right or wrong for their alliance. If she follows then everything works out fine, if not then one of them packs his bags and leave. If both need a family she has to agree to his terms.

Family Compatibility Score Between Libra and Gemini

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Physical Compatibility


A Gemini born girl resembles like thin models. She is straight, tall and has an average skin. Every part of her body is thin including her arms, face, nose and chin. She has hazel or grey colored eyes that look very sharp and active. Her legs are so thin that one can see the various veins moving through her skin with a naked eye. It is not easy to know such a lady, but she has proven to be his buddy during an emergency.
It is the model of appearance that draws a Libra man to a Gemini lady.A Libra person has oval or heart-shaped face that draws attention as it appears cheerful with a smile that he perceives always. His height varies from medium to tall as his body possesses an average built. His nose and lips are fine; he also has a dimple on one of his cheeks. He tends to put on some weight in the later years of her age. He has a gentle and silky voice.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Libra and Gemini

Professional Compatibility


Lots of happening take place in a Gemini girl’s life. She has inherited lots of wealth, but misfortunes start attacking her life from time to time. It makes her an experienced lady who has seen extreme poverty and riches. Family arguments and fights continue to dog her. Her secret love alliances will bring her family closer to the doomsday. Some of these come from the parental side and others come by her behavior.
These can cause trouble and headache that has no remedy.A strong diplomat who can be generous with his extraordinary magic and is fully aware of his tactics, which is a character called a Libra man. He creates the good rapport with his customers and colleagues. His weakness is that he cannot form a firm policy that can help his co-workers to follow it. He must take good care of his co-workers if he has to gain success.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Libra and Gemini

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Final Outcome


– Both communicate well to understand the feelings of each other.


– If they are flexible enough to mend certain ways, both can reach the zenith.


– Their curiosity for each other brings spice to their ordinary love story.


– She is born wealthy, if she finds a Libra man before a misfortune strikes her, she can save her lots of wealth.

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