Compatibility between Libra and Capricorn


Little Bit About Libra and Capricorn


Both Capricorn lady and a Libra lady respect their alliance and are equally devoted with each other, but in a different way. Capricorn lady is shyer then Libra man in expressing her love for him. Libra is a diehard romantic and doesn’t care and expresses his love. A Capricorn lady is a powerful and decent lady who is enriched with leadership qualities. She is formal and hates carelessness and incorrect behavior, when in public. She loves the man who is ambitious and owns self-esteem. She climbs the social ladder slowly, but steadily to reach the top.


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She is very close to her near & dear ones and provides them the security in all times. When she forms an alliance with a Libra man she is devoted and stable with him.
A Libra is a good listener, who uses his intelligence, only then reaches a conclusion that’s binding for all. Nobody dares to challenge his conclusion. His persona and smile have a magical effect on the person he is dealing with. He has answers to all questions and plays the role of a fair man keeping all manners of life with him. He is so romantic that he hates having a conflict with his Sagittarius lady love.

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Love Compatibility:


A Capricorn lady admires her Libra man’s devotion with her and feels totally secure in his arms, from this cruel world. She spills a charming air of competence that turns him on instantly. He is surprised by her gentle behavior when she trusts him. His adjusting with her willingness provides strength to their alliance. He needs her support and determination and not her silly career minded ideas.


If she still keeps pressing him, his ego might get hurt and it doesn’t get smoother soon. Not only she has to apologize and return to his open arms. She might need some soft persuasion to do it. If she is mature and pays respect to her career, she has a common sense to pursue her career in an earthly manner. Even he is a supportive soul then, who ‘makes hay till the sun is shining’.

Love Compatibility Score Between Libra and Capricorn

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Sexual Compatibility


A Capricorn lady and a Libra man have a deep and powerful attraction towards each other. Libra man is there to attract females due to his warm smile and melodious voice. Both can’t resist each other’s company while sitting on the same platform. Their intimacy is inevitable. Both create these sexual encounters seeking physical pleasures of the utmost quality.
They enjoy fully, their lovemaking sessions and satisfy their mates to crave for more such sessions, maybe in a different way. He is romantic to the core, sexual sessions keep taking place regularly and the flower of love blossoms between them. It makes their intimacy stronger and they never let love die down. They take all steps very carefully, not hurting the other’s feelings and make love emerges out alive.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Libra and Capricorn

Family Compatibility


Treading together hand in hand on the life’s watchful road both find themselves eclipsed from love’s beauty, so they take solace in a comfortable environment. When the interlock their four eyes, their heart misses a beat and blood increases its pace in their veins. Both need help in many ways and gets it from their respective mate, to make their togetherness more shining. Both are redeemed with the gift of a powerful mutual trust and look towards heaven as if thanking God, their alliance gets stronger.
They do all the works together, whether big or small, it doesn’t matter. Their accomplishments make them enjoy each other’s company with elate. They keep appreciating each other in various works they do, it brings them more closely and laying a solid foundation for their alliance that goes on to form a fine family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Libra and Capricorn

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Physical Compatibility


Ladies born under this sign have important features like their height remains short till they attain the age of sweet 16, after which she gains height at a hectic pace and becomes tall. She has long nose, thick neck, long chin, black or dark hair, which are lengthy and straight and a mole or scar on the knee cap. She has a stout and muscular physique with dark & steady blue eyes. She can get curved during her old age. Her skin has a tanned color with powerful feet wearing nice shoes.
A Libra man has the talent to find a good solution to the complex situations within minutes. He has a diplomatic nature that can read a person’s inner feelings with ease. Before uttering a conclusion he has to keep a perfect balance by hearing both the parties. His conclusions are binding to all and no one dares challenge them. This is a talent he gets paid for.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Libra and Capricorn

Professional Compatibility


A Capricorn lady wishes to be famous and have lots of wealth, she is able to earn money by sheer hard work that she does consistently and steadily earn money. No matter how many hiccups come during her work, she still keeps working until she gains success. She never misses an opportunity and regrets later. She keeps saving money and then invests very carefully to grow more money as she never expects to strike a fortune.
A Libra man hates even minor scuffles that happen between two partners on a job, he prefers working all alone. When he sees his known persons arguing about anything, first he has to listen to both of them then he jumps in and reaches a fair conclusion that satisfies both of them. Nobody dares challenge the conclusion as he is a perfect mediator. These things take care of his financial conditions.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Libra and Capricorn

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Final Outcome


– Both have different attitude, but still get attracted to each other and win the trust of their mate with complete loyalty.


– A Libra man needs his lady loves support and not her silly career oriented questions.


– Both walk the soothing land of love in this cruel world feeling safe & square.


– Both are hard working people, he is diplomatic and gets his work done orally and she keeps doing her job constantly, no matter how many hindrances come.

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