Compatibility between Libra and Cancer


Little Bit About Libra and Cancer


Libra’s element is Air and Cancer’s is water, both make a lovable, but a difficult alliance. Both keep complimenting good about each other as Cancer is emotional and supportive and Libra is romantic and relevant. Both work hard to form a smooth alliance. A Cancer lady can display her features in a short span of time, like a sparkling mermaid. She is emotional to the core and her mood swings long enough to bring her emotions out. She is shy to take the first step to form an alliance, she fears being rejected. When she does with a Libra man, she keeps his spirits soaring with her good sense of humor.


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A Libra man has a solution to all the world’s problems. He has a charming face with full enthusiasm and is a positive attitude person. He can’t handle confusion, instead he forms a harmony. Love is on his sleeves and he is the one who has invented love. A Cancer lady sometimes doubts his character with his careless and easy going attitude, but with his charming smile he mellows her down and she stays and has fun with him.

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Love Compatibility


A Cancer lady proves to have an arousal effect on a Libra man. She takes care of every inch of his house when she moves in. She might be pessimist by nature, but his optimistic attitude keeps the balance between them. She can restore his smile even during his distress days and take some wise decisions when he gets unstable. But sometimes her laid back attitude hurts him badly.


Even she can feel sad when he is annoyed, but his charming smile and comments to praise her brings back her jolly nature as he loves the way she is. She feels like a queen when he praises her in such a way that she wants to fly in the sky with him in tow. She feels totally safe and sound under his gaze.

Love Compatibility Score Between Libra and Cancer

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Sexual Compatibility


With both hearts quenching their thirst physically their chemistry seem to come directly from heavens. At first they don’t share their feelings with one another, but once they get intimate both starts sharing their emotions with each other. Just looking into each other’s eyes both feel the tremble of arousal taking over and both go in for another session. Sexual bouts can teach them that how much they love each other.
It brings home the peace and stable alliance that seems to not fall apart. He spreads the fragrance of love and she soothes it with her compassion, making their physical intimacy full of delight and total pleasure. She might be suspicious of her Libra man, who doesn’t pay any heed to it and both seem to fall apart. But soon they tackle the root cause of it and get rejuvenated again.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Libra and Cancer

Family Compatibility


This pair of a Libra man and a Cancer lady seems difficult, but differences do occur in every relationship. No one has seen a Libra Cancer alliance breaking down that can’t be amended. Once they get intimate they cherish their love for eternity in one way or the other. She is a bit possessive due to her own safety and a bit miser, where money matters.
He gives her total freedom in financial matters. He asks her to stay positive even when he criticizes her, it is not to insult, but how do we improve these minor problems? Each should value their virtues and this alliance can’t part that easily. No one can come between their love for each other. Now they can think about having a happy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Libra and Cancer

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Physical Compatibility


Cancer is a watery and mobile sign, whose lord is the Moon. Her face is round like a full Moon, with a little plump cheeks and a small nose that shows prominence at the tip. The color of her eyes is black, sky blue or grey. Her hands and feet are small in size and she has a pale skin. She also possesses broad breasts. She is totally attached with her home. It is this loyalty that pulls a Libra man towards her.
His face always is decorated with a smile that makes him look a cheerful person. His height is between medium to tall with a slight build body. His body tends to gain weight when he proceeds towards old age. His lips and nose present a beautiful picture. He possesses a smooth and silky voice and has a dimple on his cheeks. His silky voice is the one that attracts his female fans.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Libra and Cancer

Professional Compatibility


The first suggestion for a Cancer lady is to be stop being timid as she is fortunate in matters of finance. She is a fully honest soul who can’t tolerate dishonesty. She doesn’t spend money lavishly but saves it for her bright future. She takes good care of her money earned through hard work. She believes in her zodiac signs and saves money accordingly.
A perfect diplomat, who has a totally of generous behavior and works with his grace in a beautiful tactful manner. He can have an excellent rapport with his co-workers, with his intelligent tactics. He proves to be a great partner if you collaborate with him. He is happy when everybody does his own job and not interferes in others. They can build a strong base for your business if you become his partner.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Libra and Cancer

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Final Outcome


– A Cancer lady is little shy to take the first step to start an affair, but the moment she meets a Libra man she can take this affair to unlimited heights with her sense of humor.


– Both don’t share their emotions on the 1st date, when both get intimate they start sharing their feelings with one another.


– He keeps criticizing her, but not to insult, but how things should improve between them.


– She keeps saving money for her bright future; he is a diplomatic person who knows how to deal with different issues a little differently.

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