Compatibility between Libra and Aries


Little Bit About Libra and Aries


Both Aries and Libra have a strong combination of fire and air. Both can provide the other what they lack in their behavior. Both feel comfortable and relaxed in each other’s company. An Aries lady is quick tempered lady who doesn’t mind taking risks. She often gets into trouble just because she is impulsive and has to face certain unfavorable consequences. She becomes an ardent fan of a Libra man just because of his charm and efficiency to keep things balanced in her life.


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A Libra man can impress anybody at the first glimpse and ha has an amazing aura of his persona and is very pleasant. He is ready to answer all the questions this world asks him. He is so tender that he makes his Aries lady melt to satisfy all his wishes, mental or physical. He is very kind and gentle with his lady love and never wishes a conflict taking place between the two. Both love each other with full passion and are totally loyal to each other when in love.

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Love Compatibility:


A Libra man is always tuned in to challenges thrown by an Aries lady and she proves to be a thrilling lady for him. Both build a strong base for their alliance. She goes out of proportions and supports him through thick & thin. She wants herself to be his companion and not a caretaker. When she faces a controversy, she is thrilled, but is ready to form a harmony.


She needs to discipline her emotions and use rational language to keep him with her, always. He has a firm grip on her lady love because he has a charisma to handle her various moods. He shows her that she is desired and needed to balance both their lives and she feels elated at this thought and shows her true feminine front with love.

Love Compatibility Score Between Libra and Aries

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Sexual Compatibility


She can prove to be a tigress in bed with a Libra man in bedroom and possess a great stamina while satisfying her male mate. Her main aim is to make a great lover as she wants him to become. Initially both seem to be full of lust for each other as they have a ball in the bedroom. The Aries lady seems to be tracking something solid and his passive approach can make her chilly.
Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus and she takes sex differently. She needs a warm devotion and someone who acts strongly fierce on the bed with her. Only then a Libra man can put her senses to rest. He needs to constantly approach as a furious man who can completely kill all her physical desires. Now she makes sure that he is a man of high caliber and she makes him feel her skin with gentle touches here & there.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Libra and Aries

Family Compatibility


Both should not behave as competitors, but should behave little more matured couple who can have a balanced family if dealing the issues in s humble way. Libra man never wants a fight and knows the tricks to handle her, she often acts rudely. This requires them to be indifferent to certain desires and spend some time on things that matter.
She must have real desires and let go his furious and erratic behavior. The optimism of a Libra man strikes a chord with the bright faith of an Aries lady. He has the passionate love that she needs and he admires her subtle nature. Both fill each other’s life with friendly gestures and love for each other and lead a soothing life forever. Now both are ready to create a family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Libra and Aries

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Physical Compatibility


An Aries girl has redness on her face and slim and muscular body with a medium height. She has a long neck, long face, at temples the fore-head is quite wide spread and a scanty chin. Her eye-brows are quite thick; the color of her eyes is brown or grayish brown. Her hair has a color from dark to sandy that are lean and strong. She is ambitious, brave and active in her daily cores.
A Libra person has a heart shaped or oval face that depicts many prominent features. His height ranges from medium to tall and his body has a average build. He can gain weight in the later stage of age. His lips and nose are quite fine. He also has a dimple on his cheek and a charming voice. His face always keeps smiling giving a cheerful look.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Libra and Aries

Professional Compatibility


In spite of her strong desires, she amasses lots of wealth. But she also spends a lot, just an impulsive investor, who doesn’t think coolly and can invest in a rash or bad firms. Her budget is always in the doldrums; she starts brightly and ends so lightly. She needs a proper guide who can guide her taking financial decisions like a hard investor. It is here that a Libra man enters her life and the two take some wise financial decisions.
A Libra man is strong in diplomacy, generous, charm and tactical. He uses these tactics to form a strong empire with his colleagues. He forms a great rapport both with his colleagues and clients. He can also show his weakness as he can’t frame a strict policy; his mood changes frequently and he tends towards doing his job himself. He has to take notice of his workplace and follow certain rules if he has to succeed in life.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Libra and Aries

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Final Outcome


– Both need and desire each other, both keep changing their moods, but he knows how to tackle her in various moods as he is a diplomatic person.


– Both feel relaxed in each other’s company, but their approach in various fields is totally different.


– Both should not behave like competitors’, but should have a harmony in dealing with the various issues.


– She is an impulsive investor and he can guide her properly in financial matters.

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