Compatibility between Libra and Aquarius


Little Bit About Libra and Aquarius


A Libra man and an Aquarius lady get connected very easily. Both pay full respect to their partner’s needs and desires in all aspects. Both communicate thoroughly and it lays a strong foundation for their alliance. An Aquarium lady is very appealing physically. She relies on trust, good compliments and genuine promises, when she forms an alliance with a man. She appears to be not emotionally involved, but she is fully devoted to her Libra man. She expects her man to be like her, it keeps her spirits up all the time. She cuddles with her man lying by her side and both keep conversing about their daily routine or about any subject.


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A Libra man is a total diplomat with his Aquarius lady love, who hides his passions behind his cute smile and melodious voice. First he has to understand her feelings and let her do the talking and he has the talent to project himself as her true and loyal lover. He himself is a diehard romantic, he knows her desires and tries to fulfill them, and he completely satisfies her.

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Love Compatibility:


An Aquarius lady finds a Libra man as an excellent mate. His soft and gentle nature impresses her when dealing with minor scuffles that break out between them. He cools her down in a very soothing manner as he knows all the tricks. He needs a calm and clear atmosphere in the house to maintain his health and loving style. He can turn from a warm person to a cold dude, if his lady love keeps poking him or upset him due to many reasons.


He gets careless and becomes a wicked man. She has to behave properly, depending on his mood. She has to pamper him to be staying alive as hurting or leaving him is not a good idea. Both do understand each other’s nature very well and should behave in the manner that is required.

Love Compatibility Score Between Libra and Aquarius

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Sexual Compatibility


An Aquarius lady never cares about any other person’s opinions about sexual life; she just relies on her own approach, which is a little different. She is always looking for some freedom from any censors and handicaps this world has created. This thing makes her Libra man forget the outside world for some time and he will at least keeps his focus on her only.
Both belong to the Air sign, so both need to express their needs freely when a sex session is going on. Both need to learn about their own weaknesses and strengths and can experiment new ideas. Both keep thinking that their oral speech is enough to form a strong base of their alliance, but sexual satisfaction and the fun both enjoy can be a plus point.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Libra and Aquarius

Family Compatibility


Their alliance survives on intelligent thinking and logical ideas. Both do communicate freely that forms a solid partnership between them. After both start trusting their mate, their love starts flying and even sky is not the limit. Each morning, both get up smiling and start their day with a new zeal. She has his strong shoulders to lean her head on and he feels a soft touch, it makes the day for both of them.
Both can walk miles without uttering a word, but they keep dreaming about how to fulfill certain plans that are now roaming in their minds. Both embrace each other with a cover called love. Both can keep their respective mates happy with their emotions and feelings for each other and stay this way for a lifetime and have a great family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Libra and Aquarius

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Physical Compatibility


An Aquarius lady has a sound body that can become a little obese during the old age. She has a flawless skin with a pale color and her height is a little taller than the normal tall. Her hair is light brown or sandy in color, and is straight and silky. She has a scar or mole on her thighs and has blue, grey or green color eyes. Her eyes show a wandering expression. She has nobility with her and all her physical features are fine.
A Libra man’s height varies from medium to tall. He has a dimple on his cheeks only and his nose and lips are finely crafted. His voice is the highlight feature of this man, which is smooth as silk and is melodious like a song. His soft manners attract an Aquarius lady to him and he embraces her nicely.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Libra and Aquarius

Professional Compatibility


An Aquarius lady works hard and is never in a hurry to seek results. As far as finances are concerned she can both be lucky or unlucky. She thinks that money has to be earned to enjoy the various comforts of life and does not save it as she lives in the present time. She can spend a huge amount of money to keep safe her honor. Nobody should point fingers at her prestige.
A Libra man plays the role of a perfect mediator, even for two rivals. He has the ability to judge the feelings of a person naturally. He judges them and reaches a perfect solution that both parties think it’s the best. No one dares challenge his conclusion. He earns his money this way as he is a perfect diplomat, and he knows the answers to whatever this world has questions. He hates even minor scuffles that take place between his near & dear ones.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Libra and Aquarius

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Final Outcome


– An Aquarius lady is appealing physically and if a Libra man plays his cards right, their combination has a sound base.


– Both need to a careful approach to each other initially and later both communicate so well that they know their mate’s desires and tries fulfilling them in any manner.


– Both learn to know about their own weaknesses and strengths when they get intimate.


– When they start trusting their mate, love starts flying in the air and even sky is not the limit.

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