Compatibility between Leo And Virgo


Little Bit About Leo And Virgo


A Virgo lady is a little careful and slows towards her approach towards a Leo man, who enjoys the present moment that is full of passion and his desire for his lady love. Leo man has the personality of a man who has a sharp mind and a soft & gentle heart. He might appear to be an arrogant man, but his antics makes the others forgive him. His way of dealing with his lady love makes him a gentleman who is ready to shower all his wealth on her. If their love goes on stably for long, he tends to be a dominant and possessiveness comes to the fore. A Virgo lady has a striking, intellectual and neatness appearance, mellows down a Leo man.


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She can handle many issues quickly as she thinks practically and not live on illusions. She is very romantic, but she never shows this side openly. Once she gets impressed by a man mutual attraction is inevitable. Not all ladies possess this ability, as her heart will not get impressed that easily, it’s a tough task. ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’, this is where Leo man steps in. His first and foremost priority is to protect her from various hardships life caries. If he falls for a Virgo lady many changes come into his lifestyle. He is turned from a fierce rage to a calm personality that admires his Virgo lady love.

Horoscope Compatibility between Leo and Virgo

love Compatibility


When love between a Leo man and Virgo lady is born, both reach the cloud 9. His rage is melted by a charming, but a slow lady making their alliance look like a bed of roses. Both enjoy every moment of life as she feels safe and sound in his arms. A magic seems to have been created between these two. He feels as if heaven has opened its gate for both of them. He never feels the same for any other lady like the way it does when he meets a Virgo lady.


His confidence increases as she envelops his dreams with her cool and calm attitude. Their love shines in all weather conditions as she feels protected and he goes out and feels that someone is waiting with open arms when he returns. Their togetherness forms a miracle of love and love has a new meaning. No other two signs bring in such happiness.

Love Compatibility Score between Leo and virgo

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Sexual Compatibility


Both go on to have sexual bouts with a different approach. A Leo man tends to be dominating with his lady love where as she is reserved on when & where to have sex. Both don’t understand the same language of sex. Leo needs some praises from his buddy, while performance goes on, but a shy Virgo is a little reluctant to do all this. Maybe she is enjoying his dominance as she feels protected and having fun. But if she does appreciate his antics, it provides the fuel to his activities and he starts to admire her more.


This alliance is quite challenging as the passionate behavior of a Leo man gives very little space for a Virgo lady to move. Leo has a firm sign and both do form an alliance a little traditionally, something a Virgo lady likes. Both can never form an emotional intimate relationship with each other, except physical pleasure nothing else seems to connect them.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Leo and virgo

Family Compatibility


Personality of a Virgo lady is completely different from a Leo man, because both possess different elements in them. Virgo has earth and Leo has fire and so is very warm and passionate about his antics. A Virgo lady is a slow moving and a down to earth kind of creature. She never believes in her illusions and is a practical girl. Both have to remain in tolerant of each other, but behave in a manner as if Leo is the owner and Virgo his employee.

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If Leo tries to be dominant, it irks the Virgo lady and she runs away and feels that their alliance is not going smoothly. Both require intimacy when growing a family otherwise such an alliance faces rough weather ahead. No one stirs each other’s emotions in any way and both seem helpless creatures. It is only when both are madly in love can they create a relationship and feel free to grow a family.

Family Compatibility Score between Leo and virgo

Physical Compatibility


She is a slim, slender and a tall body. She has a clean fore-head, dark hair and a great figure body. She never gets fat from her belly and she has a frank expression in her eyes, which are of blue color. Her nose, lips and ear are very fragile. Her eyes are so clear that one can see his reflection in them. It is due to her graceful look that a Leo man falls for her.


A Leo man has a persona, which he is extremely proud of. His face carries a smile that never leaves it making him look cheerful all the time. He has an aura about himself. The color of his skin is fair with a golden tinge. He has a reputed image in public that makes his female fans fall for him as he dresses in an elegant style and treads like a king.

Physical Compatibility Score between Leo and virgo

Professional Compatibility


A Leo man belongs to an elite class as he has an urge to get popular and be the key player of the game he is playing. He is always hungry for an attention from the people surrounding him. Most of the time he is found in a crowd of his supporters and he loves the appreciation he gets from them. Professionally he has a huge amount with him that he loves spending it on his lady love in order to make her feel happy. His persona is a little of dominating nature and he thinks he is superior to all.

A Virgo lady is fortunate enough to earn the money from various sources, she spends her wealth a little carefully and is intelligent enough to know where to invest and reap rich dividends. Your bank balance seems to getting thinner as she gets old. She makes lots of money in her younger days, only to keep it at a safe place and would come in handy during her old age.

Professional Compatibility Score between Leo and virgo

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Final Outcome


– Earn handsomely, Leo spends it lavishly for his lady love and a Virgo lady saves it for her old age.


– A Leo man tries to flaunt his antics and a Virgo lady loves it in the background.


– Leo man can shout at the top of his voice while having sex, and she is just a timid affair.


– He loves flaunting his alliance and she is too shy to reveal all this.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Leo and virgo

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