Compatibility between Leo And Taurus


Little Bit About Leo And Taurus


Three cheers to such magnetic pair as both admire each other and are always ready for such a merger. A Taurus can ignore the flirtatious ways of a Leo man as she feels safe in his company and Leo knows that his buddy is strong, may be physically, but its ok. . Leo is a little off the wall with his antics and he needs attention, he has to remain in the spot-light.


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Something that can’t be done if one stays indoors and he craves for the best things that are available in this world like, food and drink, woman, best life style etc. Taurus ladies provide him with continuous pampering and these ways pierce through his heart stirring his emotions and he falls to it. He also is expressive and pampers his lady love the same way. A Taurus lady can enjoy in such a company and keep eyes on her man when they are in a party or a function.

Horoscope Compatibility between Leo and taurus

love Compatibility


Taurus lady is great mentally or physically and a matured one who knows where to open her mouth and what to say. She stays calm and knows how much freedom her man requires and provides it. Her approach with love is not flowery, but practical. She wants to do all the household chores herself for her loving man, but wishes him to join her with a helping hand.


A Leo man is always ready to present her with all the luxuries in this world and appreciates her tastes, but starts getting furious when she spends lavishly on certain things that were not required. Generally he keeps her in high spirits with his writing a prose and even sings them himself. When he grants these things in excess, she sometimes gets annoyed thinking that her man is praising her for no reason and it makes her feel immature. Both are rigid in their behavior and these small arguments can spoil their beautiful alliance.

Love Compatibility Score between Leo and Taurus

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Sexual Compatibility


Both do have sex sessions and fights with each other all the time, for an outsider it may look crazy. But both get a kick out of it all the time, they behave like two school going children. Both have the same kind of needs and requirements when a sexual encounter takes place. Both satisfy each other completely. Both are full of energy and enthusiasm, no body have the power to interrupt, alter or fade their love when these two are together and intimate.


Both can’t be separated by an outside force, when they decide to mingle. Their sexual sessions are hard as diamond and smooth like silk. Whenever an issue surfaces between them, they rectify it by going to bed and have make-up sex. He might try to solve such issues by conversing, but she feels him to act practically and show her how much he loves her.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Leo and Taurus

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Family Compatibility


Every life has its own fluctuations, Leo loves spending his time outdoors to attract others attention. A Taurus lady is happy indoors believing females are made to take care of homes. He can spend massive amounts of cash to buy numerous luxuries that can make her happy. She feels bad about it as she knows she has a secure future with cash readily available.
They have frequent tiffs about it, might even utter abuses at each other, but both do value each other’s sentiments and can get back together within no time. He has to adjust his nature can be a little superfluous and feel like ‘king’, it becomes his duty to make his loving lady feel like a ‘queen’. If both have a little flexible nature both can have a sound family that can stay together for a stretched time.

Family Compatibility Score between Leo and Taurus

Physical Compatibility


Physically speaking a persona goes with a Leo man attracting huge number of people. He is a clever, intelligent and sparkling with the way he walks. The color of his skin is a golden tint and is clean & healthy. The color of his eyes is blue or a little grey and is always full of joy. He always keeps a smile on his face, showing him as a man with positive energy. He is a magnet for females and attracts them like a magnet attracts the nails. It might be a lust, but he doesn’t give in as he knows that when all will be over he will be left with a broken heart. He can’t take such risks.


A Taurus lady has thunder thighs, but nicely defined. Feet might get plump, with a broad face having a button nose. The eyes generally are soft, but when she becomes furious she gives a dark and solid look. Her throat is usually solid and thick with big ears. She also has a thick lower lip, but it adds to her sexiness. Overall all Taurus ladies are born sexy and can be seductress to the core.

Physical Compatibility Score between Leo and Taurus

Professional Compatibility


A Taurus is materialistic at the job and Leo can spend the money lavishly. She just gets attracted to a job only if the salary is great; she knows how much she is worth of. She prefers a fixed salary with a few perks and not a big fat pay package. She saves money for her own future, if something goes wrong between her Leo buddy, as she is sentimental to the core and it takes time to mend her broken heart.
Leo spends lavishly to make his buddy happy. He buys things sometime unnecessarily, to please his buddy. This can cause a tiff between them. As she thinks foundering of money is done by fools and not by people who have a sound mind. These tiffs can grow into brawls and both get apart.

Professional Compatibility Score between Leo and Taurus

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Final Outcome


– Both do care for each other and respect their preferences.


– Both do share each other’s feelings that are almost the same kind.


– Taurus is comfortable indoors and Leo has to go out and remain in the spotlight.


– Leo spends lavishly to gain attention; she saves money for her safe future.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Leo and Taurus

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