Compatibility between Leo And Sagittarius


Little Bit About Leo And Sagittarius


Both have the element of fire between them so a connection is inevitable, sharing love with high spirits. Some problems may arise after some time as Leo is too possessive about his lady love and she dislikes his possessive attitude if it prolongs and she requires a freedom from it. As a Leo man is craving to build his own image in the public and reputation has to be taken care off. He loves the limelight that gathers around his persona.


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He showers love on his lady love making her feel like a queen. A Sagittarius lady can fly in the sky of success, but remains touched to the ground. She has a charming nature that is straight forward and intelligent enough to be admired while doing something. She deals with her personal problems in an amicable way and not growl about the whole issue. She is always trustworthy and doesn’t leave her buddy through thick & thin.

Horoscope Compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius

love Compatibility


Both bond with each other in a unique and perfect way. When in love no outside force is there to separate them. Their world of excitement never ceases. The love spark that shines between them keeps sparkling and such an alliance gives love an astonishing reputation. A Leo man has an aura with him and he tries to dominate his Sagittarius lady love, who sometimes is too blunt and feels insecure to handle her. But still he admires her loving qualities and gets back to rejuvenate his love for her.


Both look like they are banging the doors at each other, but in fact they are testing their buddy’s loyalty and enthusiasm towards themselves. A Leo man remains loyal and never deceives his buddy, a Sagittarius lady is always restless remains trust worthy, making him feel insecure that she will pack her bags and leave him broken hearted. It can take a long time to mend his broken heart. He knows he is ready to plead, if something goes wrong between their alliances.

Love Compatibility Score between Leo and Sagittarius

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Sexual Compatibility


Sparks keep flying all around these two when both are ready to mingle. Both keep the quality of this alliance in high spirits as both require the same desires to be fulfilled. Both keep arguing and getting together all the time as both are of strong character and understand each other’s feelings seriously. Other water sign people might think that they are nuts and are behaving like the kids do.But these both enjoy sexual bouts like on one else.


Their sexual encounters cannot be checked, obstructed or altered by anyone because both possess great strength and are full of energy and enthusiasm. Their energy never fails to cease if both are madly in love. If an alteration does occur between them, both go into their respective shells and start a fight that has no end. Keep the other one blaming as the one who is responsible for this crash.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Leo and Sagittarius

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Family Compatibility


A Leo man is able to impress his Sagittarius lady love on the first date itself. She starts thinking that this is the person she has been discovering all her life. Due to some past bad experiences she has faced she starts feeling secure. Both provide their buddy a rage filled with devotion, not worrying that their buddy is good or bad by his/her habits and nature. He is held responsible for bringing in the magic love back into her life with so many things he brings home, all for her.

He often pampers her for bringing such a nice atmosphere in the house. With her restless nature she sometimes gets irritated by his comments, but he never loses his cool. He knows the tricks on how to make his lady love cool down. He is fully loyal to her and wants to make a family with her in tow. So both get along and their love boat sails smoothly. She also knows that he is too precious to leave.

Family Compatibility Score between Leo and Sagittarius

Physical Compatibility


Sagittarius ladies have a nicely developed body, a little voluptuous perhaps. They are delicate and tall with an oval like face. The color of her eyes can be hazel or blue with thick eyebrows and a long nose. She possesses a double chin and a clean and flawless skin. She has amazing features and an excellent figure. She has well structured long hair bending on to her big forehead. She looks like someone who wants to invite friends and share new ideas. It is this grace that Leo man falls for.


Leo man always wants to be recognized when in public and sustain a reputed image. He has a royal charm that makes him look like a king. He dresses up in the latest fashion or he wants his followers to wear the way he does. He has an aura because of a smile that always persists on his face. He has a pious skin with a golden tinge. The color of his eyes is blue or slightly grayish. He belongs to an elite class, which makes him more popular among his female fans.

Physical Compatibility Score between Leo and Sagittarius

Professional Compatibility


A Sagittarius lady is totally restless and intelligent enough to get engaged in any work she does. She earns enough to enjoy the comforts of life and believe in the policy of ‘gain without pain’. This is the reason she gets attracted to a Leo man as he comes into an elite class. She has a bright future in politics if Jupiter is not cursed. Still, she can stay connected to a job that requires frequent changes as she gets bored with repetition.

A Leo man is a fanatic who loves his own arrogance and his lady love. He is hungry enough to get publicity by hook or by crook and keeps enhancing his image in the public. He loves when someone praises his deeds. He has a quality that can be recognized from a distance. He spends lavishly and gets lots of rewards for his Sagittarius lady love. She seems to enjoy all that, but when in an awkward mood sometimes she rebukes him from doing all that as she wants to save the money for their future.

Professional Compatibility Score between Leo and Sagittarius

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Final Outcome


– Both are intelligent and loves making money to enjoy the comforts at home.


– A Leo man can impress his Sagittarius lady on the first date, if they get along for some time gets possessive about her.


– He tries to dominate her and she also loves her freedom, both keep fighting and getting back soon.


– He is a romantic fellow who wants to provide all the facilities of this world to his lady love.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Leo and Sagittarius

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