Compatibility between Leo And Pisces


Little Bit About Leo And Pisces


A Leo man can bring in the sunshine in a dark room with his mere presence. He never let go of the crown that goes with him, wherever it might be. He is cheerful and with an urge to climb the ladder of success, he seldom falls for ladies who have a loose character. He is fully faithful and loyal towards his lady love as the king of the jungle ‘lion’ is towards his queen.


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Pisces ladies are born romantic who loves to be swept off her feet by her lover in a shining armor. She is a little traditional to her love affair, candle lit dinners, romantic dates, love letters and someone who keeps commenting on her deeds. A Leo man is totally expert in all these things. She loves in long a relationship that lasts long, otherwise nobody stands a chance. She is such a lovely lady that can make every one proud of her lover’s lady love.

Horoscope Compatibility between Leo and Pisces

love Compatibility


A Pisces lady feels deep love with a man who remains loyal to someone who keeps sticking with her emotionally, as she doesn’t care on how much presents or gifts her lover has got for her. She also wishes to hug the limelight, but on her own and not due to someone else. She also loves flattery, but only up to a limit as she is intelligent enough to know that she is taken for a ride. A Leo man is always hungry for some appreciation from his lady love.


He is a loyal buddy who will never ever deceive his lady love. Pisces are also loyal, might be their alliance is not on a smooth sail, she keeps sticking with him just for the sake of love both shared in the past. Being a water sign a Leo man’s heart rules over his head and he in turn will do anything to set her mood stable.

Love Compatibility Score between Leo and Pisces

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Sexual Compatibility


She loves the primitive ways, but once in love with a Leo man she will just stick to him. Both do attract each other and sexual bout is inevitable between them and once she is satisfied by her lover a Pisces lady can never go out of the reach of a Leo man. She dreams big things in her social life and he is there to provide her with almost all the comforts in life. Due to her fine public appearance, as her features are quite sharp, he falls for her.


She is impressed by the way he dresses and various other activities he does. One session is inevitable, if satisfied with one another; both come together and form an alliance that can last really long. Initially she also returns his love the same way giving him lots of physical pleasure as she is getting from her strong lover, a Leo man.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Leo and Pisces

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Family Compatibility


Pisces lady always goes for a long lasting relationships and sticks to her man through thick and thin. A Leo man impresses this lady by his manners and falls for her due to her calm and cool attitude. He believes in going out and make a good impression on the people watching them and she on the other hand makes him humble and think about what all others requirements are.
As she is a little reserved and he is a flaunt, in most cases it is the will of Leo man that prevails. She is more worried about the weaker sections of society, but she provides the large number of audience that Leo man craves for. Both form an excellent union as both require each other to give water to their love’s flower, as she can stay with that both tend to build up a cheerful family.

Family Compatibility Score between Leo and Pisces

Physical Compatibility


Usually a Pisces lady is small in stature. She has beautiful eyes that are watery with the heavy eyelids that have some unusual lights in them. Sometimes they appear to be large, bulging out and compelling. Features tend to stretch and are mobile as she possesses more dimples than wrinkles. She has small feet, but sometimes are large enough to look like a tired giraffe. Her figure is also not great, but with a humble attitude in handling the numerous aspects of life she attracts the attention of a Leo man.


A Leo man tries impressing the public with his first appearance. As we know ‘the first impression is the last impression’, and he never fails in that. He has a hunger for love so he tries his best when wooing a Pisces lady. He is proud of his arrogance and a fanatic about his lady love. He dresses properly and has a face full of cheerfulness. A cute smile never leaves his face making him flamboyant. It is the nature of a Pisces lady that can make a big fellow like a Leo man fall for a Pisces lady due to her graceful gestures.

Physical Compatibility Score between Leo and Pisces

Professional Compatibility


Professionally speaking a Leo man has to stay out just to gain publicity and get famous as is his nature and talent. He has to build a strong reputation for it and loves sustaining it. So once famous he gains lots of wealth and loves spending lavishly on his lady love as he is her ardent fan. He showers lots of presents and gifts on his lady love, just to have fun with all the comforts that life has brought them. She gives preference to be on his side when he is earning that huge wealth.
She might be shy and reserved, but she also wants to enjoy in his glory. She has a great business ability, but mostly she enjoys a service career. She also loves to spend quite nicely and never pretends to be looked after by her kids in the old age. She is always there for the needy and does honest hard work to gain financial benefits. She plans well, true, faithful and honest with her employer.

Professional Compatibility Score between Leo and Pisces

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Final Outcome


-Have the urge to be famous, it can go to extreme limits with a Leo man and a Pisces lady wants to help the needy and gain attention.


– She is looking for surprises during her courtship and a Leo man is crave for his own achievements.


– She is reserved in her actions and he wants to shout at the top of his voice for the world to know.


– She might not possess a great physical appearance but she manages to hold Leo man’s attention with her graceful behavior.

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