Compatibility between Leo And Leo


Little Bit About Leo And Leo


Have the same nature and crave for getting famous, earning a huge amount of money and has a roving eye to appear in public. Initially both stick to each other as both can help each other in publicity. A Capricorn lady is powerful, fierce and aggressive in nature. She has to take a centre stage to perform as she loves it this way. She is a born leader who takes good care of her loved ones. She can just appear as a friendly gesture towards any one and requires complete attention. In whatever field her career starts, she wants to gain the top position. If she falls for another Leo man, she expects the same respect and antics that she does for her lover.


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A Leo man a delight to watch, but mostly he stays in group of people and wants him to be the key player. He loves this lime-light and never misses an opportunity to enhance his circle of friends. He loves the attention people give him and it increases his enthusiasm. He doesn’t have the energy to go waste in any other field. He requires the world to look at him and he ‘makes hay when the sun is shining’. When both form an alliance they never deceive each other, with Leo man showering praises for his lady love.

Horoscope Compatibility between Leo and Leo

love Compatibility


Both possess the same kind of nature and a Leo man enjoys his lady love’s passion and vigor. Both feel satisfied, safe and secure with each other. If a Leo lady gets disturbed by some external forces he comes to her rescue by his funny comments and keeps pampering her to uplift her mood and find a gorgeous atmosphere in house. She starts feeling an enormous person and want to present herself as the best lady her man is looking at.


Both have a generous nature and want their respected buddy to get the best in this world. Both wish to enjoy the company of their spouse in every possible way that is available. Sometimes both feel that they have a competition with their spouse, if they are from the same industry, then jealousy between them is bound to raise its head anger starts flowing between them.

Love Compatibility Score between Leo and Leo

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Sexual Compatibility


The alliance between male and female Leo is a little difficult to digest as both have an image in the public. But their sex life goes great guns even if they are not intimate. A Leo man approaches his lady love with true passion and warmth that can keep them together for a long time. Both feel the proudest in their alliance and don’t want to show it to the outside world. Both are always searching for a buddy that loves them extremely and not just for casual sex.


When in bed, both do respect each other’s actions and feel satisfied. Both do not respect each other on face as both have an image of their own. No boundaries are created and enjoy each other’s company, but this thing doesn’t last long, insecurity between the two surfaces and both think the other one is enjoying the others reputation. Still both do have sexual bouts, but in bed one cannot see the enthusiasm they used to have.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Leo and Leo

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Family Compatibility


When competition comes between them, the Leo lady is expected to give up her career and start taking care of their home as a Leo man is earning enough, which is sufficient for both of them. But a Leo lady is not all that serious as she herself wants to reach the top. If both relax a little bit and keep supporting their partner, let no competition raise its ugly head, their alliance can go on for a long time.


Both start respecting their alliance and keep aside their personal desires, their love is as pure as the morning dew. Leo man does not wish to be superior than his lady love, and the Leo lady gives up her desire to be admired and starts praising the Leo man in her life. When such a cool atmosphere is created, it seems like an amazing dream sequence that lasts for a life time and helps them grow a very happy family.

Family Compatibility Score between Leo and Leo

Physical Compatibility


She is fiery, and an extrovert. She appears energetic, blushes on several occasions and walks proudly in a straight manner. She has a big fore-head, round and big head, with brown eyes that appear round in shape and a little edgy at the corner appearing to be soft and gentle; snap can change into eyes burning with fire. She has broad shoulders and her body is muscular and tall with a thin waist. Her hairs are dark, a little reddish and are usually curly that don’t have a fixed hairstyle. The color of her skin is rosy and gleaming. She appears to be majestic holding a high office and has an aura going along with her.


A Leo man craves for getting famous in whatever field he is in. So he has to spend time outdoors and gather the attention of public from all quarters. He can be recognized when standing in a crowd and he loves being surrounded by people. He has a smiling face that marks his royalty and always looking full of energy and enthusiasm. The color of his skin is fair with a golden tinge. He has a dominant personality who looks cheerful and caries a happy go lucky image.

Physical Compatibility Score between Leo and Leo

Professional Compatibility


Fortune is born on the day she takes birth. She can find many resources and career wise is adaptable. She can choose a career and works hard to reach the top. She wishes to be appreciated at least by her colleagues. She is extremely care full when spending money or investing it. During her younger days she works extremely hard and never lets an opportunity pass to earn huge amount of money. As she grows old her income starts going down. She is tempted to go play in a casino and gamble, but mostly she avoids it.

Leo man always yearns to be a famous key player in whatever field he is working at. He is a diehard romantic for his lady love and loves spending lavishly for her happiness. He has an image in public that has earned a certain reputation and he can do no wrong and sustain that reputation.

Professional Compatibility Score between Leo and Leo

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Final Outcome


– Both have the same kind of nature, and when in love both keep praising their buddy’s antics.


– Both require admiration from the people around them and loves their appreciation for their respective deeds.


– On of them has to give up his/her career, if both want to pursue a family life.


– A man spends money lavishly and she spends very carefully.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Leo and Leo

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