Compatibility between Leo And Capricorn


Little Bit About Leo And Capricorn


A Capricorn lady does pay respect to her buddy i.e. a Leo man. But both express their love for each other a little differently. Both love the way their partner behaves or acts, but things get suffocated when one of the two starts behaving grabby. Both laugh out loud as both have a nice sense of humor. A Capricorn lady is strong willed lady who reacts calmly to certain situations, and appears to be a cool lady. She is in total control even when a fight between these two breaks up and carefully utters the words. She herself takes a back seat and tries solving the problem amicably.


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If she shares a stable commitment from her Leo lover, she stands and admires his actions during the time of distress. She appears to be a graceful lady who can’t be provoked by an outsider.Leo man is quite practical in dealing different issues. He belongs to a class that can handle all the fluctuations that come during the journey of life. He has a reputation to maintain and loves living in the public eye. He has lots of wealth that he showers it on his lady love in so many ways and tries to make her feel like a queen. He is quite rigid in behavior, but totally a staunch supporter of his lady love.

Horoscope Compatibility between Leo and Capricorn

love Compatibility


An arrogant Leo man can impress a Capricorn lady by his looks only. She falls for his cheerful and famous image that he carries alongside with him. When these two get along she stands with him through ups and downs in life. He might get annoyed when success doesn’t come that easily as he has expected. When love is born between the two, he never deceives his lady love as she has a strong will, she might feel heartbroken, but he knows the tricks to please her and lift her mood.


She takes a powerful stance against his actions and even rebukes him. She has a laidback attitude and stays calm even when a brawl has broken up between them. Depending on her mood she behaves in such a way that a Leo man fails to understand what is going on in her mind currently. Both can fall in love as he pleads before her if she is not in a cheerful mood and the environment in their house takes an upward trend.

Love Compatibility Score between Leo and Capricorn

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Sexual Compatibility


He craves for being famous and spends most of his time outdoors away from his house, but when he comes home he yearns for having a pleasant evening with his Capricorn lady love. He loves his lady love so much that he wants to please her by bringing lots of gifts for her and thinks she will appropriate his likings, he is a fanatic who loves his lady love to the core and expects some pampering and praise from her, but she has a laidback attitude and doesn’t do it the way he wants it to be.


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If she changes her ego a little bit and goes stable with her man, their sexual bouts are creative and have a responsibility about satisfying each other. Both have a mutual desire to be wealthy, both do gel when intimacy takes place between them, but not for long as she gets bored with his antics. She also needs her freedom to fulfill her other desires.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Leo and Capricorn

Family Compatibility


A Capricorn lady is in a hurry to get married and produce children, but is not lucky enough, marriage happens a little late. She is totally responsible for her kids, keeps the house neat & clean and falls in love with her family. She requires a calm and clean atmosphere in the house. She herself is generous enough to uplift a poor fellow, not individually, but in a group. She never takes rest and trusts your Leo man in a congenial situation.
Leo loves her role as a home maker and mellows down in front of her. Even she does not play her role diplomatically. She just avoids the break-ups and gets back because she knows her Leo man is madly in love with her and will come following her foot steps and take her back eventually.

Family Compatibility Score between Leo and Capricorn

Physical Compatibility


She has very fine features with a slim and long body. She might get plump when she grows old. She might have a medium height, but after attaining the age of 16 she gets taller very quickly. Her other feature are black or dark hair, arrogant nose, long chin with a thick neck, a mole or a scar on kneecap. Your body is muscular and solid; when the old age creeps in she gets bended from her waist to the front. A Capricorn lady has dark hair with steady eyes that seems focused with determination. She has a tanned skin with big feet wearing nice shoes.


In dresses sense no one can beat a Leo man as he wants the world to look at him all the time. He craves for his own publicity. He has to build up an image that should be respected by all. He walks like kings do, and spends lavishly to buy gifts for his lady love. The color of his eyes is blue or a little grayish and he remains cheerful most of the time. A smile is visible on his face with a naked eye. This is the reason that female fans throng him, but he is very careful while selecting friends.

Physical Compatibility Score between Leo and Capricorn

Professional Compatibility


A Capricorn lady yearns for money, fame and name. She tends to earn money as she is a tireless worker. No hindrance can block from doing the job at hand unless she finishes it. She loves her job, staying in the background and she is intelligent enough to get paid handsomely. She doesn’t dream about finding a treasure, but keeps working to make money in a steady way. Her consisting working nature attracts a Leo man towards her as she can keep up the house in a tidy way.
Leo man is out of the house mostly and he requires someone to take care of it in a proper manner. A Leo man is totally romantic soul who spends lavishly for his lady love. A Capricorn lady might get bored with his manners as she needs some excitement every time. A Capricorn lady knows where and how to spend and invest money. He needs to earn a fortune to pave way for his own success.

Professional Compatibility Score between Leo and Capricorn

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Final Outcome


– Both are intelligent enough to gather name, fame and money, but while spending think differently.


– If a brawl happens between them, she goes into her own shell and starts sobbing and he shouts at her at the top of his voice.


– She spends and invests money very carefully and he earns and spends lavishly.


– He can sometimes hurt her, but is ready to plead his guilt for setting her mood right.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Leo and Capricorn

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