Compatibility between Leo And Cancer


Little Bit About Leo And Cancer


Leo and Cancer have in them the elements of fire and water respectively. As fire attracts water both form a great alliance with each other. As Cancer bears the resemblance of a leader, he can take Leo’s hand and creates a companionship in which both sail for a long time. He is determined to lead and can do wonders with his humble gestures that can totally satisfy his buddy Leo. Both are totally relaxed in such an environment, mainly due to his sense of humor.


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Leo lady is full of elegance and is self confident that she is always ready to face the mirror in times of distress. She also possess some leadership qualities and is warm & well mannered lady, giving both of them immense power & strength. She also flirts a lot, but never deserts her lover where as making Cancer a little doubtful in nature. This is when problems galore in their alliance leading to a crash down.

Horoscope Compatibility between Leo and Cancer

love Compatibility


These lovers display love at the zenith when in love as both understand their buddy’s expectations. He falls head over heels in love for her and even promotes her in whatever she wants to do in life. If she persuades a career outside their home, she can totally rely on him as he acts like her sponsor. He also is happy if she wants to take control of the domestic issues.


She also values his expectations that he has in her and follows the leads provided by him with full devotion. She promotes him with new innovations and pushes him to fulfill his other desires. As lovers both grow gradually and keep commenting on each other’s achievements in a positive manner. She keeps him in high spirits whenever he is on to something new with the warmth of her love.

Love Compatibility Score between Leo and Cancer

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Sexual Compatibility


When both get sexually intimate a Leo lady lets her lover take lead and perform in whatever way he likes. It is quite clear that she is the queen during day time and he is the king during bed time. Both need the same quality of sex that brings in satisfaction on the physical front making their alliance more exciting. When hurt physically or mentally she might show an icy expression to him.


On the other hand he gives her a cold shoulder if he gets hurt anyway. Mercy for each other takes over and rejuvenates their love for each other. He can bring in some gift or dress in which she looks sexy and enchanting and by wearing it she might arouse him and make him chase her, then both get intimate and satisfy each other sexually. Sympathy plays the role of a catalyst between their act.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Leo and Cancer

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Family Compatibility


When in love a Cancer man always stays sincere to his Leo buddy with full honesty. He never acts like a leader, at least not with the one he is dating and tries to improve the quality of life she already is leading. She is fully gracious at his sincere gestures and worships and respects him a lot. She feels totally secure when in his arms and offers the warmth of a lover that he has been trying to discover.
If situation stays like that, both can create a family that totally trust each other. Things get a little worse when she starts dominating him in bed and confuses him with her flirting nature. She loves the way other men look at her; it can get awful when both start avoiding each other that can lead to a total mishap. Both need to have a word with each other to rectify the misunderstandings that come between their beautiful alliances.

Family Compatibility Score between Leo and Cancer

Physical Compatibility


Physically all Leos look majestic and have the illusion of a queen. They are totally in awe of themselves and are very focused on their walk & talk either carefully or carelessly. Both ways they get you mesmerized. Their body appears tall and elegant walk makes them more attractive. They have many features regarding their hair which appears long, short, curly or thick bushy. They are always running their fingers through their hair or playing with their curled hair. Oval faced they possess large eyes and a powerful voice. Most of the females wear wigs over their hair; I think to look more gracious.


All features of a Cancer seem to resemble a circle with round head, a round face having round eyes that are large, but have bushy eye-brows, even his legs appear in a round shape. He possesses an oval face under a skinny skull with a full mouth that seems to be smiling, even when he is sitting idle with a serious mood. He has a short chin with oddly placed teeth. He doesn’t have to be a tall person as he possesses a medium height. He might get a little plump after attaining some age making his overall appearance look round. He has normal arms with short and stout limbs.

Physical Compatibility Score between Leo and Cancer

Professional Compatibility


Professionally speaking A Cancer dude has the desire to excel in anything he does may be on a job or doing some private business. He is so humble and sincere in his dealings with the public that he can be recognized even when standing in a crowd. He deals with everybody in a tender and humble way showing elegant gestures, but deep inside he has the desire to be a leader in whatever he do. He doesn’t wish to get instructions, but loves giving them. He is innovative with his innovations and tries to materialize them in a clean manner.
Most Leo females want to be noticed by the opposite sex as she feels the pride in itself. They might be graceful in their physical appearance, but are career oriented and can be seduced by Cancer man to work for his own benefits. No doubt, mostly she reveals what she exactly is not, it can prove to be a bad business for her during her career. It is very rare that If Leo has committed a mistake she will never admit it. Royal females are rigid for their royal pride. They take criticism with a bad taste in their mouth.

Professional Compatibility Score between Leo and Cancer

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Final Outcome


– Both create a genuine alliance if together with a proud moment and lead a safe & secure life with each other.


– Cancer can keep his achievements on to himself, but a Leo loves to flaunt them to catch the public eye.


– They make an excellent pair and keep their respective buddy always in high spirits.


– Leo loves flirting as it wants to be famous among others whereas Cancer sticks to his guns and stays comfortable inside home.


– Confusion arises in Cancer’s mind with Leo’s flirtatious attitude causing this relationship to crash land.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Leo and Cancer

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