Compatibility between Leo And Aries


Little Bit About Leo And Aries


Leo is considered the king of Zodiac. Aries has a fragile fire and Leo has strong fire, if these two mingle they form a blaze that has a long effect. Both always maintain the vigor and vitality if these two intimate. Leo is a person who believes in his superiority over other signs. He is a born leader that has a huge fan following. He is honest and loyal especially to his lady love. He is very warm and honest with his love as he is romantic and passionate.


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He is full of stamina that shows when he is a versatile in romantic, mental and physical activities. He innovates excitement to Aries love in every nook & corner. An Aries lady is full of energy and enthusiasm that is intelligent and determined. She is fully optimistic and sometimes boasts about her achievements. She possesses an innocent face with childish qualities. She is always at his back no matter how the environment at that time is.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Leo and Aries

Love Compatibility


A Leo man can make his Aries buddy feel romantic and in high spirits whenever he joins her. Sometime their egos do clash, only to rejuvenate and form a new alliance that can do no wrong. The moment they get intimate once again it keeps the lamp of love burning and the magic alive. Sometimes he gets too honest and loyal that he gives her complexes in their intimacy.


It hurts her enthusiasm she feels for him. She sometimes feels bored by his affection towards her, but they reconcile and make up as soon as they start missing each other. Sometimes he can show her some feminine things to her and she couldn’t believe that these things existed in her.

Love Compatibility Score between Leo and Aries

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Sexual Compatibility


Sparks keep flying when they get intimate because of the warmth they create. Both take each other seriously as both have same preferences regarding sex. Both possess powerful personalities, so sometime their egos do clash, but soon realize the pain of separation and make up once again and fun that sounds crazy to many other water signs. As both are source of energy, they form a sexual connection that can’t be changed, faded and interrupted.


Difficult moments do come in their sessions too, when both disagree on a certain point, both start blurting abuses at each other. Both rub each other the wrong way that destroys their alliance, sometimes completely. Otherwise they remain totally committed to each other and have fun as much as they can or how much is available. Unless their egos clash they are inseparable.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Leo and Aries

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Family Compatibility


Once intimate, no one feels the boredom when both remain together even for time eternal. Both lead a life full of excitements and fun, laughing out loud as if in a party. Her continuous straight forwardness stirs the emotions lying in his heart of the Leo man quite nicely and evens him responses back acting very soft and in a gentle way. He avoids her selfishness, as is her nature, very tenderly. Both progress in such a lovely atmosphere that is full of enthusiasm.

He doesn’t try to dominate his lady love, but is ready to protect her from any sort of hardships that she faces during the journey of her life. She also feels safe & secure with a Leo man as he is ready to accept her. She also gives up her ego and loves & pampers him to make him the happiest man on the globe. Together the two can form a very excited and happy family.

Family Compatibility Score between Leo and Aries

Physical Compatibility


Aries ladies are quite slim and have a muscular frame, with a tinge of redness on their faces. They possess a gleaming skin that’s absolutely flawless. With long face and neck, she has a big fore-head with sparkling eyes that have the color grey to grayish brown, heavy eye-brows and stiff hair that have the color of sandy to dark. She has a fine and small chin that makes her look cute and lovely. These features do attract a dominant Leo male towards her.


A Leo man is a dominant personality like its sign the lion, which has an aura of charm around him. The Leo is usually a tall man, but many short ones also exist. Many of his features resemble the features of cats, with large eyes that are blue or grayish in color. He seems to be in a cheerful mood all the time as there is a smile on his face. The color of his skin is a little golden that has a fine structure. He does his physical activities with noble gestures.

Physical Compatibility Score between Leo and Aries

Professional Compatibility


Aries ladies are famous for chasing amasses wealth. Even if she does she will spend in lavishly and instantly. She has an impulsive nature and can invest the money at wrong places at the wrong time. Her budget is always in the doldrums; she acts with a flash and ends in a crash. Unless, a male buddy especially a Leo comes along who can give correct advice to her. If she doesn’t find a suitable match she should calm down and analyze the projects she is putting a hand into.

Once she gets connected to a Leo who is a dominant fellow with an aura around him, half their problems are taken care off. He has a persona that attracts everyone around him. A Leo man is full of enthusiasm and is out going. He can be the key player in whatever he does. He fixes a target and leaves no stone unturned to achieve it. He is extremely kind-hearted, honest and ethical.

Professional Compatibility Score between Leo and Aries

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Final Outcome


– Both are too hot to handle when they get intimate.


– She feels totally safe with a Leo man as he takes care of her financially, emotionally and physically.


– Both know about their partners feelings and pay due respect to them.


– Aries can earn money and spend it in an impulse; she can never get a guide better than a Leo man.


– Leo man has an aura about himself that he is key player in whatever he does.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Leo and Aries

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