Compatibility between Leo And Aquarius


Little Bit About Leo And Aquarius


If watched from a distance the relationship between these two looks totally firm. Both comes under the rule of axis of Neptune- both are always in search of truth and trust in each other. Both look like heroes in the first place, where Aquarium is a hero on its own and try to be a hero in the eyes of a Leo, while trying to come out of ideas provided by him/her.


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Leo is a born hero who can do no wrong. If they both patch up, they can change the whole world. They should shun their battles and unite their energy and create a better place on earth to survive. Even they should not fight for a clear dominance of the house they stay in.

Horoscope Compatibility between Leo and Aquarius

love Compatibility


Leo provides clarity to everything as it is ruled by Sun –the largest planet of the universe. No matter how confused they look with each other, but together they can at least make your life vivid & clear. Aquarius always favors the change; both do carry a spark that can make their life more feasible.


This can be irritating for Leo, but should be taken as a compliment as we all desire a change in everything we do. The differences might occur between the two maybe for no solid reason, but the moment they separate both realize, why did they fight or was it necessary and repent later.

Love Compatibility Score between Leo and Aquarius

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Sexual Compatibility


The first crush that the two opposite sexes feel about each other is amazing, if it happens between Aquarius and Leo then its over fascinating. Leo being the king of the whole zodiac, Aquarius is present there to bring the king down and start his battle for freedom. Both their passion and appeal to each other is thrilling to observe as both lie on the sun’s axis.


Sexually connected these two have brawls, conflicts and an amazing experience for both. When emotions start flowing between these two Leo earns Aquarium’s respect for him/her. They both learn a lot about each other’s physical bodies and how well they perform the whole act about their mingling bodies. They can form a great alliance if they stay together.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Leo and Aquarius

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Family Compatibility


Aquarius finds love with a Leo like with no other sign. When they locate each other both are surprised with the fact that they are made for each other. No matter how troublesome their past experience might have been. Aquarius is the lightning and Leo comes with the sun, they might not connect intimately initially, but they do get intimate very soon.
Once Leo falls in love with Aquarius, the whole world notices and smells their odor. Aquarius can hide his/her emotions and usually doesn’t know how to express them, where as Leo emotions just peeps out and he/she knows that no one can take better care of them then Aquarius. Now both need to take care of their respective egos, put them at bay and enjoy the love both are getting from each other.

Family Compatibility Score between Leo and Aquarius

Physical Compatibility


Leos are represented by lions, a large animal, so every physical aspect of a Leo is on a big scale. That doesn’t mean they show off obesity, but they show a strong and muscular bodies. So they can put off their predators and earn the respect of other sun signs.Lions are large animals, and so are Leos. Everything about a Leo is on a grand scale. This is not to suggest obesity; quite the contrary. Leos are known for strong upper bodies and muscular tone, all the better to fight off predators and command the respect of the other signs.


Since Leo rules the heart, you are prone to heart disease. Your preference for red meat only compounds the problem. Also, your love of the sun can sometimes lead to heat exhaustion or sunstroke, so be careful there.In fact, no other sign spends as much time in the sun as you. Your ideal vacation is a trip to a warm, tropical beach, where you can bask in the rays all day and show off your body. They get tanned very easily.

Physical Compatibility Score between Leo and Aquarius

Professional Compatibility


Anything done by the Leos is gigantic. They take everything very passionately. With fire in their bellies they opt for big achievements. They are quite capable of sharing good ties with the Aquarius fellows. No matter how big their goals are, they still remain on the ground. They know how to mesmerize their onlookers and love to paint a rosy picture in front of them. They are born leaders in whatever profession they choose. They possess a ‘never say never again’ kind of attitude and keeps everyone in their office happy with a smiling face.
Aquarius is total professional people who also have vast dreams and think about their near & dear one’s wellness. They are an open book for everybody and are thus loved due to their proficiency. They can share their feelings with Leos and can prove to be a gem for them with Aquarium’s professional approach.

Professional Compatibility Score between Leo and Aquarius

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Final Outcome


– Leos plan everything big and when they form an alliance with Aquarius, both show ultimate cleverness.


– Both should let go of their attitude and ego, if they have to grow together.


– It is a little difficult for both of them to shun their ego as both have a cold & warm heart.


– Both require a foolproof plan, to their ultimate goal, both should approach it on their own.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Leo and Aquarius

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