Compatibility between Gemini and Virgo


Little Bit About Gemini and Virgo


Virgo never trusts a Gemini’s clever nature and his/her turning astray within minutes and that makes him/her jealous of each other. Both just keep fighting with each other on all the topics that are available in this world. After some initial intimacy, both will love to kill each other as their stats suggest. When Virgo asks certain questions Gemini gets irritated instantly and leaves the arena. They have a connection to Mars, but it ends on a bad note.
In order to survive Virgo has to open and display his/her feelings and Gemini has to take care of the feelings of his/her emotional partner, otherwise, such an alliance cannot survive. Both are intelligent but do possess a different view on different matters. With his childish ways, Gemini could prove to be a fluke for Virgo who imagines Gemini to be stupid. Thus Gemini loses his/her temper, crashing their alliance.


Love Compatibility:


Both the signs come under Mercury and were created to bring heavenly pleasures down to earth practically and gain human knowledge in a gentle manner. Both should take each other in a positive way and ignore each other’s conflicting views. Virgo sign is the one that promotes Gemini and Gemini should take care of Virgo’s feelings if they have to create a combination. Gemini can’t stand at one place to create an emotional bond as it desires freedom and is not the one who takes care of his responsibilities.


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Virgo doesn’t approve this quality of Gemini and tries hard to manufacture love between the two, so they sail this alliance smoothly. Both try to stir each other’s feelings if they form a bond between them, with both knowing that even if a single difficulty arises between the two, both will sprint to their different arenas.

Love Compatibility Score between Gemini and Virgo

Sexual Compatibility


Their sexual partnership doesn’t look so impressive from the outside. Sex life for a Virgo is somewhat feminine in nature shy and touchy, whereas Gemini can have a sex life which is masculine and is always ready for a probe. If they keep their conversations going, it cannot impress anyone; instead, it will lead to a disaster. Even if they fall in love and keep their sex life going, it will not be satisfactory for both of them, both will keep conflicting with each other and never ever have a word of peace between them. One of them is extrovert, where his/her buddy is introvert by nature.
Gemini has to get free of any kind, can go scot free once the situation turns ugly. Virgo, on the other hand would like to keep his/her secrets persevered in him/her. Both require to keep in touch with good words, but the words coming out can both be good or bad starting another conflict.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Gemini and Virgo

Family Compatibility


Both are resourceful, intelligent and practical in their approach, which can be different when they aim something. Both don’t respect each other’s ways to approach their destinations. Meeting point is sure to occur with their emotional intelligence. Both can put forward their reasons to give shape to their ideas. Both love to read different books and love visiting the library once in a while. Gemini also visits the library, but searches the exit door first in order to escape from there.
As Gemini is always looking at the paths that can make him/her such arena, Virgo’s self value is at stake and keep questioning the whereabouts Gemini has or plan to go. Unless both shun their hesitant attitude can they survive? If Virgo doesn’t do that even then Gemini will push itself up and go with someone else to go and explore outside world and have fun.


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Family Compatibility Score between Gemini and Virgo

Physical Compatibility


Virgos possess a well proportioned figure, are graceful and charming. They have the normal height or a little bit taller, with a round head. They display a face that is strong and intelligent, with well crafted features. With full lips and evenly placed teeth. They have a clean and fair complexion, during the younger days it might turn oily. With large and passionate eyes they look attractive. Usually their hands & feet looks drawn especially after being washed.
Gemini’s height is also normal, with a small chest with long limbs. They display a slender and thin image as far as their body is concerned. They also have very thin and long arms that seem to be hanging from their shoulders. Their character is little lethargic often called lazy. With their dark and thick eye-brows, they show finely crafted eyes. They have a charming face that is usually smiling. They possess a straight nose with a rather fine jaw-line revealing their cuteness.


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Physical Compatibility Score between Gemini and Virgo

Professional Compatibility


Leaders are born in the jurisdiction of the Gemini sign that don’t listen to anybody but just follow their own instincts. They love leading the way and wish Virgo to follow on their route only. Their nature is diplomatic, witty, enthusiastic and possess great tactics to impress the people they are connected to. They have a tendency to fully satisfy their customers just by having to converse. Physical movements of Gemini are lazy; they don’t move an inch unless it’s an emergency.
All Virgo is a perfectionist in whatever they do. They can be injurious or critics to others about their opinions, places or situations. They can be disgusting towards other people thus making them irritable also. They have a very definite approach to all the things they deal with. They practically are well refined and know their tactics on how to impress their colleagues. They do their jobs very efficiently and perfectly. As they pay attention to the minor details it makes them great in the eyes of humanity.

Professional Compatibility Score between Gemini and Virgo

Final Outcome


– Gemini is totally witty to get his job done by hook or crook and Virgo does do the job perfectly.


– Both are intelligent and their focus is on their goals only, still both take a different approach to achieve it.


– If both shun their egos they can create a great pair.


– Both earn their respect from the public differently as Virgo doing the perfect job and Gemini with his witty nature.

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