Compatibility between Gemini and Taurus


Little Bit About Gemini and Taurus


Gemini can’t be trusted if you put him/her in some restrictions. Taurus while sharing close ties with someone lives for the present day. Both need to build a strong relationship with each other and the other one completely in an authentic manner. Usually Taurus is passive and rigid in behavior. When he/she decides to put obligations on Gemini, Gemini sensing danger might want to leave the arena as it usually does without hurting his/her buddy.
Usually, the intentions of Gemini are viewed through a different angle leading to fluctuations in their bond. If such a thing happens they should not hesitate to discuss the matter clearly and in detail. The base of their alliance should be strong and stable.


Love Compatibility:


They might not be fit for each other if they get connected and share the emotions with each other. Their alliance can’t enjoy each other as much as they can with other sun signs. Taurus comes under the moon, thus promoting romance and feeling in love. Gemini is not that very sensitive to love as it does need freedom from many things. Both can enjoy life when both share their joys and sorrows with each other.


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Taurus is capable of stirring his/her buddy’s emotions and can melt his/her heart. When Taurus is in love with a Gemini it can go to the extreme limits to understand the nature of a Gemini. Taurus would love to know everything about his/her buddy and both need to converse regularly. Then their love can blossom like a fresh rose.

Love Compatibility Score between Gemini and Taurus

Sexual Compatibility


Taurus comes under the sun sign earth and gets the pleasure after the physical touch only. Gemini is a intellectual individual who doesn’t want to spend time in anybody’s arms. We all get aroused by physical touch here and there by the opposite sex. Here both need the physical attendance, but both these two require to communicate with each other in an extensive way. They are always busy with own thoughts and don’t get intimate that easily.


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Taurus can stay in bed all day long with his/her buddy, even getting the food on the bed itself and keeps in touch with his/her partner. Taurus doesn’t mind spending time with his/her buddy and Gemini wants to go out as it requires freedom from certain obligations. Majority of the difficulties arrive when Gemini wants to get out from such a link and Taurus starts being left out due to lack of emotions.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Gemini and Taurus

Family Compatibility


Taurus wants his/her buddy to converse with him/her and share each other’s feelings, Gemini gets annoyed when challenged on anything. If its physical desires are fulfilled, he/she stays happy otherwise the end of their relationship is not far. Taurus wants to get this relationship to another level through his emotional approach. Gemini also needs someone like Taurus who can fulfill their physical and emotional desires.
Gemini doesn’t follow a schedule and needs the freedom to do whatever he feels like and Taurus follows a proper time table doing the daily chores as per the schedule. Thus it makes a strong base for Gemini who innovates new ideas for them. Both have different ideas, but both do connect very well and can make a happy family. They can have fun when they do get intimate, it happens because of their tenderness for each other.

Family Compatibility Score between Gemini and Taurus

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Physical Compatibility


Gemini has a short chest with long limbs; mostly they are of normal size, but sometimes quite tall. They are usually very thin and slender, so are their arms. They can’t take a physical reaction promptly, that’s why they are described as lazy. Their long and thin arms seem to be suspended from their shoulders. They have an unbent and long nose, which can’t smell that much, and have an edged jaw line with a fine nice chin making their face look cute. They have light color eyes with a big & thick eye lashes.


Taurus has a healthy presence with the strut chest and short legs, which make them, appear short or below average. Mostly they are like their sun sign ‘the bull’. They possess flat features on their face, which is usually square and full. They have small ears, nose and a round and chubby chin that shows a dimple on it. They also have very sexy eyes that can seduce the opposite sex very easily. They might look short & sturdy, but with it comes their gentleness and strength.

Physical Compatibility Score between Gemini and Taurus

Professional Compatibility


Professionally Taurus is a down to earth, trust worthy, persistent and generous people who loves giving a helping hand to all his/her near & dear ones who are facing setbacks. They try to achieve their goals by going to the extreme limits. They are generous with their polite nature and rarely get annoyed. They love doing the jobs independently as they believe to do a job finely, and never hurry to go for a job.


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No doubt Gemini has a generous image in public, but are diplomatic and intelligent to the core. They have a happy go lucky sort of image and are really enthusiastic about the business they are handling. They are like open books and loves conversing with others. Gemini itself builds a grand base when it comes into contact with a Taurus.

Professional Compatibility Score between Gemini and Taurus

Final Outcome


– Both have different natures and don’t seem to connect with each other when watched by outsiders.


– Both know that they can be most happy with each other if they trust each other.


– Taurus can build a strong base for Gemini’s ideas and both benefits from it.


– Gemini, when intimate with Taurus, a lazy fellow, can provide the wings to fly.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Gemini and Taurus


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