Compatibility between Gemini And Scorpio


Little Bit About Gemini And Scorpio


Scorpio’s possessive nature can give his partner an ultimate trust. They do their jobs cleanly with full honesty and expect the same in return. Gemini person doesn’t go well with a Scorpio as he/she is not aware about his own destination. He changes color like a chameleon lizard and knows that he/she has to change according to his/her mood. Both have a sharp mind that loves to communicate with each other, which makes their day.


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Scorpio is trustworthy who doesn’t feel threatened with any sort of things form Gemini, if they have to stick together. Gemini’s curiousness will be enhanced by Scorpio’s depth, which is totally honest with his/her buddy. If they share their inner feelings, Scorpio knows he/she can learn a lot from a Gemini. When they get intimate and one of them doesn’t care to communicate, loosing respect for his/her buddy and try to get fed on his/her buddy’s personality. This thing provides the air to their ego, both get hurt and drift apart.

Horoscope Compatibility between Gemini and Scorpio

Love Compatibility


It is very rare to find these two in love as both are not connected emotionally. Both do share some emotions, when Scorpio doesn’t get the same in return, then love runs hay where. Gemini doesn’t care about the emotions as he/she lacks them. Their love for each other takes a U turn and companionship ends. The best way for both of them is Scorpio should share his/her feelings with Gemini and not expect Gemini to do the same.

Gemini does give value to his/her buddy’s intelligence and might get impressed with it and so does a Scorpio. Gemini has many new ideas that can boost up their relation a little bit more, whereas a Scorpio sticks with his/her partner emotionally and has to face the consequences. They can find a common interest where both agree to the same point and let this alliance survive.

Love Compatibility Score between Gemini and Scorpio

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Sexual Compatibility


A connection between these two can be either is at the highest or deepest point of this globe. Scorpio gets emotionally charged with a Gemini, who by nature is far off from emotions. Good sex between them is a little out of syllabus. Both have to adjust immensely with each other before having a satisfying sexual encounter. By nature Gemini appears to be a fluke and who knows it better than Scorpio, who is full of emotions and takes sex as love and want to continue.


If and when they do fall in love after some time, both knows they have to teach their partner on how to behave in a particular situation. Scorpio has a talent to show Gemini various ideas, when he/she is sexually satisfied and is relaxing. If they feel the same way mutually, Gemini can perhaps guide him the way how to have the utmost pleasure while enacting sex. Scorpio also gives respect to such a situation and provide Gemini a trust that he/she was looking for.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Gemini and Scorpio

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Family Compatibility


To begin a family with each other is a hard task for both of them. Scorpio knows Gemini’s nature very well and makes adjustments accordingly. Both keep complimenting each other if both are in same profession, Scorpio here will provide a deep smell that is required to fulfill a family. Scorpio can grab such a situation and get on with the job at hand that creates a family.
He/she should take the first step to lead a happy life. If they search for the good qualities of each other and analyze them, they can form a happy family. Both must realize what they are going to lose if both drift apart. Gemini can have a word with anyone, this can prompt Scorpio to go and form a relationship with the Gemini.

Family Compatibility Score between Gemini and Scorpio

Physical Compatibility


Gemini is able to converse with anybody and is so confident that he/she can impress the other party. They display a normal height, with a small torso and long limbs. Their arms are also thin and very long, seems like hanging from their shoulders. With a large forehead and finely crafted eyes that have extra long eyebrows. They also display a straight nose and a fine jaw-line they look rather cute. Most of the time they are smiling, it impresses his/her colleagues and the person he/she is dealing with.


Scorpio in the age of teens is generally slim; otherwise when they grow a little towards a mature side they tend to have a strong physique with a medium height. With a tough look, they stand apart from the crowd. This makes them look superior to the crowd. They possess very curious looking eyes and when they give a piercing look to the person they are dealing with making him/her shudder. Scorpio person possesses sharp features. With a rigid mouth and heavy eye-brows make their personality a little serious.

Physical Compatibility Score between Gemini and Scorpio

Professional Compatibility


On one hand you can find professional Scorpio people are utterly noble and honest. You can trust them with your eyes shut. On the other you can find people who are like chameleon lizards, changing their color according to the situation. So judging them is a hard task. They are very determined people who will go to any length in order to achieve their targets in an honest way. They might get success when they reach their targets if obstructed by anyone; they keep the grudge within themselves and play a hunter who hunts down his/her prey. They being diplomatic are leaders who know how to get their job done by hook or crook.
Gemini people are also a diplomatic and confident lot that they think the whole world revolves around them. They are a little rigid in taking decisions and don’t worry about anybody’s gestures or advice. They don’t analyze the facts before proceeding in any direction. It all depends on their mood at that particular time, where to go and what to do. They can rely on a Scorpio while doing business as they can trust their partner blindly.

Professional Compatibility Score between Gemini and Scorpio

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Final Outcome


– Both are diplomatic and ready to change colors when required, Gemini is a little self confident and firm.


– Scorpio is honest and can be trusted, Gemini acts according to his/her mood.


– When both get intimate Scorpio loves sharing his/her deeds & misdeeds and Gemini stays aloof.


– Gemini can achieve success with his own nature and Scorpio rlies more on his partner’s fortune.


– Scorpio does his/her job cleanly in an honest manner, but Gemini being aloof gets his job done by some unfair means.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Gemini and Scorpio

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