Compatibility between Gemini and Sagittarius


Little Bit About Gemini and Sagittarius


Hurray! Such compatibility should be cherished as a treasure. Both do complement each other during their daily chores, and both receive these in a positive way, thus their alliance lasts forever. With both sharing their past and not bitching about anything both play the role of a student and a teacher. Not knowing who the teacher is and who student, both grab each other’s good vibes and stick to them. Both of these are always curious to know what the other feels about him/her, it helps their relationship blossom.


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The only problem that occurs in their life is when both start evaluating their personal choices and start minding their partner’s advice. Since they both stay together no one can come between them from outside and interrupt because no one is afraid of any outer forces. They display a sincere laughter when together; everybody will love to hang out with them. Their closeness can be judged by their physical contacts and the way they have fun and celebrate various occasions.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Love Compatibility


If someone between these two can tell a lie and keep his/her face straight it is Gemini because they don’t have any emotions towards anybody. A Sagittarius can’t do that, so they have to construct a mutual understanding with each other. They are sure to have fun once they get together and laugh out loudly. Then both do anything together, love starts to blossom.
Both don’t want to give up this form of relationship and it can last forever. Both get addicted to it. It is only when both do believe in the statements of others it brings in the difficulties in their love for each other. Both do enjoy their positive emotions that a Sagittarius produces and both take part in the activities that both enjoy. So both get addicted to the love both enjoy and love between them will flourish.

Love Compatibility Score between Gemini and Sagittarius

Sexual Compatibility


Both get involved with each other like two kids get intimated. They might not have the earlier experience regarding sex, but both get attracted to each other and have sex. Initially nobody cares, if both share the same feelings, it grows into love otherwise they just want to finish further encounters. If their feelings don’t match, both choose their separate paths with no hard feelings. When they have had a long relationship, both want to carry on because both know that they have found a partner who can relax their mental problems.

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They know that they will not get anyone who can satisfy their mental and physical needs. Their sex life is there to cherish, enjoy, creative with new ideas proposed by a Gemini and have total fun. Prior to their involvement both might have had the bad experience regarding sex, but when these two meet, both are full of excitement for each other.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Gemini and Sagittarius

Family Compatibility


Both do understand each other like no one else can. Both win the trust of their buddy, in spite of the fact that both possess a changeable nature. As Sagittarius can’t tell a lie and keep up a straight face and Gemini can’t feel it. Both share their needs and desires with each other, when both are satisfied with each other, they can create a happy family.
Both don’t have any secrets in their belly, so it gives birth to a very happy and always cheerful family. No doubt a Gemini can get away with telling lies and keep an emotionless face as he/she doesn’t have the emotions, but it has to win the trust of Sagittarius to stay with him/her and build a family. With a respect for each other, both to create a nice and cheerful family.

Family Compatibility Score between Gemini and Sagittarius

Physical Compatibility


Sagittarius’s physical appearance is they are tall or may be taller than necessary and have a strong physique. They have thick and well structured hair and lovely eyes. They possess an ever smiling face that can impress a person they are talking to. This is the reason why Gemini wants to get intimate with them. They might have slight accidents, but due to their athletic and cheerful nature so they know how to deal with them.


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Gemini has a medium height with really crafted eyes having un ordinary long eye lashes that are heavy and thick. Their physical appearance is thin and slender with very long and thin arms. Both arms seem to be stuck with their shoulder, but with a energetic expression they give the impression of a person who is full of energy and enthusiasm. They have a high fore-head and an erect nose.

Physical Compatibility Score between Gemini and Sagittarius

Professional Compatibility


Professionally they desire to work out doors, but be on the job that doesn’t require any hard work. You are full of energy giving new ideas to your colleagues who wish to listen in a positive manner. If there is a need to do some repetitive work, they lose interest and leave. Since being active in your work and always thinking positive, some of their innovations can do wonders for a business. This is the reason why Gemini comes close to a Sagittarius.


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Gemini on the other hand is not positive thinking people, but are diplomatic in their dealings. They can change their mood in such a way whatever the particular situation demands. They never worry about others feelings, but are confident enough about their own decisions and are rigid in many cases. It depends on their mood at the time when doing something.

Professional Compatibility Score between Gemini and Sagittarius

Final Outcome


– Both should build the trust with each other and then get intimate.


– Gemini can change color instantly, while Sagittarius is not good at all.


– Gemini acts according to the situation, while Sagittarius behaves in a clean and fair manner.


– Sagittarius loves working outdoors, and not does a tedious job, whereas a Gemini will find a way on how to complete the job in a diplomatic manner.


– Both can get intimate instantly, but while sharing their feelings can drift apart.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Gemini and Sagittarius

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