Compatibility between Gemini And Pisces


Little Bit About Gemini And Pisces


Both share a fairytale sort of a story with each other. Both do enjoy together and have laughs together, but without a serious connection with each other. If Gemini tells a joke, making Pisces laugh out loud, even if he/she doesn’t understand the joke and vice-a-versa. Both don’t communicate with each other but still enjoy each other’s company. Both have fun together, but don’t remain connected.


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Their conversation can end in a fight between the two, but still they carry on. Both should behave in a proper manner and listen to what their buddy means while talking and pay respect to each other’s uttered words. Only one of them has true emotions for the other once they are into a relationship. Both look like fools, who have no emotional contact, but look stupid to the outsiders.

Horoscope Compatibility between Gemini and Pisces

Love Compatibility


Pisces wants to have passionate love between these two when they become intimate. Whereas a Gemini don’t get serious about the whole scenario and takes it just like that. Unless the picture they paint doesn’t get disturbed they share a sound relationship, in spite of the fact that one of them cheats on the other. Gemini has complete faith in him/her and does trust his/her partner and Pisces trusts and respects his/her buddy’s new ideas.

Gemini knows everything about being practical and Pisces about his/her talent and straight approach. Both share a mutual consent, they might take different paths to reach their target, but are able to reach their respective targets. Pisces might be too lazy to move out; here Gemini steps in and teaches him/her from where & how to take the first step.

Love Compatibility Score between Gemini and Pisces

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Sexual Compatibility


Gemini is totally flawless when approaching for sex with a Pisces otherwise both find it difficult to get intimated. Both come under the planet Mercury and Jupiter, the planets that rule their opposing signs. Both don’t recognize each other’s feelings, but still both keep a distance between them when they form a relationship. Gemini, when approaches a Pisces to have sex thinking that he/she might fall in love at the same time, Pisces just want to have sex when it falls in love with a Gemini.


Both need to be grounded if both want to enjoy sex and enjoy the pleasure, with Gemini will need to get emotional when enjoying the act and Gemini has to recognize their emotional excitements that they share. Both might have had bad experiences before getting intimate, both have to shun their past experiences and enjoy the present scenario.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Gemini and Pisces

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Family Compatibility


Rarely on the same frequency as Gemini has no emotions and Pisces is full of them. When intimate, only one of them has authentic emotions for the other. Such a relationship finds no value to the outsiders. If both are satisfied staying together both can form a happy family. Both have no idea on how to build trust between them as no one trusts his partner truly.
Both have a different view regarding their daily dealings and find different ways to solve such problems life has offered them. Both choose different paths but ultimately collide on the common target. Gemini’s cleverness always track down a lie when Pisces is telling and Pisces also has a gut feeling that his/her is not telling the truth and tries his/her best to know the reasons why? Trust here has to be built between the two, step by step.

Family Compatibility Score between Gemini and Pisces

Physical Compatibility


Pisces possess broad shoulders with strong legs. They display dark and thick hair with a high fore-head. They also display fine crafted eyes that are bright and sparkling. Pisces women are sexy and with childish and well crafted eyes they can set your heart rolling. Pisces women are true dreamers who can be fooled very easily.


If you pay a look to Gemini he/she appears to be slender and slim who has long and very thin arms. His/her arms seem to be hanging from his/her shoulders. They do possess a medium height with very fine features; especially their face displays a cheerfulness that is visible all the time. Their eyes are fine, but have extra long and thick eye-brows. Generally their face appears in a cute manner.

Physical Compatibility Score between Gemini and Pisces

Professional Compatibility


They are creative and artistic in approach and can prove to be a helping hand to their near & dear ones. They have an amazing vision that can easily understand the people surrounding them. You can talk about anything anywhere, thus can choose a creative career path or a creative career. If they approach the life a little cautiously they can turn into a successful businessman/woman.
You generally behave in an aristocratic manner while dealing with your colleagues and share a great rapport with them. Gemini people possess enthusiasm, tact’s, diplomatic, witty and with lots of cheerfulness can impress the person they are talking to. They might be a little lazy, but not shy or reserved. They can talk with anyone and persuade that person to agree on their terms.

Professional Compatibility Score between Gemini and Pisces

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Final Outcome


– Pisces can be fooled by anybody who is a little clever, but noy the same with a Gemini.


– Pisces have a broad body and carry a great physique where as Pisces have a very slim body to display.


– Pisces has to fall in love then have sex where as a Pisces enjoys sex as a physical pleasure.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Gemini and Pisces

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