Compatibility between Capricorn and Libra


Little Bit About Gemini and Libra


Libra is not so good in conversations and can take sayings of Gemini in a negative manner and start feeling insulted. During a conversation Gemini might keep commenting on different thins and Libra takes the insult onto him/herself. Libra gets emotional with any sort of criticism. Both can have a word with each other on anything, as both lack tolerance, both might feel that their partner is talking about themselves.


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When their feelings and ideas are opposed both become strict and think that their ideas are better than their partner’s opinions. Gemini might not be wrong, but Libra is also never going to relent. Gemini can utter a line that hurts Libra so much that he/she keeps pruning over it for years. Libra can easily learn from his/her respective teacher, but not from his colleague even if he/she has more knowledge about the thing both are talking about.

Horoscope Compatibility between Gemini and Libra

Love Compatibility


Libra grows his/her love for Gemini in a subtle way and Gemini is an open book who loves flying off in search of other discoveries. When love between them grows no one realizes it, one of them flies around and the other thinking why can’t they be perfect together. Libra do get affected by his/her emotions whereas Gemini’s emotions have already dried up.

When both keep talking too much Libra falls in love with Gemini and follows him/her wherever he/she might take him/her. Both pay attention to their partner’s inner feelings as both are Air signs, they both can seduce, can tease each other and in the end come together as both care about other’s emotions. Gemini will follow the strong point of intelligence that the other person has inside him/her.

Love Compatibility Score between Gemini and Libra

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Sexual Compatibility


Both are promoted by Air, a connection is bound to happen, so Gemini lifts the ego of a Libra as it approaches sexual activities. Both can have a word on what to expect and what will be the reason to satisfy each other. Initially it proves to be a great connection between the two, as both share their personal feelings with each other. Sex between them proves to be a plus point.


As Libra feels the pressure to open up with Gemini, who is a little cold in the beginning, Gemini can also share his/her feelings with Libra specially while they are having sex and if both are satisfied both of them can fall in love. A sign that governs Libra is Venus, which makes him/her sexy, steamy and seductive by nature. The planet that governs Gemini is Mercury, which makes him/her totally cool and aloof from any sort of emotions. Libra can’t be sure of him/herself and Gemini knows various schemes and tactics to spice up their sexual life.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Gemini and Libra

Family Compatibility


Both are good communicators and discuss all their good or bad deeds with each other, Differences do occur but Gemini can solve them with his/her cleverness. Libra sometimes may feel Gemini to be stupid who does nothing but talk; still both manage with each other and can make a happy family. In return these things do make Gemini more furious as is his/her nature.
When their communications doesn’t end, both get annoyed as both don’t know where the conclusion lies. Even Libra can change as it is fickle minded fellow. Both are curious about their partner and when they do they can fall in love and start a family that stays together for a long time. Their expectations should be met by their partner and vice-versa. These should not be very high and vast, somewhere both are unable to reach.

Family Compatibility Score between Gemini and Libra

Physical Compatibility


You need very curious eyes to notice a Libra. They display very pleasing personalities. They have a round head with curly hair, a high fore-head and a bow shape mouth. One of the major reasons to see a Libra is, they possess a dimple, which is considered a trade mark, either in their cheeks or in the chin. Even their knees have the dimples, no kidding, some people do have dimple on their knees. Their eyes are almond shaped with a V – shaped jaw line. The best thing about them is their smile; they keep smiling most of the time.

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Due to the smiling nature of a Libra, Gemini falls for them as it thinks that a Libra will never hurt him/her. Gemini also possesses an average height and is very thin and trim. They have very long and slim arms that look like jutting out of their shoulders. They possess greatly carved eyes that have extra long eye-brows that are dark and heavy. They have fine jaw-line and an erect nose. Their whole face looks rather cute.

Physical Compatibility Score between Gemini and Libra

Professional Compatibility


Libra is born as an expert diplomat, who has a respect for all the other businesses and knows the position of ranks. This diplomacy helps a lot in social circles as you have an answer to anything and everything. It is up to a Libra person to choose a carrier and Libra thrives in this category. It can easily impress the person he/she is talking to. They possess a strong analytical skill that can do wonders for your business if you seek the advice of a Libra.
Gemini is also diplomatic, but it so self confident that it never seeks anybody’s advice when arguing. He/she has his/her own impression that he can make this world a better place; no doubt he might be beating the bush. He knows he has leadership qualities that can do wonder for any particular business, but when both can join hands and start a business it certainly is going to flourish.

Professional Compatibility Score between Gemini and Libra

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Final Outcome


– With Gemini’s witty nature and Libra’s sharp mind, any job done will certainly blossom.


– Libra possesses a cheerful image and when it gets intimate with a Gemini, and then this nexus will go places.


– Both can create a happy family if the stick together and stay that way for long lasting time.


– Both need to talk with each other to remove tension between them, but for a short time.


– They should not keep talking with each other and let the whole world know they are fools.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Gemini and Libra

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