Compatibility between Gemini and Leo


Little Bit About Gemini and Leo


Both can hit the bull’s eye if they work together. Both pay full attention and are rational to their aims in their life. Leo trusts his/her buddy and fully supports and follows his/her partner. In such an environment Gemini can teach his/her buddy a thing or two that can come handy if both have to pursue their future. If both share a close relationship Leo feels the pressure to share everything with Gemini, whereas Gemini doesn’t give a damn to such small things.
Gemini knows that he/she can manipulate his/her buddy as he/she is great in talking and carry his/her buddy along with him/her. Both keep sharing the feelings of each other up to a point when both start feeling bored and drift apart. They know that both need to judge each other’s feelings and build trust to carry on smoothly.

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Love Compatibility:


Gemini’s childish nature can make Leo jump with joy and make them intimate with their partner. Leo possesses a warm nature that gels with a Gemini perfectly. Gemini can’t find a partner that’s as good as a Leo. Both can share all the emotions with each other, like no one else can and Leo’s patience keeps waiting for his/her Gemini partner for a long time. Both can keep talking with each other and never lose the excitement.
They share a love story that lasts long once they get intimate and feel safe. Both weigh each other’s intelligence with clarity. Leo recognizes his/her partner’s freedom and knows how to deal with it. Both fulfill each other’s needs in a friendly manner. Leo also understands his/her partner’s childish behavior and gives full support to it. Thus both form a great love story that keeps hanging on.

Love Compatibility Score between Gemini and Leo

Sexual Compatibility


Both are just perfect for each other while having sex. Whatever Gemini has to reveal Leo rationally analyzes it and go with the show. Leo gets energetic, love and creativity and Gemini has different ideas that keep uplifting their excitement. If Leo, gives a chance to their love story it can last for a long time.
As both are conscious about their respective minds and are intelligent, sometimes their ego can cause hurdles in their relationship. Gemini doesn’t let his/her emotions out while having sex, whereas a Leo gets closer and teaches him/her how to enjoy their moments. Both might have had the bad experience in the past and might keep thinking about it, Leo plays a game that can bring in some emotions in Gemini’s childish nature and their alliance stays intact.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Gemini and Leo

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Family Compatibility


Both are very bad listeners when interacting with other people. Both stay focused only on their own needs and aims. Initially both do enjoy such an alliance as they don’t criticize their buddies and always work for their partner to feel happy. Slowly with the passage of time both start feeling used to the routine and start telling lies, thus lose trust with each other.
Both don’t see such a hurricane coming unless everything falls apart. Both have to put trust between them and only then proceed to have a family. Leo takes this relationship to new heights with his/her feelings it shares with a Gemini. Both of them can have fun together and go to places wherever Gemini takes them, with Leo following in a toe and bears all expenses until it realizes he/she is being used by a Gemini. Both can opt for a family as long as both trust each other.

Family Compatibility Score between Gemini and Leo

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Physical Compatibility


Gemini has a normal or a little bit taller height with a small trunk and long legs. His/her body appears in a thin & slender mode. Their arms are thin and very long, thus they seem to be hanging from the shoulders. They are known to be lazy as they don’t react promptly and are very slow in doing a physical job. The shape of their eyes is fine with long eye-brows that are dark and thick. Both genders of Gemini possess each other features. Nose is straight and the fine jaw-line they display cuteness. They also possess an intellectual face that can smile instantly, making their face a bit charming to watch.
Leo’s physical features resemble like a lion’s features with bushy eyebrows, a wide and stubby nose and fine eyes that are able to read the mind of the person with whom they are having a word with. With high cheekbones they display a rectangular jaw. The moment they enter a room you can easily recognize them who loves showing their bare and large chest.

Physical Compatibility Score between Gemini and Leo

Professional Compatibility


Gemini people are born leaders who love to follow their own instincts to reach their goals. They are too much talkative and impress their customers the way they converse. They possess an intelligent, diplomatic, witty, enthusiastic and tactful ways, while in any profession. They are always in a cheerful mood when doing business, and know how to please their customers. They might get a little lazy while performing physicaly, but have a tendency to reach their goals very tactfully.
As ruled by sun, Leos bring warmth and excitement to the business you are dealing with. Leo is in charge of his own career and are proud and loyal to it. When asked about your talent in the business you are dealing with, Leo has to act totally professionally. Leo can get disturbed when criticized on any account. They know they are creative, honest to the core and a little artistic, can do any job or business to be perfect style. Leos are good if the career is related to doctors, chemists, dentistry or military.


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Professional Compatibility Score between Gemini and Leo

Final Outcome


– Gemini loves to lead from the front and Leo provides the warmth we all require in our jobs.


– Lacks of emotions makes Gemini self-confident and rely on that only to survive.


– Gemini is diplomatic and changes instantly according to the environment, Cancer work according to their moods.


– Warmth and creativity is offered by a Leo for anything to thrive.
-both can have lots of fun if these two trust each other in an authentic manner.


– Both form an alliance that no other two sun signs can do.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Gemini and Leo

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