Compatibility between Gemini and Gemini


Little Bit About Gemini and Gemini


Both Gemini’s never trust each other and don’t even worry about it. They know each other very well as they both know their natures and understand each other. Their mood can change within minutes and their relationship can end. Both don’t worry about each other when they separate. Both wish to know how their partner’s feelings for each other, thus giving birth to their long-lasting alliance.

Then they can trust each other, which happens very rarely. Both know what to expect from their buddy and with no emotional patch up, both drift apart and spend their own life peacefully. Both are too confident about themselves and don’t hesitate to express their emotions about each other. Both keep beating the bush for unnecessary reasons, best known to them.


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Love Compatibility:


Both keep interrupting when in a conversation that can keep going on for hours and that keeps fluctuating depending on their moods that they have currently. Both keep their chatter box open most of the time and keep discussing and debating various issues that life has offered them. As long as they share some emotional discussion, they stay in a relationship that is full of love up to the brink for each other.


Emotions don’t tie them down and know how to take benefits from such relationships. Both keep chasing their goals together; maybe they are too far away. One of them can get emotional from time to time and does not worry if his/her partner doesn’t pay respect to his/her emotions or feelings. As both get intimate due to their intelligence only and love to find some emotion between them. Both know that both can fly from such an arena anytime with no hard feelings for each other.

Love Compatibility Score between Gemini and Gemini

Sexual Compatibility


The first impression one gets about their sexual image that comes to your mind is, two split personalities having sex and keeps talking. No doubt they both gather lots of information and such an experience can make them great lovers. Their best quality is their talent to learn more and acquire knowledge on anything making their relationship like a sponge that absorbs all the liquids. ‘Experience makes a man perfect’, this saying proves to be true when both Gemini get intimate.

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Both try to teach their respective buddies the knowledge they possess in their own minds due to their past experience. Both love to try different positions and places to have sex, just for the sake of enjoyment both get from it. With the passage of time the excitement dies down and both don’t enjoy each other’s company. Then they both go out in search of a suitable partner who can take care of their desires. It is very rare to find two Gemini living together.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Gemini and Gemini

Family Compatibility


A family can be created when two Gemini people are full of enthusiasm, don’t have any sort of restrictions and don’t get bored with each other. I know it is rare, but if they create a family it has to be a passionate family that is confident about itself. Both think too much and get the returns very less, so both have to put a halt to their dependence on their moods and start thinking rationally. Soon both will realize that both were looking for closeness, intimacy between two and desire to have someone close by in order to share their joys and sorrow.
Most of the activities are done by both together, if one of them does an activity the other follows him/her just for the sake of curiosity and vice versa. Both follow each other with full enthusiasm and try finding excitement. When one activity is over, both share their own experience with each other, now both jump to another activity. No one is so brisk in doing all this.

Family Compatibility Score between Gemini and Gemini

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Physical Compatibility


Body of both sexes of Gemini appears to be thin and slender, with long limbs and a small upper half. Many Gemini people have birdlike legs that are very thin with veins clearly visible. They carry a head that is long, but narrow between the ears and they have high cheeks. Gemini’s skin is fair or a little bit sandy in color with fine shaped eyes that can mesmerize the person they are talking to. They have too long eye lashes which are thick and dark. They have small hands with extra long fingers. Their hair is thick & fine with a reddish tinge and lasts quite long.
Gemini is considered a handsome and attractive individual, a cute one to be precise, whereas a Gemini female can come with short heights, but are very graceful, gentle and very easy to handle. They don’t move impatiently are often described as lazy.

Physical Compatibility Score between Gemini and Gemini

Professional Compatibility


Gemini does possess two kind of behavior when dealing with professional matters. You never will know what their behavior will be when you go and meet them. They are cheerful frequently but flips to the other side when something bad is said to them or it is not in their favor. They don’t rely on their emotions when dealing with a job or work as they never have any emotion.
They communicate very well, are sociable and always ready to have fun where ever they might be placed. The whole world amazes them and they get very curious to explore it. They do go out, but soon realize that the time they have is not enough for them to visit each nook and corner of the planet earth. They are always ready to help the needy.

Professional Compatibility Score between Gemini and Gemini

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Final Outcome


– Both should build the trust with each other and then get intimate.


– Both have the same kind of habits, so both can develop their relationship more maturely.


– Both are fully confident fellows that can foresee life’s problems and try to rectify them.


– Both enjoy the freedom and are confident to opt out any given time.


– when they drift apart, both realize how much fun they were having when together.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Gemini and Gemini

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