Compatibility between Gemini and Capricorn


Little Bit About Gemini and Capricorns


A Capricorn person takes Gemini as a flirt who can never get serious about anything, whereas Gemini thinks he/she can because he/she is full with confidence. A Capricorn will only trust those things that are beneficial for him/her. Capricorn loves going deep into their thoughts and easily read those feelings, something a Gemini never possesses.


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He/she knows almost everything about how a person feels about him/her. A Gemini can resolve most of the issues arising between them by merely conversations that happen between them, unfortunately this is not true when his/her buddy is a Capricorn. But both have to share their feelings with each other if they have to start a relationship. Capricorn can’t easily be manipulated as thought by a Gemini. Difficulties do surface when both don’t respect each other’s feelings.

Horoscope Compatibility between Gemini and Capricorns

Love Compatibility


Capricorn is interested only in those things that exist in this world and Gemini can go beyond this world into a galaxy too. Capricorn believes in the deep feelings of his/her love buddy. Both can share their love as a bridge between two strange people coming together. A Capricorn knows about his/her feelings for his/her buddy, but don’t know anything about how his/her buddy feels about him/her.

Both can help each other and narrow the gap that exists between them just by communicating with each other. Both can look stupid to the outside world, but a Capricorn can teach a Gemini to go in which direction and his/her stable relationship can blossom into love affair that both should be proud of. Gemini’s childish nature can add spice to this love affair and both can have a smooth sailing.

Love Compatibility Score between Gemini and Capricorns

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Sexual Compatibility


Both have different strategies with the word called sex. It is a private thing for a Capricorn, whereas a Gemini can have sex anytime, anywhere and where ever he/she finds suitable. He/she has many innovative new ideas to explore during his/her sex life. It doesn’t get serious while performing and sex to a Capricorn is a serious thing that can make him/her relax and satisfactory. He/she thinks that they should share their feelings before the encounter begins.


Both have different philosophies, if both get intimate and have sex and share each other’s feelings, both will feel bored from each other. Gemini will feel his/her buddy to be too rigid and stiff who has no value for new ideas and Capricorn thinks his/her buddy to be totally crazy with his/her feelings and is a time pass. A Gemini can prove to be a total turn off for a Capricorn. It is very rare to find such a couple who gets intimated.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Gemini and Capricorns

Family Compatibility


It is a hard task for them both to create a family that thinks likewise. A Gemini has the power to talk about anything about the whole universe and a Capricorn is stable and passionate about whatever happens in this existing world. It lays all focus on such things and no worries about where they are heading. Both don’t have any emotions left in them; still, no one has the power to stir each other’s emotions.
Both can get intimate and respect each other’s values and respect them. If they do so then they can build a happy family that gives full respect to their thoughts. Both know that their buddy is the one that can awaken their feelings and give birth to a long-lasting family life. It is rare to find, with two people who believe differently joining hands to make a family.

Family Compatibility Score between Gemini and Capricorns

Physical Compatibility


Capricorn people are usually medium or short in height. They are equipped with quite fine features and are thin in appearance. Their eyes appear to be deep and serious making them look serious people who have faced a tragedy. They have a long nose with straight hair. Their physical actions are deliberate but slow and they possess a deep voice that comes out from a round mouth that also possess even or crooked teeth.

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Gemini people have a medium to tall height that has a cheerful face. It impresses the person they are talking to. They have fine shiny eyes that impress the person they are having a word with and extra long eye-brows that are dark and massive. Their arms are lean and lengthy, seems to be hanging from their shoulders. Due to their cheerfulness they can prove to be a great person who is full of enthusiasm.

Physical Compatibility Score between Gemini and Capricorns

Professional Compatibility


A Capricorn always tries to do his/her best in a clean way to reach the destination, no matter what the circumstances are. Because of this, they stay honest and loyal to his/her buddy while doing business. The business is sure to flourish as they don’t take any decisions instantly. They first analyze the problem and after checking all the pros & cons, then they take a decision and solve the problem. Competition doesn’t let you lose focus and thus remain stable. If they don’t achieve success, they can help their buddy to reach the sky.
Gemini is the person who changes color and finds a way that gels with the environment. He/she is self-confident about the assignments that he/she receives and believes in fulfilling them in a satisfactory mode. He/she has a diplomatic nature that helps him/her in setting his/her own target and hitting the bull’s eye with their own means.

Professional Compatibility Score between Gemini and Capricorns

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Final Outcome


– Both have full enthusiasm and can grow together unless both pay respect to their buddy’s feelings.


– A Capricorn first analyses the problem then find a solution, whereas Gemini tries doing that instantly


– Both think in different directions and follow their different paths.


– Both have to adjust according to their buddy’s nature if they wish to blossom.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Gemini and Capricorns

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