Compatibility between Gemini and Cancer


Little Bit About Gemini and Cancer


The main difficult situation rises in both of them as Gemini never ever gets emotional and Cancer sticks to the emotions like the glue and tries to stay intact with his/her buddy. It is in favor of growing their relationship and is interested in forming a family. Gemini should remain patient and respect the emotions of his/her buddy. Cancer is too sensitive to his emotions whereas Gemini has dried them down.
Gemini doesn’t mind going out with his/her other friends, leaving Cancer behind at their arena and Cancer keeps waiting all alone and missing his/her buddy. Rationally speaking both do enjoy their moments and have fun, they don’t have to lie with each other and break their trust, unless some restrictions are put on them. Once they feel such threats, Gemini can leave the Cancer buddy sobbing and be repenting to whatever has happened between them.

Horoscope Compatibility between Gemini and Cancer

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Love Compatibility:


You can’t find a single soul on this earth with whom a Gemini can’t converse; it is this skill that maintains their leadership qualities. Cancer is hungry for an emotional bond and Gemini’s good quality play sport that attracts Cancer towards him/ her. They need to share all their feelings with each other and keep conversing to remove the difficulties that arrive in their life, and then they fall in love.
Cancer people will shine in such a relationship, giving Gemini enough bases to go out and try other ideas that can provide benefits to both. Their love capability will be seen by the onlookers of any kind and it will last longer then what was anticipated. If their love line escapes the hardships of life, it will push both of them further and give them a satisfying life emotionally and sexually.


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Love Compatibility Score between Gemini and Cancer

Sexual Compatibility


Cancer waits for his/her Gemini buddy who comes when the sun sets and will be loved, but Gemini can go out and have fun with others and gain different experiences. It happens very rarely that Gemini can make his/her Cancer buddy to join in his/her sexual adventures. Cancer still hangs around with Gemini partner if he/she is getting the full pleasure.
If Gemini can preserve patience that doesn’t bore him about Cancer’s thoughts and keep talking to each other, then Gemini might mend his ways a little bit and settles down with his/her Cancer buddy. Cancer has to take part in these conversations extensively, only then he can show his/her feelings, what a scene it will create. Cancer can stir his/her Gemini buddy and awake him/her from his/her slumber sleep by his/her gentle push. Their alliance needs to work properly if both are satisfied.


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Sexual Compatibility Score between Gemini and Cancer

Family Compatibility


In order to start a family both need to have complete faith in each other, that doesn’t fluctuate even in the time of distress. Both need a high level of communication between them, only then can love to survive leading to the beginning of a happy family. Gemini is seen as a fluke sign that is the hypocrite in nature and Gemini people avoid such conversations and don’t pay a heed to it.
The main problem with a Gemini is that he/she never listens and gets annoyed when someone rebels against him/her. Cancer people can never judge Gemini’s feelings that easily. It is beneficial for Cancer people because they get related to an emotion of any kind, they will start trying to understand Gemini’s emotions, which doesn’t have any.

Family Compatibility Score between Gemini and Cancer

Physical Compatibility


A Cancer person can be recognized by looking in his/her eyes. As they are moon’s kids they possess watery and sympathetic eyes that contain emotion. The first impression is the same you get when you watch the moon in the darkness of the night; you know you are looking at a Cancer born person. They are gentle people who love taking care of the needy.They have a lofty and wide chest, they walk a little consciously. It is believed that Cancer female possesses a flat chest as they are full of tensions, but this thing should not be believed. Male Cancer people have a staunch and fat belly that keeps bulging throughout their life because of their overeating habit.


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Gemini is of average height and is not tall at all. With a slender and thin body, he/she looks cute. They have a short upper half of their body but possess long limbs. Their arms are lengthy and thin, seems to be jutting out of their shoulders. Physically they don’t act instantly and are thought as lazy people. A color of their eyes is light and has a rather fine shape, with eyebrows is extra large and thick. Their face gives an attractive look.

Physical Compatibility Score between Gemini and Cancer

Professional Compatibility


Gemini is witty, diplomatic, enthusiastic, cheerful and knows their tactics. They are sharply intelligent looking people who can survive on their way of communicating with others. They don’t get emotional as emotion doesn’t exist in them. They are a little lethargic and lazy and keep conversing, no matter the other person might get furious over their outburst.
Cancer people are very sensitive to what others say or do. While negotiating with a Cancer person check his/her mood before proceeding so that you don’t hurt his/her feelings. When criticized they are never going to repel you, but themselves retreat to a corner where nobody can trace them. The best way to deal with them is to be in a mood they are. If cheerful go to them and discuss the problems you are facing, if upset then better back off and wait till their mood changes.

Professional Compatibility Score between Gemini and Cancer

Final Outcome


– Both do not gel with each other as both take things differently.


– Gemini people are emotionless and Cancer is too much emotional.


-Gemini is diplomatic and changes instantly according to the environment, Cancer work according to their moods.


– When Cancer is criticized, it never replies but goes to his/her shell, where Gemini has the answer to all the queries.


– Gemini has to have lots of patience in order to stay with Cancer.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Gemini and Cancer

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