Compatibility between Gemini And Aquarius


Little Bit About Gemini And Aquarius


It’s fun to watch when both are conversing with each other on some intellectual matter. Both incite each other to their zenith without realizing it, then their conversation takes a turn when both start uttering the fireballs. Aquarian always is rational and logical, whereas Gemini gets fascinated by his/her words and can get irritated if both go overboard.


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Aquarius grabs the opportunity to blame his ally for whatever has happened between them. The ideals of Aquarius are rigid with little arrogance, Gemini doesn’t argue with them as he/she believes in his/her imagination. Gemini does agree to some of his buddy’s points, but deep in his mind this thing lurks that points uttered by him were also authentic. This difference night cause trouble for both of them.

Horoscope Compatibility between Gemini and Aquarius

Love Compatibility


Emotionally both do stick together; it doesn’t mean both require the same things to carry on when in love. Gemini’s nature changes every day as they act according to the environment. If they start feeling let down, whether emotionally or physically, they tend to leave their ally and move out just like that.

Aquarius also doesn’t mind such separations and still keep on having fun. Both don’t get emotionally involved and keep distance in their mental relationship. Both require at least one of them to be a little warm and make this relationship work. This way they can create a healthy atmosphere in the house. Such a relationship will go a long way in a healthy style.

Love Compatibility Score between Gemini and Aquarius

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Sexual Compatibility


Both can get intimate even without removing their clothes. Both of them do desire to remove them and have sex in a natural way and not worry about limitations that this world has put in their paths. They can travel to some another place and have sex, then to another. Who cares, have fun make hay when the sun is shining. In order to get into a relationship, they can be satisfied only when both of them are intelligent as both don’t want to start anything with a stupid person.


Both love to be with their partner who are witty and have a great sense of humor. Gemini can be a little shy, but Aquarius comes and they both put their shyness at bay and have all the fun that is available. Soon they find out the basic needs of their respective allies and are fully satisfied. Both lack the emotional feeling and when they drift apart, both will never know what went wrong between them.

Sexual Compatibility Score between Gemini and Aquarius

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Family Compatibility


Aquarius person have a different strategy than Gemini, they analyze the problem and then solve it and Gemini feels not to lie and feel free to go to any length to achieve his/her goals. Both do trust each other in their daily chores. Aquarius finds measures to lie sometimes, but Gemini people are never afraid to lie.
Aquarius is a little private, but gives full freedom to his/her ally and he/she expects the same freedom from his/her ally. He/she knows that his/her buddy will never betray him/her, has full trust on him/her. Both are not going to tell fabricated stories to each other as both have many interesting things to do. It’s very rare that they do have secrets within them that they don’t share. They are committed to each other and can form a family.

Family Compatibility Score between Gemini and Aquarius

Physical Compatibility


Gemini has a medium height or a bit taller; they have a short upper half with long legs. Mostly they are thin with long arms hanging from the lean shoulders. While walking they swing their arms too much. They possess light colored eyes with long and dark lashes. Males also have long lashes that give complex to some ladies. The nose they have is narrow and fine, it can be both long & short. They have a pointed jaw and a very finely crafted chin.

Aquarius is seen as a delicate and soft speaking people, who always have a subtle smile on their faces. They display a vigorous fore-head, with dimples in their cheeks making them very attractive and intellectual. They have solid hips & legs with clean & shapely limbs. They are livelier that others because of their light color eyes. They are easily influenced by the climatic conditions, out with a half naked body on a hot day and are curled indoors in winter.

Physical Compatibility Score between Gemini and Aquarius

Professional Compatibility


Gemini can be shocked by an Aquarium only. Gemini has to follow some steps taken by an Aquarium, thus they form a great companionship in whatever they do. Sometimes Gemini feels Aquarius is showing off, Gemini feeling things going out of hand. He/she agrees on Aquarius’s face, but do not believe in reality. With regular surprises provided by Aquarius, professional life becomes a little exciting for Gemini.
They both can travel to long distances for no reason just loitering around. Mostly they go clubbing, dinning, playing a sport or reading together. They also desire to do a job or work at the same place. Both do look inseparable. Aquarius are passionate about their jobs, and often talk about it, but Gemini listens to it very carefully, but doesn’t approve about many things.

Professional Compatibility Score between Gemini and Aquarius

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Final Outcome


– Gemini can’t find a better match than Aquarius, because it excites, surprise and tingles his/her funny bone.


– Aquarius also require someone who can comment on his/her overblown ideas and discuss with a free mind.


– Both lack the emotions and it shows whenever one of the two opposes the other’s proposal.


– If both desire for a long lasting companionship they have to uplift their emotional base and communicate with each other.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Gemini and Aquarius

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