Compatibility between Capricorn and Virgo


Little Bit About Capricorn and Virgo


A Capricorn man and a Virgo lady form a lovely affair as both keep on appreciating the other and have lots of things to share. This pair stays steady and is an easy going one. Both are born critics, but they should use this criticism for some constructive work. A Virgo lady is an authentic female that has powerful intelligence and grace. She is a self sufficient soul and she requires a well developed structure i.e. efficient. She criticizes the others a lot, usually she is happy working at home. She is great as a wife and mother. The man she loves can trust her character with folded eyes and her devotion is seen to be believed.


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A Capricorn man has high ambitions and strong brains that make his ambitions achieved in a fine way. He has lots of patience and is a hard worker. He stands high in the financial circuit and has a social position too. He is over protective with his near and dear ones. He is conscious about his own reputation in the society. He is attached to his parents and the whole family. A lady can get his love only on one condition, if she starts taking care of his family. Then she can say she has found a totally reliable man.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Capricorn and Virgo

Love Compatibility


At the first instance they do understand each other’s feelings. They love each other deeply and share high moral values. According to them, whispers are not meant for ears alone, but their hearts and a kiss just don’t mean touching their flesh, but their souls in unison. The honesty of a Virgo lady stirs the emotions of a Capricorn man and he responds by stopping her critical nature.


When both are united he shuns his dominating nature and protects his lady love from all emotional storms. Both love each other with their free will and their love is unconditional. Both don’t love for the sake of love, but love to be loved. Their love keeps getting deeper values with the passage of time.

Love Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Virgo

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Sexual Compatibility


Their unity is reflected through their sexual union that keeps happening quite frequently. Both have had their past bad experiences about sexual intimacy, but not any longer. Both are worried about each other and no one else. Both become warmer and open freely with each other during lovemaking. Their desires keep increasing with time until both become irresistible.
Their hunger for love has no boundaries and both are strong enough to fulfill their mate’s desires. When the Virgo lady holds her Capricorn in her tender arms, she loses in his tight arms and her nearness arouses his erotic needs. Both love abundantly and share some experiences that both haven’t shared before. It is rightly said ‘a kiss is lots better to express love when words don’t come out.’

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Virgo

Family Compatibility


A Capricorn man is very reliable and steady that he makes his lady love comfortable in all aspects of his life. He stands between her and the challenges thrown by this cruel world towards his lady love and she feels proud of his actions. Whenever he commits a mistake and later regrets it, he becomes his own critic. This thing involves both and they keep passing the feedback to make it more worthy.
Both seek a quiet family life with each other. He sometimes gets a little selfish, but she is always there to forgive him and their union gets stronger after such episodes. Both keep building each other’s confidence to face the world outside and their love for each other keeps growing. Then both are ready and desire a quiet family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Virgo

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Physical Compatibility


A Virgo lady has tall with a slender body. She has dark hair, tilted and hairy eye-brows, a straight nose, a frank expression in her blue eyes. She has such bright eyes that one can see his reflection in them with his naked eyes. She has a very fragile ears, lips and nose. Her voice is very thin and shrilly. She walks quickly with her persona and she will never acquire a pot belly.
A Capricorn man has his own dressing style, making him look unique. His complexion is of olive oil colored and he gets tanned easily. His cheeks are full and he has a strong jaw line. His height varies from short to medium and he has some nice features like a nice nose and has a fine pair of eyes that appear serious. Often he displays a gloomy look due to his seriousness.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Virgo

Professional Compatibility


A Capricorn man is extremely a great businessman. He believes rash decisions should not be taken, but everything should be well analyzed. He might not own a business then he turns his eyes on his spouse’s business; make her climb the ladder of success to reach the top. He might find some unfair means to reach his destinations. If he doesn’t acquire success he later repents. He goes by the rule book, but if he uses his mind and takes stern decisions he can achieve success.
Like her male counterpart she is highly organized, systematic and an intelligent lady who works for the betterment of her business. A total professional in her approach, she is often referred as a career lady; she is able to win respect from her subordinates, her peers, and even her seniors and works with a professional competence. She drives by success and achieves success through sheer wit and intelligence.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Virgo

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Final Outcome


– When an affair between a Virgo lady and Capricorn man starts, they understand each other’s feelings clearly.


– She has a critical nature and when she stirs his emotions he restricts his critical nature and both enhance the love between them.


– When both get intimate they forget their past bad experiences and worry about no one else but themselves.


– When both are in love, both have an umbrella to have a safe and squire future and not come under the cruel rain that this world has in store for them.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Virgo

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