Compatibility between Capricorn and Scorpio


Little Bit About Capricorn and Scorpio


A Scorpio lady takes a challenge to get close to a Capricorn man, otherwise she is not interested. She goes by his physical looks a, he appears as a slighted man who hasn’t laughed in his whole life and appears gloomy. But if someone bets her and she is ready to go into his house carrying negative thoughts and lands in his house, only if he is interested in her. He is always craving for love and embraces her in his arms. She has full control over her emotions and she seeks a physically strong man to love her and only then a smile erupts on her cute face.She has a magnetic persona that pulls every male to get close to her.


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He hasn’t got a persona, but if somebody explores his mind, it’s a miracle. He has huge ambitions with almost perfect plans to achieve them. He is always busy in enhancing his career and doesn’t find the time for love, which he is hungry about. With her persona a Scorpio lady finds a contact with him and when she moves in his house, she is pleasantly surprised by his various plans and starts living with him, a totally faithful lover.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Capricorn and Scorpio

Love Compatibility


Both of them are curious to know more about each other and an excitement builds among them. Both know how they feel about each other than the outside world. She thinks she knows him better than he himself. She is charmed by his business sense and he is impressed with her persona. He might display reluctance, in the beginning, making him a cool dude, but she is intelligent enough to know his nature perfectly.


She teases him in a positive manner and slowly he comes out of his shy nature. It increases his self-confidence and he becomes more social. She is also awestruck by his nature to handle stress. She enhances his future plans as she is an intelligent lady and doesn’t mind being an elite lady as she knows he will succeed in his plans one day so she loves him for that.

Love Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Scorpio

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Sexual Compatibility


Initially he plays a reserved type kind of a guy, but she knows he was craving to be loved. Her deep thoughts arouse him and he goes with the flow. He had only dreamt about the physical relations between a man and a lady and the immense pleasure they bring along. His ability to provide satisfaction to a lady, as special as a Scorpio lady increases his libido.
Her consistency touches usually stir his emotions and he becomes a game for her. Both are good in keeping certain secrets within them and both don’t communicate with each other. Both need to communicate her desires don’t stop. Both need a check on their needs and desires and this alliance can go on forever. Maybe they can enjoy as much but within permissible limits.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Scorpio

Family Compatibility


Both Scorpio lady and Capricorn man thinks they understand each other’s feelings. It’s a fact that she knows him better than he himself. He might appear to be a cold man with no time for love, but she understands his feelings like no one else does. She knows how to stir him emotionally and he does respond in the same manner. He is proud of her physical appearance and loves her company.
He comes out shining from his intense loneliness after she moves in. Both do have different views on certain things because his thinking is traditional. He wishes to see her inside the house and she is liberal wants to go out and have fun. Both need some changes in their habits to keep their home fresh with love. Now both are ready for a family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Scorpio

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Physical Compatibility


A Capricorn man dresses in a very unique manner as he selects dresses that are designed by him only. He has an olive colored complexion that can be easily tanned. He has some fine features like a long nose and deeply serious looking eyes, but he has gloominess on his face giving the impression of a very negative mind.
A Scorpion sign is called a “KETA” in Sanskrit, meaning a poisonous snake. She on the other hand is totally fascinating in physical appearance. She has a muscular body that has a normal height, wide face that commands respect, long hands and shot and curly hair. The color of her eyes might be blue green, brown or black, one glance at them and chill runs down your spine and she makesbusinessman by her constant gaze.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Scorpio

Professional Compatibility


Capricorn man is the business man to the core who is not afraid to use some unfair means to reach his target if he doesn’t succeed he starts to remorse. He has excellent plans to execute his resources and reach his huge ambitions. If he doesn’t own a business he helps his spouse to raise one and keeps giving excellent advice from time to time. He has his own pace of working and is not afraid of this competitive world. He knows if everything goes well he will achieve his targets in a perfect manner.
A Scorpio lady is quite fortunate for acquiring wealth. She holds a good firm grip whether she is at home or outside in an office. She will earn lots of money as she knows her value and is intelligent and knows the ways on how to earn a substantial amount. She spends and invests carefully and no one dares challenge her prestige. She can spend lavishly to keep her reputation intact.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Scorpio

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Final Outcome


– A Scorpio lady never gets attracted to a Capricorn man due to his physical appearance, unless challenged by someone.


– He might be reserved initially, but is able to awe struck the lady when she stirs his emotions.


– When both have an affair she understands him better than he himself.


– She makes him look smart and takes him out from his shell and face the social world in a better way.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Scorpio

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