Compatibility between Capricorn and Pisces


Little Bit About Capricorn and Pisces


A Pisces lady and a Capricorn man makes an extremely fascinating pair as she gets attracted to his intelligent thinking and huge dreams with plans to achieve his targets. He gets attracted to her generous nature of treating her guests in a humble way. She is sharp minded, humble and poetic lady. She also has certain dreams and she keeps swimming in them. She has a motto, ‘let the sleeping dogs lie’, so she stays calm and avoids taking risks. She is rigid in her decisions, if she thinks its right; it’s the end of argument. She has a sense of exposure that no living person of the opposite sex can resist. When she falls in love with a man, she worships that man and think he is the best of the lot.


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A Capricorn man has huge ambitions and knows the ways on how to achieve them in a disciplined manner. He goes by timely tested things, he might appear unimpressive, but he is subtle and soft with his family and loved ones. In his profession he can get selfish, but in real life if a need for an affair arises, he doesn’t express it openly. Otherwise he craves for being loved by a female. When he has an affair he wants his lady love to be fair with his family. A Pisces lady proves to be a caring lady when she moves in with him.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Capricorn and Pisces

Love Compatibility


A Capricorn wants his lady love to be elegant and submissive and a Pisces lady is just like that. Her constant manipulation done in a humble way does smooth his rigid ways and he comes out of his intense shell with flying colors. His confidence increases and he gets more social, which helps him in achieving his huge dreams professionally. She did never have so huge ambitions but supports her man in achieving what she lacked.


He will find her more supportive when he lands in trouble. Even she feels that her man needs her the most when in despair. She enjoys in making his day as she is confident about herself. But sometimes her advice leaves him confused and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He might become furious, but it’s very rare.

Love Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Pisces

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Sexual Compatibility


A Pisces lady has water as its element and a Capricorn has earth, both mixed makes the earth fertile. So these when getting intimate, they too make an amazing pair with a single soul. Both remain silent during their sexual sessions. It proves that both are totally devoted to each other and completely loyal, both drown in a sea of love. He holds her tightly and enjoys her warm body against his.
She whispers and sighs make the Capricorn man more excited and performs with more power. This lovemaking enriches their love for each other like no one else can get as lovely as these two. If a problem arises during this session, both are so open with one another that they discuss it fully and rectify it. Both reach an awesome climax that is as sweet as authentic honey.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Pisces

Family Compatibility


Their love is like an amazing love story, with colors all around, stars shining more brightly and love is in the air. Both keep conversing in whispers and take good care of each other. Pisces lady can make him more expressive verbally and he teaches her how to bring in a stable love. He increases her confidence and she fully trusts him. Both stay in each other’s arms and forget about the whole world.
Making love is an experience that’s not a forgettable one for this duo. It can’t be displayed by any two other signs as by them. Both finish at a certain pace, with their faces smiling and fully satisfied. It is a well-known fact that he doesn’t mind when she teases him, now and then. Both can have a refined family after their love finds a new meaning.

Family Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Pisces

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Physical Compatibility


A Pisces lady’s height is short, only a few are tall. Her most important feature is her dimples and can be found on her cheeks, chin or even on her knee caps. Some ladies have very beautiful eyes that express abnormal lights. She has tiny and fine hands, but may have huge feet full of wrinkles. She doesn’t have any significant features that should be noticeable, but are eclipsed by her elegant grace. In the latter years she might get plump.
A Capricorn man is a strange creature as he designs his own dresses himself, making him look unique. He has a long nose and his pair of eyes expresses seriousness. He has olive colored skin that can be tanned quote easily. His face remains serious and displays a gloomy look and people get the impression of a man with a negative character.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Pisces

Professional Compatibility


Capricorn man has an extreme business sense as he has huge ambitions and various plans to achieve them. He may use illegal ways to accomplish them if he fails then he starts regretting them. He is a hard worker and is sure about the result. Even if doesn’t have a business, he makes sure that his spouse has one. He keeps advising his soul mate time and again to find success.
A Pisces lady has authentic interests as she is blessed with power and money. She is intelligent in business and knows her value very well. She does save her earnings and keeps them in a safe place. She doesn’t want to depend on anybody during the old age. She is quite generous to the needy as she can give them advance too, She should not be ordered to do a particular work but she is an honest and sincere worker.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Pisces

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Final Outcome


– Both have an intelligent mind and are thus attract each other, not physically, but with their habits.


– She is able to pull him out from his intense shell and make him go out in search of his dreams.


– When both get close enough with each other, life seems too pleasing for both of them.


– He might use corrupt ways to reach his target, but she remains honest and sincere.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Pisces

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