Compatibility between Capricorn and Leo


Little Bit About Capricorn and Leo


A Leo lady and a Capricorn man doesn’t get attracted due to communication levels differ, but still get attracted due to different reasons best known to them only. A Leo lady takes her decisions in an impulsive manner and shows it too. A Capricorn has a steady and practical while approaching a lady and the affair both have depends on realistic habits. She is powerful, has liberal views and totally out going & frank lady. She loves attention and can hold the center stage when in social functions or get together, and is admired by the crowd around her. She is amazing and gorgeous and loves her man, but she wants the same from him, but a little more from his side.


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A Capricorn man has a subdued nature who id worried about his own ambitions and nothing else. He saves money to invest to materialize his dreams. He lives a rather dull life where luxuries’ don’t find a place. He has the capacity to deal with bad situations, but mostly he avoids controversies. He loves his lady love with full loyalty, but knows his position as a man of the house.

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Love Compatibility


A Capricorn man falls for a Leo lady due to her intelligence and the way she holds the attention of all around her. She can use such words that even he falls prey to her plans. She thinks she has a higher class that her lover as she is admired by the public and he is considered a gloom by them. She sometimes lands in various troubles due to her arrogant nature.


But her generous nature and attitude are what pulls this Capricorn man to seek courage and warmth form her that he lacks. Both have certain qualities that their mate doesn’t have. His high ambitions might make envy for others around him and his perfect plans make him rich. She needs a lover who can afford her luxuries and he fits perfectly in the slot.

Love Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Leo

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Sexual Compatibility


When the fire of Leo lady and earthiness of a Capricorn man collide, an ultimate physical pleasure unites with emotions and brings out an awesome session of lovemaking. Her emotions might not get stirred the first time, but with time they do. He comes close to her and gently makes love to her and shows his conceived power of sexuality. He makes her realize that lovemaking is so exciting and should be enjoyed to the hilt.
She is by nature an ultimate passionate lover who has some burning desires and he tames her with his own qualities. Both keep enjoying these sexual sessions and have lots of fun and laughter, it gets them more closely, mentally and physically. Both should have the patience to enjoy each other’s company and not go all alone for seeking fun.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Leo

Family Compatibility


There comes a weak point in their alliance i.e. his primitive nature as he needs to control her but she can’t be tied down. He feels puzzled by her arrogant and independent views on what to do. Before any misunderstanding tries raising its head between them, they need to sit down quietly and discuss all the aspects thoroughly, she might have different views on going out frequently, but she comes back unscathed and remains totally loyal to her lover.
If both think of this thing rationally, it’s fine otherwise both will not feel happy about each other and gets parted. If both act maturely and trust their respective mate then this alliance is not going to break that easily and both start thinking about having a happy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Leo

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Physical Compatibility


A Leo lady is an extrovert lady who is full of enthusiasm, but is gorgeous and a lazy fellow. She walks like a royal person with vibrating intensity and has a blush on her face. She has wide fore-head; dark brown eyes that appear soft and snap the moment she gets angry appears red and furious are large and round in shape. She has dark or reddish brown hair that is generally wavy. She is large boned soul having broad shoulders. She has a thin waste and a sexy figure.
A Capricorn man has a subdued nature who believes in traditional values. He has a unique dressing style, his own style. He has an olive colored skin that gets tanned very fast. He has full cheeks with a strong jaw line. His height is from short to medium. He has a long nose and serious looking pair of eyes.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Leo

Professional Compatibility


A Capricorn man is extremely good businessman. He studies his projects carefully and then invests. He never takes impulsive decisions. If he doesn’t have a business he takes care of his spouse’s business. He can guide her properly to reach the top. He can also cheat someone to reach the top. He is not lucky enough to strike a fortune. He goes by the rule book of his firm but should use his mind to take certain stern decisions.
A Leo lady has a good fortune in her destiny. She invests her money very carefully. She doesn’t work with full enthusiasm, she is a lazy lady. Her bank balance starts getting thinner during her old age. Considering her luck she might opt for gambling, but usually avoids it. Here she needs an expert guide like a Capricorn man to put money at the right place.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Leo

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Final Outcome


– Both have different nature that is why both attract each other. She just jumps in to have an affair and he proceeds cautiously.


– She wants to enjoy life in the present only and spends a lot to achieve all the luxuries that are available in the world, he relies more on practical things.


– Both have different views to live life, she is modern and lives in the current time, whereas he is primitive.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Leo

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