Compatibility between Capricorn and Gemini


Little Bit About Capricorn and Gemini


A Gemini lady has no similarity between her and a Capricorn man. But as differences do find attraction the same way both can get attracted to have an affair. A Capricorn man doesn’t take love seriously and is little reluctant, but a Gemini lady is ready to dive in such an affair. She enjoys her illusions, mind games and has a funny life style. She keeps fumbling between her fantasies and reality and can’t settle down at a single place. She loves her own freedom, adventures and changes in everything she does. She should be free to go anywhere anytime. She proves to be too seductive for any man to ignore.


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A Capricorn man is humble gentleman, but takes extreme care of his near and dear ones. He has high ambitions and perfect plans to reach the top both socially and financially. He needs to show his destinations accomplished. If somebody hurts him emotionally, he steps back and is sad and gloomy. He might be slow starter in an affair, feeling skeptical, but his desire and devotions needs respect in order to bring out his emotions. She being a lady, quickly analyzes her man and reads him attentively and unties every knot of his house. Soon she makes her company comfortable with him.

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Love Compatibility


A Gemini lady never is worried about her past and doesn’t discuss it with anyone. It might look clumsy to her lover, but she gains his attention is pulled by the way her mind works. She spends her money the moment she earns it and is always ready for an argument. If the Capricorn man doesn’t feel threatened and has the patience to ignore all these minor scuffles this alliance has a long future, maybe for a lifetime.


She feels safe in his house and shut down these differences, she feels happy for such a reliable man. He is serious about all his doings and a Gemini lady might feel irritable sometimes. If both ignore these minor differences their love could blossom into a beautiful flower in the later years and love will find a precious name.

Love Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Gemini

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Sexual Compatibility


Both have a strong bond when sex is the main topic. Both think that sex is a passion both need to share and enjoy to keep their alliance alive. She is playful in her physical activities and he fills the gap with his conversations. Both have lots of emotions to share, driving them to a complete satisfaction physically and mentally.
A sexual session becomes a mean to show their mate how much they love each other, a comfortable zone for both of them, but occasionally it burns with the fire of passion they have for each other. Whatever it might be, their closeness can be judged by their sex life and both have fun together when they get intimate. It becomes impossible for anyone to watch these lovebirds having different strategies making love.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Gemini

Family Compatibility


A doe-eyed Gemini lady brings in excitement to his otherwise serious life as she unties the knot that he was trying to open, both start enjoying the luxuries of life in a better way and their love boat starts sailing smoothly, a rare thing for the Gemini lady. Both might have a different nature, but her quick cute and charming face mellows down a serious Capricorn man and together both enjoy and have all the fun that they both have.
He takes care of her in a primitive way, but when both support each other working together and achieving success, both need to bring their accomplishment to their home and remember this success story whenever they are in distress. Both do understand the importance of their unity and both are ready to make a supportive family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Gemini

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Physical Compatibility


A Gemini lady has a tall body that’s upright, a slim one and with a medium complexion. All her body parts are very thin, especially her legs that her veins are visible to the naked eye. She has skinny arms, nose and a cute little chin. She has hazel or grey color in her eyes. She looks an able minded lady who remains active. Her model like appearance makes a Capricorn man fall for her.
A Capricorn man has a unique style of dressing, his own style. He has an olive colored skin that gets tanned in a fast manner. He has high cheekbones and a strong jawline. He has a short to medium height and some fine features like a long nose and a serious pair of eyes.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Gemini

Professional Compatibility


A Gemini lady finds many changes in her life. She can have a fortunate career or extremely poor state. Family differences are quite popular. If she has a 2nd love affair it will bring in loses and difficulties only causing headache and trouble. She feels variety should be there in her life as she loves changes. She makes friends very easily and quickly finds a fault and lose them.
An extremely good businessman, it’s Capricorn man. He never gets impulsive and takes rash decisions, but he analyzes the whole project thoroughly. He might not have a business of his own, but he helps his spouse to climb the ladder of success. He might adopt some unfair means to achieve his target if not successful he repents. He has his own pace of working as he doesn’t give a damn to his competitors’.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Gemini

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Final Outcome


– A Gemini lady doesn’t think twice to have an affair where as a Capricorn man is serious about everything.


– She is not serious in the beginning, if their alliance stays smooth for some time; it might have a fairy tale ending.


– Both share lots of emotions when getting intimate, to which both are totally relaxed and satisfied.


– She can be fortunate and also see extreme poverty, but with his business sense and guidance she can climb the ladder of success.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Gemini

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