Compatibility between Capricorn and Cancer


Little Bit About Capricorn and Cancer


A Cancer lady and a Capricorn man are exactly the opposite, but as opposites attract each other, both these two do the same. When their affair starts both keep complimenting the other and know how to create a lasting alliance. Both remain totally devoted to each other and lead a happy life together. A Cancer lady is full of emotions, but is very fragile. If she is emotionally and financially safe she displays her capacity to remain patient and relaxed, no matter what the situation is. She loves her peace and responds to his love by being loyal and supportive. Once her basic needs are fulfilled, she proves to be the best bet for a Capricorn man.


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A Capricorn man no doubt has high ambitions and with his hard work and determination, he knows he will reach his precise goal. When he starts an affair, his seriousness vanishes and he becomes gentle and tender with a cute little smile. No doubt he is courageous and brave, perhaps a little shy initially. He is impressed with a Cancer lady due to her nature that takes full care of his family. He adores her simplicity and knows that she will not get furious if both have to face the mirror, but she will always stay beside her man.

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Love Compatibility


A Cancer lady attracts a Capricorn man due to her grace that he senses it on the 1st date itself. She is such a soul who hates being dominated but doesn’t mind being dominated when she is love with a man. He has to take care of her emotional and financial needs than he finds a deep respect for him by looking at her eyes only. He finds solace with her good-humored lady love when feeling bad about anything.


He has high ambitions and finds her supporting all his methods. She continues to have diversity in her daily routine and he might feel uncomfortable in such a situation. A Capricorn man might have an image of a serious kind, but once he brings in a Cancer lady in his life, it changes into an easy going life. In majority of such cases, their unity becomes the ‘talk of the town’.

Love Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Cancer

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Sexual Compatibility


Both Cancer lady and Capricorn man are exactly opposite, so they find a strong attraction between them. When both get intimate, their passion awakens and both feel totally satisfied physically. He is reluctant initially, but a Cancer lady doesn’t waste any time to hold him in her tender arms. Capricorn man lacks home, love, and warmth in his life and a Cancer lady is able to bridge this gap.
So their sex life reaches its zenith quite nicely. She has all the patience to arouse a Capricorn man if he is still feeling shy. He needs someone who doesn’t take sex as a one night stand and gets serious with it and a Cancer lady knows his desires and gets seriously involved in it. He can’t tolerate someone who is not family oriented and lacks emotions.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Cancer

Family Compatibility


Both form a fascinating pair as most of their needs have a resemblance, even if they require different things both keep admiring their different methods. His style of love is so smooth that she feels blessed to have found such a man. The chemistry between them is adorable and slowly both come to know what their mate requires, without uttering a word, both get down to fulfill that desire.
Their house becomes home, where every member takes care of the others, while both keep cuddling and giggling in each other’s arms and feel totally secure from this cruel world. She has the key to unlock his heart and let the emotions come out freely. If they are physically and mentally satisfied with each other, both can have a trusting family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Cancer

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Physical Compatibility


A Cancer lady’s lord is the Moon; she also is similar to the full moon. She has a round face, plumpish cheeks and a small nose that has an upward trend at the tip. The color of her eyes can be light blue or grayish blue or black. Her hands and feet are tiny with the pale skin. She has big breasts. She is always seeking change, is innovative and loves travelling.
A Capricorn sign man has a distinguished quality of dressing up, his own style. His complexion is olive colored that gets tanned in an easy manner. His height is not tall, but is between short and medium. He has plump cheeks and a strong jaw line. He has a long nose and a serious pair of eyes, making his looks gloomy.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Cancer

Professional Compatibility


A Cancer lady is extra cautious about her money as she stands totally honest. She can’t tolerate anybody playing games with her, especially where finance is concerned. She works hard and saves money according to her Sun sign. She is lucky to have enough money. Nobody dares ditch her as she loves, admires and obeys her man.
A Capricorn man is good in conducting business. He never takes impulsive action, but analyze the whole project attentively. If he doesn’t own a business he pays attention to his spouse’s business. He can make her reach the top by providing the ladder to her. He might cheat somewhere it doesn’t succeed, he starts regretting his decision. He is not that lucky that he will find a treasure. He keeps earning steadily.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Cancer

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Final Outcome


– Both get attracted due to their opposite natures, he senses her laid back attitude and falls in love with her at their 1st contact.


– He is a serious man who values his emotions and she unknots his heart when they get intimate and his emotions gush out freely.


– A Capricorn man lacks in warmth of love and home and she fills this gap by taking extreme care of his family and everybody starts trusting each other.


– After some time they start understanding each other’s desires without uttering a word and do their respective job to fulfill them.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Cancer

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