Compatibility between Capricorn and Aries


Little Bit About Capricorn and Aries


If an Aries lady has an affair with a Capricorn man, both have a different approach. An Aries lady is always in search of excitement from everywhere. But an intelligent Capricorn man is more practical and earthy. He feels that love shouldn’t be demanded, as an Aries lady thinks. But he considers it as a swap of emotions. She has a bold and breezy image. Sometimes she becomes too possessive for her lover, making him suffocate. Usually she admires him for being intelligent and his ambitious nature. She can get furious when suspicion knocks on her door, but his authentic love brings her back to the Capricorn man’s arms.


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A Capricorn man loves his own independence and is born with intelligence and persistent. Usually he has vast ambitions and achieves them with aggression. When in love he doesn’t play games, but remains disciplined. If it is with an Aries lady he remains totally loyal and both share each other’s feelings, making their bond stronger. Occasionally he might feel cold and ignores his lady love, but it’s a temporary phase that passes down soon and everything comes back to normal. The persona of an Aries lady impresses him and he forms an alliance with her.

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Love Compatibility


An Aries lady falls for a Capricorn man due to his silent aura that he carries along with his persona. She gets hooked with him and brings in lots of excitement and gives him advice him from time and again to reach his ambitions. Her cheerful nature sometimes irritates him, but he has the patience to ignore and when he reaches the middle age he starts loving her carefree nature.


She teaches him not to be serious about everything, but do enjoy the life like she is having fun. She does appreciate some of his methods to achieve his goals. Rarely one finds him cold and isolated, but she doesn’t mind it as it is his nature and deep inside she knows that this man will never deceive her. She knows her man’s feelings and doesn’t cry about it.

Love Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Aries

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Sexual Compatibility


Their first sexual session might take some time to happen; it is her who seduces the Capricorn man to get intimate. She also brings in the physical pleasure and excitement along with lots of laughter in his serious nature and both enjoy this bond. He brings in permanence and warmth with him, making a solid base that lasts longer. He watches with excitement how she moves her body in a seductive manner.
Then she sees him and both get united and enjoy the physical ecstasy in a roaring manner wholeheartedly. She just has to provide a little support, a little encouragement, little help and he come like a wild animal full of passion and both have another session that is full of lots of enthusiasm. Both love to touch and fondle each other’s body when naked.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Aries

Family Compatibility


When both fall madly in love, both do gel with each other, at least initially. Generally, he is a self-dependent man who is busy with his own high ambitions. When a lady enters his life, he thinks it’s serious and both start a relationship. He sometimes finds her stupid but also is in awe of her innocence. He has a mild approach even when he criticizes her minor mistakes.
He knows that she makes her mistakes innocently and there is nothing serious about it. He takes full care of his adorable lady love and remains attentive. He provides full freedom to his love and she can go anywhere anytime, with or without his company. It comes after winning her trust and both are ready to fly in the sky and have a breezy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Aries

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Physical Compatibility


An Aries girl has a medium height and a stout body. Her skin appears to be reddish in color. Her long face appears more reddish. The color of her eyes can be brown or grayish brown. She has a wide head, long neck, thick eye-brows and well structured hair that can be sandy or dark in color. She is fond of attaining a boy friend who has liberal views and a Capricorn has all that.
A Capricorn man dresses very well in his own style, which makes him unique. The color of his skin appears to be olive as he gets tanned quickly. He has a strong jaw line with plumpish cheeks. His height will range from short to medium and he has some fine features like a long nose and has a serious set of eyes.Often he appears in a gloomy mood as he is serious about anything.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Aries

Professional Compatibility


A Capricorn man is extremely good in business as he has a serious image. He will not take rash decisions. Even when he doesn’t have a business he gets ambitious about his spouse’s business. He will make her climb the ladder to achieve a certain destination. He is not worried about the competition, he will do work at a steady pace. He might take some risky shortcuts. He is not fortunate enough to go out and strike a fortune. He works hard to reap a perfect result. He goes by the rules framed for each business; he should use his own imagination to get success.
An Aries lady wants lots of wealth but doesn’t amass it as she is an impulsive investor. She invests her money very rashly and regretting later. She is always in a hurry to get her money back, but she needs to analyze the project where she is investing her money. She must study all the pros & cons of that business; here she needs a guide like a Capricorn man.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Aries

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Final Outcome


– They have a different image in society, she loves excitement and he remains serious.


– When she lands in his company she brings with her the laughter that both enjoy together.


– He is serious on the first date itself; it is she who makes the first move to come physically closer to each other.


– She doesn’t have any business sense, but he is extremely a good business man.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Aries

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