Compatibility between Capricorn and Aquarius


Little Bit About Capricorn and Aquarius


An Aquarius lady comes under the element of Air and a Capricorn man is under Earth, both form a strange combination as their ethics and attitude are different. He is total trustworthy man and she is not very responsible mostly. She has a careless about everything. He is a stable soul and she is always searching for something new. She is so fragile that she can change with the blink of an eye. She will be a scary psychic and emotional. She reacts sharply when something wrong is about to happen. She has a gut feeling, and many times she catches them off guard. She has a sixth sense kind of a thing that makes her live in a dream world.


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A Capricorn man has massive ambitions and he pursues aggressively. He is a disciplined man who has some plans to attain a target with lots of patience. He stays all alone, but craves for some attention like all, but he is shy in expressing his desires. He doesn’t like changes at all and follows a strict routine and he feels irritated when something around him changes. Basically he behaves as a primitive lover ignoring all the misdeeds done by his lady love.

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Love Compatibility


Both possess different persona if one looks at their nature. It is very rare that both have anything in common. He is traditional by nature but senses her wisdom and she straight away accepts him, and it doesn’t hurt his libido. An Aquarius lady admires his family and she puts her own suggestions calmly to them. This way makes her win nine times out of ten.


Her bold nature sometimes embarrasses him, especially if these two are hanging out at a public place. He starts an affair with her keeping his home and family in his mind, but she is a born wanderer and keeps roaming freely. Mostly he thinks that she should remain in the house and take care of his family. She craves for money and as long as he keeps her afloat, love deepens between them.

Love Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Aquarius

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Sexual Compatibility


They share different vibes as far as sex is concerned. It all depends on her mood when a session has to take place. She acts in her feminine way but can turn muscular to control this bout. He gets erotic with her behavior and their physical connection increases further. Capricorn is satisfied physically and an Aquarium lady is satisfied both physically and mentally.
He thinks that this connection fulfills his body’s physical desires that are felt by the heart. He doesn’t like to san op, but the ending has to come and it comes very sweetly. Together they can build a harmony of sexual pleasure that ends so amazingly. He is satisfied physically, but she brings in the spice and colors their love. Both fulfill each other’s needs and desires in a well-balanced way.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Aquarius

Family Compatibility


Both spend lots of time together and start understanding their mate’s needs and desires and fulfill them with a smile hanging on both faces. She fully supports his dreams and huge ambitions and she being intelligent advises him to be more open. He comes out of his intense shadow with flying colors. She also becomes more responsible and takes care of his house and his family with more determination.
They ignore their different nature and adjust accordingly, thus they bring in a wave of fresh air filled with the sweet fragrance of love complimenting both. She provides soft love to him and he responds in a manner that increases her determination. Both make a sweet as a honey nest of love, where all their dreams are fulfilled. Now both are ready to raise a happy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Aquarius

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Physical Compatibility


An Aquarius lady is generally tall with a full size body. She might get muscular during her middle age. She has a spotless skin with a pale color. She has nice features like oval shaped face, brown color hair that is as smooth as silk, a scar or a mole on her thighs, the color of her eye can be blue, green or grey and they appear as holding a magic stick or are mysterious. She has nobility in her appearance.
A Capricorn man designs his clothes himself, that are so unusual, making him look like an alien. His skin also is of olive color that can be tanned easily. His set of eyes appears serious looking and a long nose. His face shows a gloomy look like an idiot.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Aquarius

Professional Compatibility


An Aquarius lady is a hard worker and can wait endlessly for the result. She can be lucky or unlucky as far as money is concerned. She doesn’t embrace money as she thinks it is only required for their daily necessities. She is too conscious about her reputation, can spend a fortune to keep it intact. Initially, she is bewildered by thinking about being a mother.
A Capricorn man is a sharp businessman. He stays focused on his targets and can use some foul means to achieve it, if he doesn’t get through then he starts regretting his ways. Even if he doesn’t own a business he will persuade his spouse to do that. Under his able guidance, he can make her gain success. If no hiccups occur, he will get a good result.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Aquarius

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Final Outcome


– Their natures have nothing in common, he is stable and loves his house and she is out going searching new things.


– He works steadily and she keeps doing misdeeds un knowingly, but the more time they spend together their love keeps growing like the sweetness of pure honey.


– During love making sessions she turns bold and starts taking control, but he being a man does not let her do all that and finishes in a sweet manner.


– She totally supports his huge dreams cum ambitions and being a sharp minded herself sometimes gives a sharp advice, making him proud to be a part of his life.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Capricorn and Aquarius

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