Compatibility between Cancer And Virgo


Little Bit About Cancer And Virgo


Cancer has an element called water and Virgo has earth, if you pour water over earth it helps earth getting fertile that gives birth to lots of greenery making it look prettier. Water also finds a place to settle down. Same way both these signs form an alliance, feel secure and choose a cozy place to settle down. A Virgo lady finds faults in almost everything, she doesn’t go in the negative sense, but can tell the person on how to improve. Otherwise she is very shy, reserved and calm.


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She gives full pleasure to her Cancer man and remains loyal. Even a Cancer man is quite sensitive towards his buddy and is strong enough to hold on his partner with his humble gestures. He makes her feel secure and safe as he cares about the people he loves, especially his lady love. He can achieve success as he is focused on his target and gives total freedom to his love. Whenever the Cancer man stirs her emotions in a negative way she gets annoyed and starts looking for some other green pastures.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Cancer and Virgo

Love Compatibility


A Virgo lady can make her Cancer man to express freely and share his inner thoughts with her. He also admires her gestures and takes care of her emotions and desires. He gets touched by her intelligence, smart moves, soft nature and her kindness that she feels for her man. She can get furious at different times, but he knows how to tackle her and make their alliance soothing again. He can share anything with her, even the darkest secrets and she has a practical answer to all his problems that he is facing.


When he has a complex problem he might not like some of her answers, it is visible in his eyes, but on her face he doesn’t display. Their love for each other grows in such a situation. As Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Cancer by Moon, both disagree on certain points. As Virgo takes a rational approach, a logic one, differences do appear. Both need to share each other’s feelings and make their alliance run smoothly.

Love Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Virgo

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Sexual Compatibility


In order to enjoy sex, both need to put their emotions to rest and have fun together. He gets stirred up by her noble gestures and she due to his strong body and his sense of humor. Both should care about each other and fulfill their buddy’s requirements in any way that is possible and forget about the outside world. Only then it is possible to create an alliance that lasts long, forming a home. Both get attracted to each other and have stimulating sex together, with lots of laughter, as water and earth form a combination to produce something.


He can boost her ego with his humble ways and make her perform better during the act of sex. She finds satisfaction from her worries with the touch of his hands over her body. This alliance can cease as Cancer fails to understand that why is she fighting her own emotions when criticized and guided properly. She thinks it is an invasion on her thoughts and wants to break their alliance. She might love a variety of people with different nature

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Virgo

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Family Compatibility


Both realize after a few encounters, that they have had the sexual pleasures just to fulfill their physical desires. After some time when both satisfy each other’s lust, they fall in love and hope to build a family. Both can start a family because of their matching hobbies and emotions. They make a great pair making the world go envy on their relationship. No other sun sign can make a man so expressive and a lady so passionate.
Every relationship has ups and downs, but both these are so compatible with each other that it keeps their ship sailing smoothly. They have the power and strength to form a cheerful family that stays together for times immortal. Both have certain differences in their respective nature and have to adjust accordingly. Rarely comes a time when both cross each other’s path they are heading on, taking the journey of life tactfully.

Family Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Virgo

Physical Compatibility


Virgo’s don’t flaunt them, but has a taste of class and are elite. They seem to be very intelligent, soft and physically strong. A Virgo lady can be tall, sometimes a little taller than the normal and the body is built in a slightly narrow way. With high fore-head, cute eyes, sensual mouth and pale skin she represents a high class lady who can rectify your problems. With long and nervous arms she can be easily noticed. A little space in her front teeth and nice cheeks make her looks more attractive. She also has a great sense in dressing. They keep improving their food intake to stay healthy.


Cancer resembles a crab, its sun sign and paints the same picture when you look at him physically. He has a broad chest, someone who walks cautiously and his arms move in the same manner like a crab does. He is also round like a crab and almost all physical features appear that way. With round face, round eyes that have thick eye-brows and even round legs, he appears a round person. A cheerful face impresses the person he is dealing with. It is this humble nature that attracts a Virgo lady towards him.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Virgo

Professional Compatibility


Cancer takes his profession seriously and is determined to excel his business to the height that no one can even imagine. His gestures during his dealings are humble and elegant showing class. The person he deals with might think him to be a soft person, but deep inside he just wants to improve his business to the zenith. He wants to be a leader who leads from the front as he hates being directed. He loves doing his job in a clean and safe environment.
A Virgo lady looks for perfection in anything she does. She doesn’t compromise on the quality of the job done by her. They do their job perfectly and expect the same from you. You tend to make mistakes when you don’t agree to certain conditions put by her, but she will never take a no from you, she wants the job done in her style and should be done within the specified time. She needs an ultimate finish that doesn’t have a flaw.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Virgo

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Final Outcome


– Both form an excellent connection between them as water forms with earth.


– Both get connected because both share almost same hobbies and emotions.


– The conflict arises when Cancer gets emotional and Virgo goes radical in thinking.


– When they sort out their differences, both enjoy a long life that is full of cheerfulness.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Cancer and Virgo

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