Compatibility between Cancer And Taurus


Little Bit About Cancer And Taurus


Right from the beginning they both share lots of common hobbies together. If taken care of both do last a long relationship. Both have to adjust with each on certain matters to keep sailing smoothly. Difficulties do come in everybody’s life, but if taken care of in time; it can prove to be an exciting affair. Both do enjoy their privacy, even when both go to a party they remain reserved and enjoy each other’s company.


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Both are tender and loves going out with each other and not with a crowd of friends. Cancer’s element is water and Taurus has earth as element, so as earth mixes with water, the same way both stay together for a great time. This water-earth sign forms a good partnership that can face the fluctuations of life. Both do feel the emotions that are hidden inside their partner..

Horoscope Compatibility Between Cancer and Taurus

Love Compatibility


Both can very easily fall in love as their elements are concerned, earth and water. As their requirements and needs are also the same, both do get excited to meet. Cancer is a little moody and Taurus is rigid & tough, both might have tiffs in between, but both adjust with certain things and everything is settled amicably. A Cancer is a little plucky with great ambitions and knows the tactics to achieve the big dreams he is pursuing.

He is usually fine and quite person who loves staying home in the company of his family than go out. He enjoys when Taurus lady pampers him for various deeds and misdeeds he has committed. He shows his respect and values her gestures by showering his true emotions onto her. A Taurus lady is very calm and cool who feels secure with a Cancer man, but can also be rigid when pushed to the extreme of emotions. As it becomes clear that he is quite compassionate about his lover, thus blossoming their love like a flower.

Love Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Taurus

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Sexual Compatibility


“A stitch in time saves nine”, this proverb suits these to love birds. Initially both gets intimate and love each other’s requirements and are suitable enough to satisfy their buddy. Sexually both can get attracted to each other and have sex, but both enjoy such acts with each other as both can read each other’s pleasure. The relationship starts developing in a slow, but gradual way, making both happy with it.


A Taurus lady does enjoy the humble ways of a Cancer man and laughs whole heartedly at his gags. She proves totally loyal and trust worthy to her man. Cancer man also respects his buddy’s feelings and gives full time to solve all her problems. He shows his love both physically and mentally and puts to rest if his buddy is facing turbulent times, keeping his buddy on a high. He gives 1st preference to his family and 2nd to his lady love, causing differences between the two.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Taurus

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Family Compatibility


The 1st preference of a Cancer man is always the family, making Taurus lady a little furious some times. No doubt she admires his humble ways to tackle the problems in an amicable way, but can get gloomy some time. He is capable of handling such situations, but rarely even he gets annoyed on various issues. Such happenings can make a mountain out of a mole and differences keep coming up, drifting them apart.
Whenever a verbal duet occurs between them can sometimes lead Cancer to go to his own shell and not come out. These things don’t get solved, if you don’t have a word with each other. He still has the talent to resolve such matters in a peaceful manner as according to his nature he is never loud and doesn’t wish to wash his dirty linen in public. So in the end all problems are taken care of and the family stays happy and together for a long time.

Family Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Taurus

Physical Compatibility


Cancer born people have everything round about them around body, round face that have big round eyes and round legs too. They possess a very skinny skull that has some flashy eye-brows, but still they give the impression of a round man. Even when sitting totally relaxed, their mouth which is quite large appears to be smiling. A small chin and not so evenly placed teeth is the other way for their recognition. Their height also has a medium built; they appear to get a little plump when they mature. They have the normal size in arms, but legs are short & stocky.


Due to her charming and amazing personality, Taurus ladies do attract all the men. They are bold enough to create an aura about themselves that all men fall for them. She possesses a round body, with thick neck and a wide temple. She shines in every aspect, sparkling eyes, a fascinating & flawless skin, dark hair, toned & great muscles and wide shoulders. She attracts the crowd towards her like no one else can do. But she preserves the patience of not getting mesmerized by anyone.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Taurus

Professional Compatibility


Career wise Taurus ladies can excel in the fields where ever social presence is required. With their fascinating personalities they tend to impress the person they are dealing with. They possess such an aura that the other party has to agree on their deeds. But they remain poor on the originality front and don’t know how to start the conversation. They are great if somebody teaches them certain styles and are good in following certain innovations. Once they get used to in this art, there is no looking back for them. Then even sky is not the limit for them.
The basic desire of a Cancer man is to be successful person in whatever field he lands up. Cancer person is so strong that he can be recognized even when he is in a crowd. His dealings are so humble that he impresses the public that has dealings with him. He might appear humble and gentle, but deep inside he is hungry for success. He also have the personality of a boss, a leader who can guide his subordinates and colleagues. He creates new ideas and is able to materialize them.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Taurus

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Final Outcome


– Taurus lacks the originality and if provided with new ideas, can follow them perfectly.


– Cancer is full of new ideas and tries to materialize them with sole motive; they will benefit him in future.


– Both know about their partners feelings and pay due respect to them.


– Both lack communication skills when dealing with each other. Cancer goes into his own shell and Taurus keeps uttering bad words for her buddy.


– Most of the time when an argument arises it is solved by both, resulting in an amicable way.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Cancer and Taurus

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